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Monday, June 13, 2022

"It Is Politics and Money For Which We Are Being Killed"

With 45 million views and 36,000 comments, this video, sent a few days ago to LesFemmes, was made in 2016 after the Russian airline Metrojet Flight 9268 was destroyed midflight over the Sinai Peninsula. The person who sent the video said, I really liked this message of life; the goodness of life for its own sake. So much despair in the West. So good to recall a higher aspiration.

What struck me were the current comments below the video, written by Russian people in the midst of war not only for the past 100 days, but also for the past 8 years with Ukrainian Nazis. The far right nationalist Nazis call Russians "orcs". An "orc" is an evil entity so must be killed and the maniacal Ukrainian Nazis, ignoring the Minsk accords, had been doing just that in the Donbas for the past 8 years.  

3 months ago: Today is March 4, and I also want to live! I am from Ukraine, but my relatives are in Russia. I want peace, friendship, happiness for everyone. This is not a war of people - it is politics and money for which we are being killed, and those who fire these shells are also victims of the war. Pray for everyone and for the world. I love all the people on the planet!

1 month ago: This song is an alarm and a command to our generation. No to Nazism and fascism! While they exist on earth, normal people will not be able to just live in peace. And normal boys can't grow up. Eternal memory to all our heroes who laid down their lives for us to have a happy and peaceful life. Low bow to all of them to the ground.

13 days ago: I am from the DPR (Donetsk People's Republic in the Donbas). I was 10 when the war started. This is terrible, no one should experience the consequences of war.

1 month ago: I want those who defended Donbass to live and return home.

1 month ago: Hello. I am from Donetsk and have been watching this hell for 9 years already. I grew up at this time and I will say one thing to all the dead soldiers and their families: I grieve with your relatives, and although I am a healthy guy, I can’t hold back my tears. I lost a lot of my friends and girlfriends and I understand this pain. My soul is torn apart.

4 days ago: Be good. All life and health. God bless you, protect you from troubles and the evil one. Amen.

2 months ago: That song should be broadcast everywhere instead of commercials. It recalls simple truths that there is nothing more precious than life and peace.

2 months ago: Listening to it a year ago, I never thought that this song would become a symbol against the terrible actions that are taking place today.

12 days ago: I wish all politicians of all countries to stop in time and come to an agreement before the irreparable happens. After all, there is nothing more precious and valuable than life. Let's just live!

2 weeks ago: This clip was made for people who died on a plane flying from Egypt, over Sinai. The smallest was only a year old. I myself am a mother and I don’t want any war. Why should our children suffer? Because of what?? Politicians did not share something?? War be damned!! Clear skies over your heads. Peace.
3 days ago: Today I heard this song for the first time. Thanks for my Donetsk. Thank you - with capital letters - for people in Russia. Bow to you from the inhabitants of the LDNR.

3 weeks ago: I'm from Mariupol. The song is just an anthem for my city! War is bad. Be healthy and alive.

3 months ago: Today is February 24. Today this song is more relevant than ever. I want to live and that all my relatives and close people stay alive. I don't want war.

7 months ago: I work in an ambulance. Every time I listen to this song again, when I can’t save a life, I realize everything that happens to me that people like me just wanted to LIVE! There are always tears.

3 months ago: Let's make this the anthem of 2022.

1 month ago: This video was filmed many years ago, but how relevant it is to this day. It is simply impossible to watch without tears. I want to say: People! Wake up! And for yourself, for the sake of your loved ones, live and make this world a better place.

1 month ago: Shed with tears. Tears of hope, tears of faith, tears of love for our today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I live in Kazakhstan, but my soul is all exactly on the same territory with Russia.

2 months ago: Yes, this song is more relevant now than ever. I live in the DPR. Our war began when I was 7 years old. It’s a pity that I, and not only me, had to learn what war is at such an early age. Now listening to this song, I think about people from Ukraine who were broken, their lives cut short, whose children are still ahead, but some of them fell asleep forever. I sincerely hope that all this will end soon and people will be able to return to a normal, happy life. Of course, nothing will ever be the same again. There will be no peace between the peoples of Ukraine and Russia. The people who were taken by the war, they also can not be returned.

1 month ago: I listen to the song for the second time. For the first time a year ago there were only goosebumps. Now, there are tears from the eyes. Why can't we just LIVE? Still haven't learned.

2 months ago: All the talented singers have scattered, but they could now gather again, unite and create a similar video in support of all those who ended up in the war zone, who suffered, lost and survive! Let this appear and become a powerful psychological support for these people, so that the people remember and understand. We, ordinary Russian people, think and empathize very much! Hold on! Russia is with you!

3 weeks ago: Live live live! Just live. This message is always current. Today is 15.05.2022. I wish peace and love on the whole planet, and at all times. Prayers and love.

1 month ago: Life, our life, is beautiful. Lord, give us love and strength, and admonition, just to live, Lord, with your help. I wish everyone all good health and all the best.


Sviatoslav said...

There are no Nazis in Ukraine. All of it is Russian lies. If Westerners are so foolish that they cannot remember who raped half of Europe recently (Soviets in WW2) and who think that the country which was plundered by Nazis (Ukraine) is Nazi, there is no hope for them.

Even the Lugandons - the ones who begged for Putin to come to Ukraine - are regretting their hare-brained thoughts as the Russian Nazis (who openly proclaim that they intend to cleanse Ukraine of Ukrainians - they can proclaim this freely in the age of the Internet because if the West didn't learn from history of Russia's viciousness for centuries, it won't start learning now). Only Ukraine stands against the hordes. Khazards, Pechenegs, Cumans, Tataro-Mongols, Ottomans and, now, Russians. Down with the self-proclaimed successor of the godless Soviet Union! *За волю, Бога і Україну!

*For freedom, for God and Ukraine!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I have to laugh when people comment and make statements with absolutely no backup. Yes, Virginia, there are Nazis in Ukraine. Even leftist media outlets admit it. So please, unless you have evidence to support your foundationless statement, there is no reason to accept it as anything but an opinion based on nothing. Here are some articles with hard data about the Nazis in the Ukraine who actually are incorporated into Ukraine's military units.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Sviatoslav protest too much. He's either a Nazi himself or has drunk way too much LSD.

Sviatoslav said...

"Either a Nazi himself" - how exactly I am a Nazi if my country was 1). Defeated Nazis in 1939-1945. 2). I am a Slavic untermensch that's to be eradicated by Nazi ideology? Westerners like you don't study the Ukrainian history, do they?, They don't know the language, either. Why do they insist on telling us our history and what is going on if our boots on the ground know better?

Дурненька, ти навіть українську мову не знаєш. Як ти можеш знати про "нацистів" в Україні якщо ти відділена від українського життя, мови і культури як від давньої Персії?

Sviatoslav said...

"Media outfits" are no substitute to actually living in Ukraine and knowing the local language, mentality and culture inside out. "Articles, hard data" - let me get this straight... What makes you think that the Leftist media that lied to you about the Vietnam War would not lie to you about Nazis in Ukraine (that screed? makes about as much sense as Nazis fighting for Israel). But alas, the Ukrainian minister - Arsen Avakov - and people who actually live in Ukraine cannot know what is going on in Ukraine better than the Westerners over the Atlantic who don't even know a shred of Ukrainian culture or language? Face it, dearie, you didn't even know where Ukraine was on the map before the war. Don't go trying to prove "assertions" until you actually live here. Why do you speak of things you know nothing of?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, I've been thinking about what you said, Sviatoslav. Living in a country doesn't make a person an authority or even a truth teller. I live in the U.S. You would get a completely opposite opinion about our country from me versus the president, for example -- or between me and a supporter of Planned Parenthood.

Perhaps you are trying to pull the wool over people's eyes just like liberals do here in the U.S. So I'll post your comment, even with the insulting "dearie." But I have no reason to believe anything you wrote.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Sviatoslav himself must be Дурненька (Ukrainian for "stupid"...from his comment above) and probably has no clue where Florida is on the map. Imagine not knowing where Florida in the United States is! On top of that he apparently doesn't even know what's going on in Ukraine. But perhaps Sviatoslav is a woman who is still in Ukraine because apparently Ukraine is running out of men between the ages of 18 to 60 to be cannon fodder at the front lines...because Poland is, at the request of Ukraine, trying to export all the Ukrainian men between the ages of 18-60 who fled to Poland so as not to have to fight against the Russians.

Meanwhile, all those Ukrainian young men who lost their lives tragically died for nothing. Russia will win. All Ukraine's comedian actor puppet president had to do was follow the Minsk accords for the past 8 years and not kill 15,000 Russians in the Donbas since 2014. What did Дурненька Ukraine think would happen? Nothing?

Дурненька Zelensky (or Elensky, since Ukraine outlawed the letter "Z" well as the letter "V" his name is now Olodymyr Elensky) is merely the latest puppet of the EU and the USA. He only does what he's told by Kolomoysky - who apparently fled to Israel - and the EU elites. But why am I telling you all this? YOU live in Ukraine. YOU should know this. YOU should know that a comedian actor who played the part of a history teacher who becomes the president of Ukraine (currently showing on Netflix) then really does become the president of Ukraine in actual life is OBVIOUSLY a PUPPET continuing his acting role puppeteered by those pulling his strings to do the bidding of the Great Reset New World Order Deep State. It's obvious that Ukraine needs help in these matters since Zelensky can only afford a drab green T-shirt to wear. It's hilarious!!

Obviously Sviatoloslay is from the western part of the Ukraine and not in the Donbas. He/she listens to the western Ukrainian media lies like Americans listen to the MSM lies and propaganda and therefore are in the dark that the Collective West has been trying to get Ukraine to fight Russia for them for years in order to get a regime change in Russia in order to plunver her vast wealth of oil and gas, metals etc.

And finally, if Ukraine was "plundered by Nazis" why on earth would they erect a 21 foot tall statue of Stepan Bandera in 2008? THAT is Дурненька.

Sviatoslav said...

To Mary Ann Kreizer,

"Living in a country does not make a person an authority" - it does, as living in a country means knowing the language and, most importantly, the culture, history and the mentality of the people. Especially to those who do not study it and are, unfortunately, ready to believe the first slander leveled against the people of Ukraine. You detest US "liberals" (put in quotas because they are really Marxist) - if so, why exactly would you believe one of the greatest Communist slander techniques in existence? You should know that before we've had our terrible WW2, Fascists and Communists were pretty buddy-buddy, all things considered (Spanish civil war is when they've begun to split). Then, after Nuremburg (no equivalent happened for USSR, unfortunately), Communists worldwide received a gift. They could now conflate every expression of nationalistic sentiment with Nazism/Fascism (this was effectively invented and popularized by Willi Munzenberg, the "Red Millionaire" of the 50's and leader of Stalin's Popular Front) - the outrage of a typical Russian great power chauvinist regarding the "little nations" (Ukraine, Georgia (the one near Caucasus, not Florida), Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc.) going away from Russian sphere of influence is the same as the outrage of an American "liberal" to the MAGA sign that reads "Make America Great Again". "Between you and the supporter of Planned Parenthood" - oh, I'm aware of Margaret Sanger and the American eugenicists of her generation. Hitler took his ideas and a lot of methods and policies (what he didn't take from Lenin) from them, after all. "Pull wool over the people's eyes" - what would be the benefit of me "pulling wool" over you? I am not in the media business, Mary. If you are a Catholic (as you profess yourself as such), you should be capable of Greek logic and philosophical reasoning by definition. Ask yourself this - how exactly does the premise of "Ukrainian Nazis in armed forces" square with the premise of second most-Jewish government on Earth after Israel (Zelensky is Jewish, Minister of Defence is Jewish, etc.)? And do you really think that Putin - a KGB/Stasi product that openly spoke of forcible restoration of Soviet Union - is a bastion of virtue and Christianity? Ukrainian testimonies are, to a historian of Russia, merely cut-and-paste - reports of looting and rapes committed by the Russian armies are there since WW2. There's Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia, Syria... All are recent history. Were there Nazis, too? And why would Baltic nations - and a lot of other nations close to Russia, like Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary - run like mice to European and NATO sphere of influence? Maybe Russia is the aggressor and Igor Girkin/Strelkov (an FSB war criminal who spoke of "using the same methods as in Georgia" regarding the organizing and training of separatist terrorists suplemented by Russian weaponry) was actually right? "Insulting dearie" - and would you not be insulted if someone called you and your entire country Nazi? Perhaps, in a land that was not ravaged by Nazis, Mary Ann, the label and insult is a light one. Who am I to judge? But here in Ukraine, it is not!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

A lot of Americans still support Joe Biden. To some Pelosi, AOC, and the liberal left are heroes. As I said -- living in a country doesn't make you an authority. Everything depends on one's attitude toward the truth. Your straw man is on fire. I never said all the people of the country are Nazis. But there are those who sympathize with them and the fact that they have been incorporated into the government military indicates that Zelensky is one. Are you? Seems possible.

Just like in America there are those who support the left's agenda including attacking Supreme Court justices and vandalizing and burning crisis pregnancy centers and perverting the minds and hearts of children with gender ideology and critical race theroy, I'm sure Ukraine has the same kinds of division. I know of no country that doesn't have both sheep and goats among the population. As for your contention that there are no Nazis in Ukraine, it's hard to take your statement seriously just because you happen to live there. Maybe you are the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi.

Why Zelensky is a Neo-Nazi & a Jewish FRAUD --

Ukrainian President Zelensky deepens alliance with far right --

Outrage as Azov Nazi Addresses Greek Parliament (brought there by Zelensky)

Neo-Nazis use Zelensky in killing privately owned media in Ukraine (Sounds like a Goebbels strategy to me.)

Sviatoslav said...

To Susan, Part 3:

Getting on to Zelensky... I'm so sorry that you are unused to the look of his T-shirt; perhaps, you are more used to Biden's 3000 dollar suits (paid for by your taxpayers, of course) and Putin's 14,000 dollar jackets (in a time when an iPad costs as much as a KIA car in Russia before current hyper-sanctions). After all, a feudal lord must not look like a serf - 'tis be improper! As for me... I don't give a damn. Imagine! We the people are not our government! Oh, Zelensky will get his for building roads on which Russian tanks invade and not giving to the army - and we know that Zelensky is a puppet of Igor Kolomoyskiy a.k.a. "Benya". Alas, we are a freedom-loving people, not history-loving and so, we chose a new Kuchma. We'll get on with overthrowing him soon enough. Still, let the Westerners have their moment, compare him with Churchill *their baseline for a "statesman" is now so low that a clown like Zelensky can pass it yet great leaders like Biden (yes, we know about Afghanistan - 4 US Presidents and 100+ billion dollars later, the Taliban is replaced with the Taliban) cannot). "Collective West has been trying to get Ukraine to fight Russia for years" - what is it with you and your over-inflated sense of historical importance? I told you already. Study the history and culture! Why are you all - to the same last one - think that something as temporary as economics drives everything else and not culture? You read too much Marx? This is a struggle between the descendants of Danylo Galytsky, who was crowned king of Ruthenia by Pope Innocent IV - and the descendants of Alexandr Nevsky, whose jarlyk for ruling the Vladimir-Suzdal ulus (and who collected the taxes from his own Muscovite people to pay to the Golden Horde, burning whole towns and mutilating people who refused) was given to him by his step-father, Batu Khan. Between the people who invented the separation of powers (that French guy got beat by Pylyp Orlyk) and the people who invented secret police in Europe (Ivan the Terrible had the Oprichniki). It always was rooted in history and culture - and your little words like "NATO", "Marxism" will hardly influence it. On letter "Z"... There's a great joke about it. Due to endemic corruption and Russian national mentality (summed up in the word "авось"/"avos'" - which can be described as indifference and half-assedness in everything attached hope that no negative consequences from half-assedness that would normally result), it is widely believed that Russia was indeed going for the Indian swastika... And only stole half of it. They tried so hard with all the other signs, too - the military parades, the national revanchism, the "protection of ethnic Germans" (sorry, that should read Russians), Sudetenland (sorry, that should read North Abkhazia, Ossetia, Crimea and LNR/DNR) and even attacking Kyiv on 4:00. Alas, not even a century has passed since the last genocidal state tried this bag of tricks...

Sviatoslav said...

To Mary Ann:

"I'm sure Ukraine has the same kinds of division" - it had, until the Russians bombed Izyum, Mariupol, Kyiv and a lot of Donbas territories (the very areas which used to support them - well, those don't support them now). "It's hard to take your statement seriously" - since your memory must be equivalent to the Western historical attention span (hummingbird on meth, that is), allow me to repost parts of my reply again. This is for posterity; I'm sure that the "Nazi Ukrainian Jews" happening onto here will see this. "Ukrainian testimonies are, to a historian of Russia, merely cut-and-paste - reports of looting and rapes committed by the Russian armies are there since WW2. There's Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia, Syria... All are recent history. Were there Nazis, too? And why would Baltic nations - and a lot of other nations close to Russia, like Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary - run like mice to European and NATO sphere of influence?"

You can search the complicated terms I've mentioned earlier on Google. You'll be surprised what "Soviet rapes and looting in WW2", "Soviet rapes and killings in Afghanistan", "Russia-Chechnya wars/leveling of Grozny", "Russian separatists in Georgia" and other such lines will yield. Go ahead. Read. But you won't; if West read about it's own history, much less of other nations, it would not be in it's own Marxist mess right now. Oh, as for your little Western "media outlets", which you believe... Since you are new to this, I should explain this to you. "Far right" is meaning "Nazi-Fascist", in accordance to that old Commie propaganda technique; they paint your Christian conservatives with the same brush. Why'd you paint our people or army or whatever with that, too? Can't you read our... Ah, wait. You know neither the language, nor culture. You spoke of lying media earlier - guess you're believing them when it's convenient, right? The parties which Zelensky banned were... "Opposition block "For Life" - a party headed by one Viktor Medvedchuk (the Soviet silovik who was convicted for beating up a minor and helped convict our poets and anti-Soviet dissidents Yuriy Lytvyn, Mykola Kuntsevich and Vasyl Stus - this is who you are defending, Westerner. I hope your "Catholicism" lets you sleep well at night when you are defending such scumbags), "United Rus" (pro-Russian party guilty of open treason - I know, antiquated concept in your country, where the likes of Johnny-boy Kerry can even get elected despite talking with Viet Cong/betraying America and never getting convicted), "The Socialists" (the name already says it all), "Shariy's Party" (Alexandr Shariy was a Russian blogger who, unsurprisingly, hated the West while living in it and thought to make a political career among Ukrainian hohols (an anti-Ukranian slur of the Russians)), "The Socialist Party of Ukraine" (again, the name should say it all) and others. All of them except Medvedchuk's party were two-bit players - notice that we banned them after their members committed treason. Oh, and it took a goddamn war to ban them whereas you Americans never banned your Communist Party. Contrast with Russia - search such names as Alexei Navalny, Boris Nemtsov, Alexandr Litvinenko... Look at where and how they ended up. It'll be instructing for you, methinks. Anything that isn't in lock-step with Russian govt propaganda has the "foreign agent" label. Alas, I've said my words. The rest is on you and on Google. Not all of us are unemployed. I bid thee good day, Mary. May you take my words to heart. Read more books and less of clickbait articles. Remember - history is key to understanding this!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


That's the last of your dissertations I'm publishing. Start your own blog. It's interesting that Soltzenitsyn returned to Russia and continued publicly criticizing the post Soviet Russian government. He recognized the moral depravity of the West. I totally agree with his 1978 address at Harvard. This isn't the America I grew up in. In fact, it looks a lot like the moral depravity I see coming out of Zelensky and his LGBTQ-advancing government. Soltzenitsyn was unmolested when he returned to Russia unlike Zelensky cracking down on the media and the political parties he opposes.

Susan Matthiesen said...


Sviatoslav said...

To Susan:

Anyway, if you are into Russia TV, might as well post the story that it was "the foreign spies* that shot down the Malaysian flight and, of course, "they [Ukrainian Nazis] crucified a boy in his undies". You should read more history books and less crap from Russia TV. Try the opposition channel "Dozhd"/"Rain", too.