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Thursday, June 23, 2022

There's Nothing "Gay" about the LGBTQ+ Madness

A blog I find insightful and well worth reading is Mundabor's. 

This morning I read an article about a transgender individual (a man who mutilated his body to play "let's pretend I'm a woman") who clearly is suffering from his self-inflicted "nightmare." I'm linking to Mundabor's article because it is a true warning. You cannot fool Mother Nature. It's impossible to change your sex. There are no "genders." There are only two sexes ordained by God, male and female, man and woman. Anything else is a satanic delusion. Yes there are rare cases, really rare, of a child born with both sets of genitals, a condition called "ambiguous genitalia." But a rare disorder is not the norm and can't be used to dispute reality. 

If you choose to read Mundabor's post, be aware that it is somewhat graphic and adult in content. But it may inspire your compassion for these poor individuals and give you reasons to pray, like Jacinta, for "poor sinners." I think there is no sadder condition than to know you created your own hell on earth!

Tranniedom: A Cautionary Tale (Caution: Strong Stuff)

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