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Friday, June 17, 2022

Random Thoughts on Friday

  • Things seem to be getting crazier by the moment. Fauci has COVID after how many  boosters? His response? Make more vaccines (actually experimental gene therapies). We need to give more billions to Big Pharma! Now when I was a kid we got vaccines to keep from getting the illness. With COVID we made a vaccine that doesn't keep you from getting sick. In fact, friends of mine have a daughter and her husband who got the vaccine (and the booster as well I think). What happened? They both got serious cases of COVID and now have long COVID and are seeing a specialist. So, tell me, how did getting the jab benefit them? You know what Fauci would say. If they didn't get the jab they probably would have died. Why does anybody still believe that quack?
  • It was over 90 degrees today and humid. We had to check our bees and I can tell you, putting on those bee suits was punishing. We couldn't delay the inspection til a cooler day because we lost a hive last week to wax moths and wanted to make sure none of the other hives showed signs of being infested. All okay, but what a hot job! Makes you think doesn't it? About how much fun it will be this summer when we start having the brownouts they're warning about. Hey, when you decimate the energy industry like Biden and company have done, don't be surprised when you see the results. 
  • And then there's the price hike at the grocery store. Next time you're at the gas station note the price of diesel. Almost everything we buy comes via trucks. You've seen them unloading at Walmart, Food Lion, Giant, H.E.B., etc. When diesel goes up, the price of everything goes up. And they pass the increased production costs on to you. Is your salary going up?
  • Democrats love playing the blame game. It's never their fault. Whatever their incompetence does, they can always point the finger at someone else. It's Trump, it's Putin, it's the greedy oil producers. Have you noticed...there's never any finger-pointing at their supporters. Have you ever heard a liberal criticize Planned Parenthood or the Southern Poverty Law Center? 
  • Don't you get tired of being lied to? I know I do. 
  • Is a revolution coming? "Do you hear the people sing?"


rohrbachs said...

Honestly, it did start with president warp speed, who loaded the gun while Biden pulled the trigger.

But then again I think trump was a democrat plant, so it does all go back to the Democrats.

NorthCharlton said...

So, you are in your SUV or pickup out on a two track but only a couple miles from the cottage or a service station when you run out of gasoline.

You can walk to your garage or the public service station and tote back a gallon or two of fuel and thereby get yourself out of a jam. Does anyone have a two mile long extension cord?

Of course many "jeeps" used in really remote areas, used to pre-pack a Jerry can of extra fuel on the back. If you know where you are, an extra 5 gallons of gas will pretty much get you to some kind of safety under normal circumstances. Maybe you can tote an extra battery pack with an electric vehicle ...? hmmm

Frankly, options such as diesel-electric might be well worth exploring for certain applications. But unless you are tooling around the retirement village or some equivalent use, I would not want to rely solely on an electric vehicle.

Susan said...

Without Divine intervention, I believe we’re sunk. We’ve already passed the Venezuela point of no return. We still have an illegitimate President and innocent patriots in prison, who only get out by pleading guilty.