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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Does Ellen Page Wear A Speedo These Days?

In Areomexico's travel/vacation magazine, AIRE, under the title of "In Taste They Break Genders: Mexican design for a reconceived society where everyone can dress freely" there is this paragraph of sheer wickedness:  

The world is non-binary (only in a reconceived society, but not in reality). Seduced by a dichotomous system, we're the ones who (hating God) forget that (want you to erroneously believe that) there are, at least, 50 shades of grey between black and white (so "50 ways to leave your lover" once you're finished having gratuitous sex with them). As (reconceived) social constructs, man and woman are not necessarily at odds or mutually exclusive. Genders are complimentary, with infinite ways of being expressed. It's time to deconstruct (destroy) concepts that are coming up short. Blue is not just for boys (Of course not. The Blessed Mother wears blue.) and dresses are not always for girls. But clothing is just clothing. If the coat, or skirt, (or Speedo) fits, then wear it. Based on their realities and lived experiences, Barbara Sanchez-Kane, Guillermo Jester, and Juan Oyervides use fashion design to clothe a pluralist, diverse (deeply sick) society." - AIRE magazine, June 2022 pride issue, page 067

Does Ellen Page wear a Speedo these days? Oops. Sorry for that interruption of my cognitive ability to produce linear thought . . .my mind was wandering what with distracting images running through my brain of people doing wicked (reconceived) things against their God-given nature.

I just returned from 5 days in Mexico attending a family function where, yes, for 5 days we celebrated. Mexican people are incredibly gracious, and kind enough to share their love by various celebrations of happiness and joy, music and food. 

For 5 days I saw no human person with pictures to look at on their skin to try to decipher what their message to the world is. No one had blue, purple, green or pink hair. No facial, lip or eyebrow piercings, and no earlobe plugs. Everyone seemed perfectly normal, happy and healthy with no gross obesity. They were a FAMILY of fathers and mothers, children, aunts and uncles and many cousins. Yes, there were real problems as happens in all our lives, but no reconceived problems such as transgender wickedness. There was no overt sign of decadence, that is, the invasion of the world's current sodomitical agenda, in their lives. That isn't to say they aren't affected in some way by it, but their culture is, so far at least, not besmirched by such horrific evil. Or at least my new family (because they're perfect!).

But! Not to be ignored or internalized, the sodomitical-drag queen-transgender-feminist-lesbian evil must invade Mexican culture. It MUST smash wide open that cultural brick wall of God, family and love in order to flood the Mexican people with depraved wickedness. One subtle way to do that is to print 2 million copies (Aeromexico has 1.9 million passengers per month) of Areomexico's travel magazine, AIRE, then place a complimentary copy in front of every seat in every airplane in Areomexico's entire fleet in every airport where Aeromexico flies which is basically every major hub on the planet. With June being "pride month", AIRE celebrates sodomy and drag queens with its "pride issue". All 10 pride colors stripe the front cover up and down. I have no idea what each color stands for so if you want to know you'll have to Yandex that for more information. 

The above sodo-homo-trannie-lezzy paragraph is from page 067 and so far is the only page I've read in AIRE's 2022 June pride issue. It just happened to "fall open" at that page. So much wickedness in one paragraph! Can't wait to read the personal stories of Mexican fashion designers Barbara Sanchez-Kane, Guillermo Jester and Juan Oyervides. Their informative reconceived life histories will be coming soon, so stay tuned. 

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Kathleen1031 said...

Most people's eyes will glaze over at such boring patter, but have they taken over the airwaves and worst of all, infested the schools. That's where it all happens. Hopefully the Mexican people will be smarter than the people of America.