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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland: Will the January 6th Hearings Address their Murders by Police?

Roseanne Boyland, likely murder victim of D.C. police officer Lila Morris on Jan. 6th,
on vacation with her parents a few months before her death by police violence.

The January 6th hearings are a farce! 

While Democrats justified and even encouraged months of violent riots in our cities with dozens of murders and billions of dollars in damage from rioters burning and looting, they turned the comparatively mild protest of January 6th into a Pearl Harbor "insurrection." 

Really? No guns! Many of the protestors invited into the building by Capitol police. A man in a funny hat sitting in the speaker's chair?

Despite leftist lies, not a single capitol policeman was killed on January 6th. Not five as they continually chanted echoed by all the liberal talking heads. Not even one! The protestors never "bludgeoned" a capitol policeman with a fire extinguisher despite every single liberal media outlet magnifying the lie. Brian Sicknick died from natural causes, a stroke, confirmed by autopsy. There was no evidence of trauma or wounds from the fictitious attack. But they continue the lie.

There were several people who died, two at the hands of a Capitol police officer and a D.C. Metropolitan police officer: Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed veteran, shot in the neck ("I can't breathe!") by Michael Byrd who was under NO threat from the petite woman. The second, invisible to the public, never mentioned by anyone during the hearing, was Roseanne Boyland. She was the one "bludgeoned" after being trampled because Capitol police were pushing protestors out of a tunnel. They screamed for help for the woman and one used a metal crutch to try to stop the police from pushing more protestors on top of the already unconscious woman. As she lay on the pavement dying of suffocation ("I can't breathe!"), D.C. Metropolitan police officer, Lila Morris beat her with a baton or pole. the incident was captured on video. Instead of receiving the treatment given to the white police officer who contributed to the death of George Floyd, she was awarded for bravery over January 6th. A black woman police officer beating the head of an unarmed white woman already on the ground unconscious, was no big deal. Boyland was the wrong color and had the wrong politics. Watch the video footage at the Gateway Pundit.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Committee Hearing Liars EDITED OUT FOOTAGE Last Night of Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland’s Death from FROM KEY WITNESS TESTIMONY! See LEAKED VIDEO HERE!!

No one was killed by the protestors on January 6th. None of them carried weapons unless you count flagpoles and signs as weapons. No one set fire to the building like the rioting liberals who invaded the Capitol and the city after Trump's election. But the Biden administration and their cronies in the mainstream media turned January 6th into the crime of the century. 9/11, Pearl Harbor, etc. all wrapped up and tied with a Democrat donkey bow.

The two people murdered that day -- two unarmed women: Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland were rendered invisible by the liars on the hill, particularly Boyland. They claim she died of a drug overdose. Her parents with whom she lived, dispute that, but were denied access to the full autopsy report. Video shows she was repeatedly beaten over the head by Officer Morris.

MUST-READ EXCLUSIVE! Family of Rosanne Boyland Who was KILLED on January 6th Is DENIED HER FULL AUTOPSY REPORT

The January 6th committee are, as Cara Castraunova wrote for Gateway Pundit, "treacherous, treasonous criminals." Will they get away with it? Maybe in this life, but they will face the music eventually. Every injustice and every wrong will be righted on Judgment Day. 

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