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Friday, May 21, 2021

Pastor Bill Hughes, You're on Your Own Now, Buddy

To Moongold: [Secretly I call her Moonbat.] Let's get a few things straight. Mary Ann and I are two different people. Les Femmes is Mary Ann Kreitzer's blog. She's the blog owner and administrator therefore as such has the power to see all comments and post them or not. She lives in Virginia. I live in Florida. I am a contributor on the blog and only am able to post articles, make comments, and correct my own documents.

To Everyone Else: This past week two people, "Moongold" and "Abe" commented on a post I did that is nearly 4 years old. "Abe's" comments were so vile that Mary Ann would not post them. I had had massive computer problems for 10 days which were so bad that I ended up buying a new computer and changing internet providers. Meanwhile I subsisted on my little Fire tablet as Mary Ann took on Moonbat Moongold. I made 2 short comments from my tablet, then the last longer one from the new computer.

The squabble is over a local virulently anti-Catholic millionaire (he made every last cent peddling anti-Catholic hatred) Seventh-day Adventist Three Angels' Message pastor, my arch-nemesis for over 18 years. (And don't forget his little minion Kody Morey, the fugitive from justice in North Platte, NE.)

For the record, Moongold, since meeting someone in person seems to be a big deal in your all virtual life, I HAVE MET Bill Hughes. In person. In his sweating flesh. With his hot breath exuding from his lying mouth. Yes, he is a liar - just like your high priestess, Ellen White, who is the Seventh-day Adventist POPE. Yes, you have a papacy - the manmade papacy of Ellen White, who channeled the devil. Therefore, yes, that makes the devil the FOUNDER of your religion and the originator of Ellen White's hatred of the Catholic Church.

Catholics know that we belong to the Church that Christ founded. You belong to a church Satan founded through Ellen White, which makes it a totally man-made religion....well except for the help from the supernatural source of Islam. (God is not mutable. He did NOT send "St Gabriel" to Muhammad to start Islam because Christianity was just not working out, and he certainly did not send Ellen White to mankind to start a new church to replace the one His Son established.)

So if anyone out there wants to catch up with this anti-Catholic vendetta and what started it all, you can read the original posts from 4 years ago HERE and HERE. Then if you're not already bored to tears with Bill Hughes' hatred of all things Catholic (has anyone ever seen his YouTube videos? Warning! MAJOR ONE HOUR LONG SNOREFESTS! Zzzz...ZZzzzz..........) you can read Moongold's comments from this week and Mary Ann's spectacular answers. 

You know, I used to pray for Bill Hughes to convert to Catholicism. I actually felt badly to pray for his conversion since once he "saw the light" and the enormous damage he has done as his life's work to Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church, he would be in severe deep despair. So then I would pray that God would give him enormous courage because once he saw the incredible evil he had spent his life doing (as his career!), he would need all the courage God would give him in order to just get up in the morning and look in the mirror. 

But then I finally gave up praying for Bill because it's useless. I ultimately figured that he willfully does what he does. He willfully hates. He willfully does not want to know the truth. He willfully WANTS TO MAKE ALL THAT MONEY (Is he money-laundering?) from his hatred of God's Church. He willfully follows Ellen White and not Christ Jesus. He willfully follows Satan. 

What will Bill say to Christ at his Particular Judgement? 

Christ: Bill, did you love Me? 

Bill: No. I loved Ellen White. I hated you, and your mother too. And I hated your Church. I spent my life spreading lies about the Catholic Church and made millions from my hatred. I lived in a big house but drove an old car so people would think I was humble. I influenced other people to despise the Catholic Church by lying to them and in doing so drew them away from Your Truth and into the lies of Ellen White and the devil.

So, hey, Bill...don't blame me when you hit that old eternal brimstone and sulfur fire. I tried. But I'm not willing to do that anymore. You're on your own now, buddy.


  1. Good Morning,
    We have all been puzzled by the refusal of friends & family to see & hear
    The Truth. The answer is found in The Bible and clarified this mystery to us .

    The Second Letter of St Paul to The Thessalonians

    Chapter 2 Verse 9

    God Bless

  2. Great, truthful post. Id still throw a prayer his way now again. I pray for the old ilk in Congress, and even Biden occasionally. No prayers are wasted, just sometimes God directs you to higher things to pray. Peace.

  3. Moonbat, MOONBAT, where are you? Did your master Bill Hughes silence you on his behalf because your vacuous comments were embarrassing? We're waiting for more entertainment from you so please please throw more comments our way. You can do it! Just...just...throw those equivocal comments of yours down here in the comment box and we'll be DELIGTED to answer back. No problem. We're here! Waiting, waiting....

  4. UNKNOWN - Thank you for the Biblical reference

    LAURAELAINA - Understood. Thank you.