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Monday, September 12, 2022

Another Week In La-La Land! What Can We Do about It? Start at the Local Level.

The leftist thugs want every drop of your blood and will take it if they can!

I was at the hospital this morning getting blood drawn. I think of that as a metaphor these days for the leftists' treatment of the middle class. The only difference is that the lovely lady at the hospital only takes a few phials of blood while the leftist government thugs want every drop! 

There was an older gentleman in the waiting room when I came in who commented, "I like your mask. Where did you get it?" My mask reads, THIS MASK IS USELESS. 

Let me digress a bit. I've worn this mask everywhere that I'm absolutely forced to wear a mask -- mostly at the hospital and in doctors' offices. I have never had a single person challenge me and have only had positive comments. It reminds me of one of Chesterton's stories in The Tales of the Long Bow. The hero, a retired military officer sets, out one morning to go to church and stops in his garden where his gardener says the scarecrow could use a new hat. The gentleman whips off his top hat, smashes it with his walking stick, and proceeds to make himself a new hat from a cabbage cutting out the center so it fits on his head. And off he goes to church wearing a cabbage for his hat. He continues that for week and not a single person asks or questions why he has a cabbage on his head. In fact, some in the community, who are always eager to keep up with the times, think perhaps this is the latest fashion and consider whether they too should wear cabbages since an intelligent and respected member of the community is doing it. You'll have to read the story to see why he did it. There was, in fact, a sensible reason. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone began to wear masks reading THIS MASK IS USELESS! It might help expose the idiocy.

At any rate I had an interesting conversation with the man who is working at McDonalds for $14 an hour, a wage he said he never earned even when he worked at the steel mill in Pittsburgh or any number of other jobs. He was pretty angry about the way the world is going. Another elderly couple came in while we were chatting and soon agreed that the world is going to hell in a handcart because we pay no attention to God and his laws. 

"Well, what can we do?" I asked and answered my own question. "We can pray, of course, but we can also get involved at the local level, and I mentioned groups that are fighting to replace school board leftists with people who want to defend parental rights and real education instead of critical race theory and gender fluidity. The children are the future so what happens in the schools affects all of us! In Florida recently, 25 of 30 conservative school board candidates endorsed by the governor won their elections. A national group called Moms for Liberty has also formed to defend parental rights in the schools. Even some liberals who are not hard leftists are joining. My first choice is home schooling, but not everyone can do it. My second choice is Catholic schooling. Not everyone can afford it. The public schools are a necessary evil at this point so we need to do whatever we can to protect the youngsters imprisoned in what is an evil, union-controlled system.

Most parents love their children and want what's best for them. I know women who aborted their first child, but woke up when they had a planned pregnancy later and realized, with horror, what they did. I think of that as a demonstration of the Biblical passage, "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb: and the leopard shall lie down with the kid: the calf and the lion, and the sheep shall abide together, and a little child shall lead them."

The Catholic Church teaches subsidiarity, that things should be done at the lowest level beginning with the family. We can impact things at the local level. I wish I were better at it. But to just sit and complain and whine about the state of the world is as useless as my mask. So I will do what I can in my neighborhood and community even if it's just to pick up litter on the streets and support a local candidate who is worthy of trust. 

May God help us to take back our country from the leftists tyrants destroying her!

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  1. On Getting Involved... Catholics in Front Royal are. For example, members of the parish may soon be the majority in the Warren County Republican Committee and are finding good fellowship with the other Christians. Also, the 2nd Annual Candidates Forum will be held in the parish hall. All of the candidates for local elections will attend. We can teach other parishes how to get approval from the Diocese to carry out similar political action.