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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Thoughts for Tuesday! Can You Defend Yourself and Your Children?

  • What times we live in, eh? Under this godless, immoral administration we've returned to the wild, wild West where our "leaders" advocate violence against those with whom they disagree. Thanks, Chuck Schumer for threatening the lives of Supreme Court Justices and rallying your mobs with words that motivate them to plan assassinations.
    Why haven't those picketing justices homes been arrested for attempting to intimidate sitting judges to change their votes on cases before them? Why after an assassination attempt aren't these criminals being arrested? Why hasn't Chuck Schumer been impeached for his evil and irresponsible acts encouraging hate crimes against conservatives? We all know the answer! The FBI, DOJ, DHS, etc. are all in the pockets of the liberals who would happily put all their critics in gulags. They may yet. After all, isn't that what happened to the January 6th protestors who are still in jail after 18 months for the crime of trespassing?
  • The other day I got into a debate online with my niece about school shootings. (See my post about the Uvalde tragedy.) I suggested that maybe teachers should be trained to protect themselves and their students with firearms. turns out I'm not the only one who thinks that's a sensible idea. Read this: Teachers in Conservative States Rush to Carry Guns in Class to Prevent Future Mass Shootings. "Texas and Louisiana are looking at legislation that would allow teachers to carry in the classroom as long as they complete a special training course. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee also signed measures that would increase preparedness at schools to prevent further shootings. It is Republicans who are leading on keeping schools safe while Democrats are willing to look the other way and allow children to die needlessly if it means pushing their gun control agenda forward." Yup! The Democrats seem almost happy when gun violence occurs because it spurs on their goal of banning guns and ultimately confiscating them. And in the natural horror of these gruesome and tragic events many adopt knee-jerk solutions. Guns aren't the root problem; evil in the hearts of the killers is!
  • What do you think would happen if large groups of protestors went to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's homes and beat drums and screamed and shouted threats? How about if they burned effigies? Do you think those two would be talking about their free speech rights? Or would they describe their actions as intimidation and "an insurrection?"
  • It's easy to be angry these days. Instead, we need to spend more time in prayer and meditation. Imitate our Savior as he suffered the vile humiliations of the Sanhedrin, the Romans, and the Jewish mob. Remember Christ's admonition to "pray for those who hate you; do good to those who persecute you." Like St. Paul said, we can heap burning coals on their heads which is a good thing to do this week in the octave of Trinity Sunday. Pray for the repentance of sinners through the intercession of St. Jacinta of Fatima who had such a heart for "poor sinners." Progressives in Congress are the poster children for poor, deluded sinners immersed in this world's luxuries. They lust for power and acclamation, not to mention money that often comes in the form of bribes, both legal and illegal. They will pay a high price on Judgment Day. But just think how much good they could do if they repented and amended their lives and publicly advocated for good? Nothing is impossible with God!


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

The governor of Ohio just signed a law allowing trained school employees to be armed. Sounds like a smart move to me!

Bernadette and Mike said...

This is telling of our future.....