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Friday, June 3, 2022

Our Future Life Embedded in the Collective West's Sticky Matrix

Yum! Dinner of crispy roach larvae.
This isn't a joke. It's real and in our future, compliments of the Collective West's
hysterical anti-human Green New Deal/Climate Change/WEF matrix.

Just now going to my fake Twitter account that I never use anymore there was a notice to get the new Diablo Immortal app. I had to Yandex it (I don't "Google" things anymore. I "Yandex" them) to find out what Diablo Immortal even is. With a warning of "gore and violence" I figure the "demons" to be destroyed in the game are white conservative Americans. Meanwhile the Biden Reich House and the Collective West support far-right white nationalist Nazis in the Ukraine. My immediate thought was, "Is playing this game what the narcissistic Collective West blue-pilled people living in the Matrix currently do?" 

I decided that it must be since there're far too many blue-pilled people just in my own tiny universe. One neighbor (sadly, because she's a nice person) attaches a Ukrainian flag pin to her blouse each day and goes off to work, while another virtue signals by wearing a blue and yellow "I support Ukraine" T-shirt with a map of Ukraine on it in case no one knows what Ukraine is. She thinks the city of Lviv took down their 21-foot-tall Stepan Bandera statue erected in 2007.....that Ukraine is removing Bandera statues to erase their Nazi history. Meanwhile the US which went on a rampage removing "white supremacist" statues a few years ago, is sending billions in money and weapons to arm current-day white far-right Nazi nationalists in Ukraine. This woman refused to be red-pilled so accused me of watching FOX news. I don't have a TV so she asked, "Where do you get your news?" Before answering I told her that I have my own brain and place whatever information into it that I choose, not what the Collective West MSM chooses for me. I lost her at that point. She walked away.

A few days ago a new co-worker asked if I were a Republican or Democrat. She hates Trump. It's his fault gas is so high. I reminded her that BIDEN is the President now, that when Trump left office gas was $1.86 and admitted that I don't support murdering unborn children in their mother's wombs so voted for Trump. She laughed. That was her response. Laughter.

In my mind's eye I see these three women, bereft of reality, walking up to a buffalo (to pet it!) in Yellowstone Park. Or getting "rilly, rilly" close to cute baby bears to snap that perfect picture while ignoring the fact that where there're baby bears there's a protective mother bear nearby. Spoiler alert! It's imperative when buying a stuffed animal for a child - teddy bear, alligator, snake, buffalo, elephant, etc. - to be truthful and explain that in real life these animals KILL people. This goes hand in hand with not understanding why there're so many wildfires out West. For instance, Yellowstone Park never picks up dead trees anymore since liberals think it's best for dead trees to fall, then rot and go back to the earth making organic soil. Meanwhile dry trees, before they decompose - which takes 50-150 years - are "kindling" for wildfires. Think back hundreds of years ago. There were PEOPLE - Indians, then settlers - who picked up dead trees for firewood to heat their dwellings and cook their food. Dead trees were REMOVED.

Meanwhile don't expect to heat your homes anytime soon or put gas in your car or eat meat. Imagine American mothers, after 15-20 years of energy sanctions and embargos and living in the future WEF/Green New Deal, asking their children if sweet and sour larvae would be good for dinner tonight since they had BBQ crickets last evening. "The legs are still in the 'fridge so we'll have leftovers too!" You'll own nothing and be happy while eating insects. No more cows because they emit methane gas, red meat is bad for us, egg factories are being burned down, chicken meat is recalled, and restrictions are placed on ocean fishing. The elites gradually push mankind to eating bugs. Yes, it will all come together for the globalists and their Great Reset/Climate Change/Green New Deal. Are we going to do this? Eat insects? Or will blue-pilled people finally get red-pilled and stand up to the WEF and Deep State Beast? 

An acquaintance recently told me how evil Putin is. How evil Russia is. That the SSPX is in schism. When was the last time this Novus Ordo Catholic read anything other than Bishop Robert Barron or watched anything other than that Opus Dei bastion of self-promoting Catholic elite fabricators called - well, not mentioning their name(s) anymore. I'll be like Johnny Depp. They'll "never see my eyes again". The answer is, this person is still entangled in both the MSM and Novus Ordo matrixThey condemn the snake dance Mass in Brazil but - hey - things at their Novus Ordo parish are great....well, except that sometimes they go to another parish since it's more orthodox over there, but the 2000 year old Mass of the Catholic Church - the Mass of the Ages - is...yeah, it's definitely schismatic.

"They" told us the truth about Covid-19, Fauci's vaccines and the 2020 election which means "they" are telling the truth about Ukraine/Zelensky and Russia/Putin, right? If you believe that then, by your own passive, self-yielding, resigned, nonresistant acquiescence, you're willing yourself to remain blue-pilled and embedded in the gooey, sticky entangled matrix of propaganda and lies. 

Get red-pilled. Read THIS if you want to know the truth about the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Go to news sources which tell the truth. 
Alex Christoforou
Alexander Mercouris


Mark Docherty said...

Hoo boy, Susan. All this and a bag of chips. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Put chocolate on those bugs and I'll give them a try. But not white chocolate -- that would be racist.

Mary Kay said...

Well said.

Kathleen1031 said...

I had a conversation with an elderly man last week, actually, it was a dialogue, because he was doing all the talking. Now I don't try to get into political conversations at ALL. You're brave because you seem to, but I'm so done. Family does not talk politics, and if politics do come up, I worry about them too much. You know how it is, so I don't talk about it. I do not recognize many of my closest anymore. Anyway, back to this elderly man, who was, he told me, 82, and using a walker, his aide was with him, and you could tell, he was cognitively just a bit fuzzy, BUT, he brought up politics and he mentioned Trump and as I've seen multiple times in the last two years, his entire persona changed. His face grew darkly animated, visibly angry, and oh, how he hated that man, because...because..."he laughed at children who had Covid!". Now I didn't mention Trump and yet this man was oh so ready to denounce him as satan incarnate and I'd better too.
There is something very wrong. We can call it anxiety due to the times, we can call it mass formation, but to me it looks like diabolical influence. We need Jesus.

TradCatholicPosterFormerlyKnownAsAnonymous said...

Red pilled is right.

You're sending folks to RT: A Russian Propaganda Outlet for the truth? My word. You've gone off the deep end.

It's not Russia good/Ukraine bad, Suzanne.

But if you want to be a tool for Russian propaganda, go ahead. You're living in the United States where you have the right to free speech. But that's not so in Russia. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Susan Matthiesen said...

TradCatPostAnon, This is no longer the country I grew up in. The lying left, the evil Deep State, riots and chaos, mass murders, the filth of sodomy everywhere, abortions BY THE MILLIONS and demented Biden and the immoral Pelosi certainly must all be so thrilling for you which makes you a foolish tool for the lies and propaganda of the Biden Reich House. The UN, EU and the West have LIED and LIED and LIED about Ukraine and its puppet actor president placed on the high throne by Kolomoyski, but you, obviously a rabid Nazi supporter with a visceral hatred of Russians, believe the LIES. So right back atcha, "whatever floats YOUR boat".
P.S. I love reading RT and I have a Yandex email, so sue me. Or whatever.

TradCatholicPosterFormerlyKnownAsAnonymous said...

P.S. @Suzanne (Who did say she found my handle on the internet and dubbed me a liberal. LoL. A lie? After your performance here, I'd tend to say that it was a total lie. Borne out of a furious need to save face. But whatever. Your stance when challenged with the truth is absolutely hilarious since I was one of the first to call CM what they their face and all over the media. Sticking up rationally for the SSPX without dragging in kitchen sink argumentation that's not only outrageous, but a real turn off for clear thinking people. Where were you? Getting hopped up on your own juice? Only finding the SSPX??)

You love being a tool, apparently. Drinking KoolAid as long as it's got a foreign flavor, but that's okay. You're right. The US is no longer the country you grew up, not when supposedly traditional, Catholic adult female is promoting Russian news outlets. Sending folks there to get the truth there. Good gosh, woman. Do you follow Chinese propaganda too?? Do you believe Kim Jong-Un has "truth" in state certified "news" outlets in North Korea?? (Maybe the change you're experiencing is the fact that you were unaware of geopolitics before and made heroes out of those US politicians who's dirty laundry was hidden from view. There's been a heap of filth and double dealing going on for generations, ma'am, you just weren't looking. Watching JFK Jr. salute his father's casket is a very moving thing, but NO proof that there was this grand holiness that you seem to think. For whatever reason.

Fallen human nature is fallen. Both Zelensky and Putin have their unsavory sides. And a Russian puppet president is as open to manipulation as an American/NATO manned pupped. But you'll stick to Russian news and believe that hook, line, and soviet sinker.

I hope you're not spreading your garbage around the SSPX chapel in Sanford. Thankfully, I know based people who will counter this henny penny useful individual behavior. Thank God. (Again, that's not a promotion of Zelensky so you can stop thinking about putting words in my mouth for your own self-interest, but a realistic view of Putin/Russia. Step off the edge and get a grip, Suzanne.)

"The UN, EU and the West have LIED and LIED and LIED about Ukraine and its puppet actor president placed on the high throne by Kolomoyski, but you, obviously a rabid Nazi supporter with a visceral hatred of Russians, believe the LIES." (Who said I had a visceral hatred of Russians? Again, you're presuming. Maybe you should stop presuming to speak on behalf of the Russian people who you only know through staged photo ops.)

But there you go again, being led by a head of steam. Who said that the UN, the EU, and/or the West hasn't lied, lied, LIED???? But their lying doesn't mean that Russia has given up fabricating their own narrative as they've done for generations. THINK for a change. Think clearly and without having to find a scapegoat for what bugs you.

You're the woman driving of the cliff on the freeway to avoid hitting the mountainside.

So right back at ya. Get a clue. This isn't a Roy Rogers serial where all the baddies wear black hats and the good guys wear white, furred mink hats. (You may want to thank the Russians in part for that filth that you conveniently forget because its easier to have a hero. But will you think critically? Actually assess the whole instead of endorsing Russian propaganda? Probably not.)

Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

You’re right…except for one thing. Isn’t it true that you still consider Antipope Francis to be an actual pope? If so, you’ve yet to fully swallow the red pill.

Popes must be Catholic. But as a pertinacious and public heretic—indeed the most public heretic in the history of the world—Francis has abundantly proven that he’s not Catholic. Indeed he’s shown that he hates actual Catholicism with the white-hot hatred of a thousand burning suns. Hence, for example, he seeks to completely obliterate the actual (“traditional”) Roman Rite. Therefore, because Francis isn’t actually Catholic (recall that baptism is a necessary but insufficient criterion of actual Catholicism; one must also hold the actual Catholic faith), he can’t possibly be an actual pope. One cannot be the head of a body of which one is not a member.

Does one need legal authority to recognize this factual reality? No. Legal authority isn’t needed to see this reality, any more than one need be a coroner to recognize a dead body. Legal authority is needed only for a legal judgment. Any such future legal judgment will only legally recognize the existing factual reality spitting in our faces daily, which is this: as a non-Catholic and indeed rabid anti-Catholic, Francis is an antipope and no part whatsoever of the actual Catholic Church, having long since been automatically excommunicated as an adherent not of the Catholic Church, but of the Novus Ordo Antichurch.

Much has been spoken of the dangers of not following a true pope. It’s time to speak of the dangers of following a false pope. We must, at last, pull our heads out of the sand. We must finally get real, really real, no matter how uncomfortable the demonic really real reality of Francis really is.

Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

Master orator and former British MP George Galloway has—since the latest stage of the Russia/Ukraine war started (“latest stage” because it’s actually been happening for the last 8 years, with the degenerate Ukraine killing about 14,000 Russian Ukrainians of the Donbass)—been offering some of the most brilliant and incisive commentary against the degenerate Ukraine. See his Youtube channel.

Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

RT is far more credible than the degenerate Western fakestream media outlets of CNN, MSNBC, AND Fox and all the rest.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

TradCath, I don't know if you are being deliberately provocative by calling Susan "Suzanne" or you have a reading problem. I've posted your dissertation which is filled with ad hominems, but I let it pass this time since Susan had a few in hers. I wish you'd stick to facts. Since you are so busy questioning Susan's sources, I'd be interested to know what yours are. CNN? MSNBC? NPR? Biden's press secretary?

Both sides engage in propaganda during a war. Even Chesterton, a great truth-teller, was enlisted by the British government during WW I with other journalists to write propaganda for the Allies' war effort.

In evaluating "propaganda" one needs to assess whether one side's propaganda is more truth based than the other. The word "propaganda" simply means "set forward, extend, spread, increase....any movement or organization to propagate some practice or ideology." Its original use was not negative or pejorative, but meant "material or information propagated to advance a cause, etc."

The good or evil of "propaganda" depends on how truth-based it is and the cause it advances. Clearly the propaganda of Planned Parenthood is evil since it advances the murder of babies in the womb. The same can be said of the government propaganda around the COVID agenda meant to force everyone to take the experimental gene therapy and increase control over the population.

People do need to be critical thinkers. I haven't seen much evidence that you are one, TradCath. But you are an expert at pushing your own brand of propaganda. Calling someone's opinion "garbage" is not an example of critical thinking.

Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

Really ugly stuff, TradCatholicPosterFormerlyKnownAsAnonymous. Who or what has so blackened your soul? You need to examine this question and heal.

As for sources not aligned with Globohomo, and therefore not aligned with the degenerate Ukraine, the Unz site is among the best.

Susan Matthiesen said...

TradCat, Dont worry. Be happy....because I don't know but about 3 people in Sanford. I never socialize, dont belong to any groups there and go to a mass with the least amount of people.

Susan Matthiesen said...

TradCat...i see thst you're a Leonard Cohen fan. Is that kosher for a traditional Catholic?

Susan Matthiesen said...

Sorry...the comment box above was empty so I deleted it. I'm on my phone so a bit harder to use. But thinking of what appears to be TradCat's obsession with calling me "Suzanne" in possible reference to Leonard Cohen's song by that name I do thank him for thinking that I have a perfect body. Of course by the same reference he also thinks he has a perfect mind.

TradCatholicPosterFormerlyKnownAsAnonymous said...


You say, "Really ugly stuff, TradCatholicPosterFormerlyKnownAsAnonymous. Who or what has so blackened your soul? You need to examine this question and heal."

Please be specific, Jeremiah. What is ugly and/or blackened? To look at the war between Ukraine/Russia without choosing one side as good as Susan is doing? I find it odd, too, that pundits on this blog consider themselves to be in a position to dictate to any other country what they should and/or shouldn't do. Point out that Putin is Putin and that Russia isn't the promised land and feathers get ruffled. Now we have the presumption that I'm into Leonard Koen. Had to look that up.

But if anything, I'm horrified that a Catholic woman in America would so blithely direct other Catholics and Americans toward a Russian propaganda site for the truth. The truth? Fake news isn't limited to the United States by any means. But Susan brags about her Russian email address platform. Why, I have no idea. Except there seems to be a fixation on Russia...and a rather romantic notion of Russia and Vladimir Putin that belies reason.

Sorry @Susan for calling Suzanne. Maybe that's a knee jerk reaction for you intimating that I'm somehow a liberal and/or 'thrilling' over Biden and Pelosi.

Your articles baffle me. Now you're fantasizing about an obsession and you having a perfect body. By what logic? Who knows.

TradCatholicPosterFormerlyKnownAsAnonymous said...

@Mary Ann

Why you would assume that getting a name wrong is being intentionally provocative? As for ad hominems, I'd challenge you to review your commentary in all honesty:

"Since you are so busy questioning Susan's sources, I'd be interested to know what yours are. CNN? MSNBC? NPR? Biden's press secretary?" Your slam about Biden's press secretary is a slam and you know it.

Why would you suggest those outlets, Mary Ann? Back handed ad hominems are still ad hominems. Just because a poster disagrees with the take of an article doesn't mean they're automatically in love with Biden and/or wanting to have Harris as a bestie. I have no idea why you two seem to lean that way, putting labels on people. Honestly.

I typically read Fox News, watch OAN, and visit variety of online sources. Suggested by YouTube if you'd like to know. My comments on other Catholic blogs are nowhere near liberal. But Susan has called me that before when I simply asked for her to review her articles/comments for fair, unbiased representation.

As for being "so busy" questioning Susan's sources, it's not being busy. It's common sense. For whatever reason, Susan seems to believe that Russian news outlets can't lie and/or muck up the truth with bias and whatever the given agenda may be at the time. I don't buy all that's coming out of Fox News by any means or even OAN. Nobody should.

And, yes, I'm well aware that propaganda is a tool that is used by all governments. Especially in time of war. I hale from a military family with a long record of service and a background in intelligence. So I get it. That's exactly why I caution Susan to be careful. You too.

I'm not sure why you brought in the evils of Planned Parenthood into his conversation. That evil is absolutely obvious. No doubt about it. The COVID debacle is disturbing for sure. Biological warfare as far as I'm concerned.

But go ahead and believe what you think you see. Critical thinking requires that we look at our own posts, too. Critically. And no, calling someone's view garbage isn't necessarily indicative of critical thinking. Unless it's actually garbage and/or dangerous.

The only agenda I have is equal treatment, Mary Ann. If pushing Russia Propaganda is good for you, go for it. If having someone say they will find truth at a Russian news sight, go for it. Fake news isn't limited to one country and/or one administration.

You should know that, but maybe you don't. Considering the high-handedness of Susan whenever she's challenged to think about what she's posting, I'd assume she has no idea.
But there's no need for a patronizing lesson on how to tease out the truth from propaganda on this end.

There's also the need to be very wary when looking to so called truths that are being promoted amid the propaganda. That's the false face that's given to gather support. Under the banner of something perceived as good. I'm sure you know all about that. So we don't need a lesson.

But if you're on board posting that TRUTH will be found at a Russian new site, go ahead. There are Russians imprisoned for speaking the truth. You may choose not to believe that, too. But Russia isn't our Catholic friend and/or new Holy Roman Emperor. Have a great night. I'd love you to post more hen pics if you would care to. Not to please me, necessarily, but they are delightful creatures.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Patronizing? I think that's the pot calling the kettle black. But I'm a little tired of moderating dissertations on this post so I'm cutting off the comments.