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Saturday, June 18, 2022

We've Been Robbed! Give Us Back Our Patrimony!

Let's imagine...

You come home from a short day trip and are horrified to see your front door wide open. With trepidation you go into the house and step into chaos; items scattered everywhere. Book shelves swept clear, your good china smashed. The box full of sterling silver from your grandmother is gone. Your computer and tablet have been taken along with your jewelry box with the few valuable items you own. Everywhere you look you see devastation.

Well, folks, it's not your imagination. We experienced the devastation in the years after World War II even before Vatican II when the iconoclasts began seriously gutting the liturgy. And it continues. 

Most people alive today have no idea what they've lost. Why? Because they didn't know what their patrimony was. Their parents had lost it and couldn't pass it on.

Peter Kwasniewski is one of the most articulate and informed scholars in the United States. I've read several of his books and he as clear as a bell on what's happened. We need to know the history because history is a true teacher. I recommend the video below. Put it on while you cook or while you exercise. Listen to a man with a true Catholic heart and learn about the TLM.


Mary's Child Mariann said...

Thank you. Truth! God bless you and your wonderful family!

newguy40 said...

I've read at least one of Dr's books.

It's not just the liturgy that we've lost but belief itself. Just look at the collapse of the faith in Ireland.
For me, the covid lockdown was the final straw seeing the weakness and fear of the priests and bishops. My wife couldnt even get her long time pastor to write a letter on her behalf to avoid the jab!
I had attended the local SSPX chapel for several years prior and was disgusted when they shutdown just as hard as the NO. What diff does lex orandi lex credendi if there isn't credendi anymore?

There will be a remnant Church. Not sure I will be part of it at this point. But you've been seeing me complain for years.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm curious, New Guy. The SSPX here did not shut down. Was it the government regs? Did they demand shut-down of everything? Frankly, I think churches should have defied that anyway. Some Protestant pastors did. It is all very distressing and does, indeed, make one disgusted and angry. Where are the St. Peters who say, "We will obey God rather than man and He says to keep holy the Lord's day!"

newguy40 said...

Mary Ann -

Thanks. I have heard from other folks about their local SSPX not shutting down. I don’t get it myself. One Sunday, there was the letter from the diocese closing Mass until further notice. Along side that letter was one from Father-Pior announcing same that the chapel would close no more Mass. In fact, I had driven in to the chapel to find out what was going on as the bishop had literally just published that dispensation. We were invited in to receive the eucharist but then had to leave. As far as I can recall, you could call for an appointment for confession. I am not aware of any “public” baptism etc. After I got over my initial anger, I asked both the bishop and father prior to reconsider as this was exactly the time we needed the sacraments the most. The answers I received were that a.) we want everyone to be safe, b.) I’m selfish c.) go watch on line. I’m exaggerating a bit but only a bit.

When all this gets tallied up somehow, my guess is that Covid shutdown is second only to the abuse scandal for reasons why Catholics left or never joined. Lost moral suasion

justin said...

SSPX shut down in Dublin but the same priests had mass in newry, i think the irish goverment south of the border was ruthless while north of the border the uk goverment had a more humanitarian approach and allowed us mass as long as we stayed in cars. In athlone SSPX in Athlone raided a church during mass and one of those there who recorded and shared what they did had his own house raided at 3 am a few days later taking his kids off him under the guise of having breached an order Cant remeber exact details but it seemed a lot like payback