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Monday, June 6, 2022

It's the First Monday in June; What's on Your To-Do List?

As a Catholic mom rearing our five children, I always tried to spiritualize our daily life: morning prayer, prayers at meals, discussion of the meaning of holidays (holy days), planning a weekly family home night with prayer, activities, and a special treat. I tried to help my family look at everything we did through the eyes of faith. I continue that practice with our grandkids. I love the saying attributed to St. John Bosco: Love God and have as much as you can!

Today I start a six week "Grandma Camp" with seven of my grandchildren and the daughter of a friend. We'll start with morning prayer at my Mary garden and the pledge of allegiance at the flagpole. Then we'll have a physical activity, crafts, discussion, cooking, reading and pool time. We'll end our camp day with a decade of the rosary. Today, being the first day, we'll sit on the porch and make some plans for the next five weeks. Then we'll make a camp booklet as a memento.

We'll plan today what the campers would like to do for crafts? Print making, woodworking, paper art, a nature collage, etc. What kind of games shall we incorporate? Relay races, soccer, calisthenics, fruit basket upset, etc. What should be the theme for each week? Christmas in June or July? International Day? Colonial Day? Drama Day? Be a nature detective? Whatever we decide, I expect to have as much fun as the kids.

Involving children in planning helps them develop cooperative and leadership skills. Besides, kids have great ideas and I expect their input will improve on all my plans for the summer adventure. Hopefully, it will be fun-for-all and not a free-for-all. The age range is 5 - 13 which makes it a little challenging. I'd appreciate prayers.

I wish a safe, fun summer to all our readers and especially fun family time. If you want to raise children to be happy adults, spend lots of quality time working and playing together when they're young. Life is too short and childhood flies by too fast. Don't lose it! One thing I never want to do is regret not spending more time with my children and grandchildren.

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Aqua said...

Mary Ann,

This montage reminded me of you and yours -

- the true counterculture warriors.

In an age of bland, sad, increasingly perverse, increasingly childless conformity, we enthusiastic and happy Catholics break the mold at Camp Chaos.