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Thursday, May 6, 2021

If You're Headed in the Wrong Direction, Yell, 'STOP THE TRAIN; I WANT TO GET OFF!"

Do you know where the train you're on is heading?

Regular readers know I'm a fan of Chronicles Magazine. I don't agree with everything all the time, but their train is going in the right direction and I'm happy to be a passenger enjoying many of their contributors. Paul Gottfried had a great editorial in the March issue called What the Right Needs Now. He points out the many failures of conservatives in their rush to make nice with the left and the relative few among them, like Rush Limbaugh, who refused to follow suit. Gottfried offers a prescription for rebuilding: 

It would be ridiculous to think that the ground the right or non-left has abandoned in the last 50 years can be reclaimed all at once. That is not the way the world works. But we can come up with measures to keep the left from doing more harm, while giving the right time to mobilize.

While it may be impossible to realize all these reforms immediately, efforts should be made to advance as many of them as possible. These would include halting immigration, defunding public education while refunding police forces, and abolishing all anti-discrimination laws, the effect of which has been to allow government administrators to bully American citizens who are white, Christian, heterosexual, and/or male.
We may also benefit from promoting effective electronic media that would permit us to escape leftist censors, and, yes, we should organize mass boycotts of companies that finance left-wing terrorism.
Some way must also be found to ensure only legal votes count in elections. There’s no way to control the left if it remains in a position to manipulate mailed-in votes and votes cast by people who provide no real identification.
In the longer run, a new conservatism must be fashioned that is built on the working class and small business and which is unswervingly populist in its appeal. Although this movement may attract some minority support, its base will be necessarily white and Christian, and it will be viable mostly outside of large cities. It would be best for this movement to emphasize regional autonomy, since it is highly unlikely that it will gain a sizeable electoral foothold in metropolitan areas.

No doubt some will immediately scream that Gottfried is "racist" because of his statement that the base will mainly be white and Christian. He is simply a realist. While there are a number of articulate minority conservatives (mostly Christian) shining light on the truth like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams (RIP), Marco Rubio, Candace Owen, Mario Diaz-Balart, Star Parker, Larry Elder, Clarence Thomas, "Bo Snerdley,"etc.,  most minorities still cling to the false security of the Democrat plantation. They clap their hands when Massah offers them loads of free stuff as a bribe to remain enslaved to the party of mostly male white supremacists. Enter the villains who couldn't care less about the slaves in their employment and their vote fodder: men like Bill Gates, Jeff Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Blackface Ralph Northam, Tim Kaine, Gavin Newsom, sexual predator Andrew Cuomo, etc. ad nauseum.

Too many Americans today live in Lalaland. They get their information from social media and the lying mainstream charlatans like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon. One day they will wake up in a third world country and wonder how they got there. In the meantime, the elitists in their gated communities will shrug and say, "The people have no popsicles? Let them eat designer ice cream."

One thing each of us can do is make it a goal to educate at least one misguided socialist wannabee. Changing a culture begins one mind and heart at a time. Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to think. And if you can encourage them to think with the mind of Christ all the better.

Viva Cristo Rey!


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  1. We've tried incrementalism and it has not worked. How about abolishing abortion... That will bring back the family, among black and white, and the middle class. Mothers come home to school their children and care for granny. Their wake at work opens up more jobs and higher wages for sole breadwinners, and deprives big gov of the taxes on second salary. Win win win win win.