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Sunday, May 9, 2021



  1. I’ve read a most profoundly Catholic book, an obscure and older book, and I feel like I need to share it.

    It is titled The Shadiw Of The Earth, Fr. Owen Francis Dudley (1926). It deals with pain and suffering … and with their solution. It is a simple little book, only 140 pages, but I feel that within them is the entire drama of the conflict between heaven and hell, good and evil, and the visible agents that represent the eternal struggle of the Kingdom of God over the Kingdom of this physical world where Lucifer is given dominion fir a time.

    Why do we choose to be Catholic; remain Catholic? It is difficult to see in these times. But we see in these pages that the struggle is not unique to the current dark times but to the world we live in, in every age.

    I find the message if this book very encouraging. It recalls me to my first vows and resolutions. It helps me see through the smoke of the current conflicts to see Jesus and Our Mother, the Church, who are always there - waiting for us, with open arms, to return.

    The Shadow If The Earth. Fr. Owen Francis Dudley. Second in a series of books by him, stories, that explain the Faith to children of the Church, like me; perhaps you.

    Big recommend.

    “Will Men Be Like Gods” is first in the series. Perhaps it should be read first. I have only read this one, so far, and it stands by itself nicely. Five books in the series, total. What a blessing, from the inexhaustible store .

  2. I hope you don’t mind my tagging this into your Mothers’ Day Blessings.

    I do believe this obscure but wonderful author will be much appreciated by those who bend an ear to his written word.

    My wife found the book, passed it on to our daughter who read it and became a huge fan. I don’t finish many books these days, but persevered on this one at their urging.

    A summary of the authors’ writing, provided to me by my daughter:

    Last I’ll say on it. Thanks for letting me post. If anyone needs a good book … they won’t be disappointed.😎

  3. The Masterful Monk is part of that series and is also wonderful. I've read the series twice and loved the books. Would be great for teenagers.