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Friday, September 16, 2022

Laugh of the Day: Rich Elitists on Martha's Vineyard Go Berserk over "Humanitarian Crisis"

I have no bone to pick with rich people. Hey, a lot of them made their fortunes by doing good things. Whenever I put on my sandals, I thank God for the guy who developed velcro! And who doesn't appreciate a better mousetrap? But I really have to laugh when virtue-signaling, rich leftists who call their community a "sanctuary city" that "welcomes" illegal aliens undocumented immigrants, goes berserk when they are overwhelmed by 50 landing in town. 


But now, after the intial hand-wringing, they are using this as an opportunity to show how kind they are. The outpouring of food, friendliness, etc. is replacing the hysteria of, "They have to move on!" 

Well...that's how they react to 50, a pretty manageable number for an island full of rich people to handle by housing them at a church. No tent cities on their island! According to news reports, though, the state is now looking into whether the governors of Texas and Florida are doing something illegal. 


Shake your head and laugh ruefully. The Biden administration has been busing and flying illegals in the middle of the night to towns all over the country (often to red states), but hey, they care so that's okay. Brownsville, TX has been inundated with multiple busloads of mostly male illegals dropped off in parking garages covered with black tarps to obscure what the administration is doing. (Read here.)

In 2020, the Brownsville inflation-adjusted median family income was $48, 111. (Source) The average income on Martha's Vineyard is $105,452 and the median income is $87,616. (It would be a lot higher if it didn't include all the service folks needed to keep the rich in the manner to which they are accustomed.)

And now, what's going on along the southern border? Let's see. Last July, 10,000 illegals crossed into Eagle Pass, TX over a SIX DAY period, most were single adults from Venezuela. The authorities there have to find shelter, not for 50 a day, but for thousands -- EVERY DAY! (Source)

Frankly, I hope Desantis and Abbott start sending 50 illegals a day to Martha's Vineyard. How long will it take to wipe the smiles off the faces of the 80% who vote for the left's wicked agenda?  How long before their welcome disappears when they have to deal with what the border states have been dealing with FOR YEARS? How soon before they demand relief? 

Bring it on!

Obama, Biden and the liberal left own the illegal invasion disaster. They own the sex trafficking, the murders, the fentanyl deaths, and all the crimes committed by violent illegals. "In Arizona, California, and New York, illegal aliens are convicted of homicide at dramatically higher rates than are native-born citizens and legal residents." (Source) That's DEAD Americans! Whether illegals commit more and more violent crimes than citizens and legal residents, one thing is clear. Every crime, every murder, every carjacking committed by an illegal is a crime that would not have occurred if they had not entered the country illegally. Let's stop rewarding people for breaking our laws!

So keep sending those buses and planeloads of illegals to D.C. Chicago, New York, and Martha's Vineyard. Let the liberal left deal with the disaster they created. 

One questions: When will we see Michelle and Barack ladling soup in the homeless shelter?


  1. Regarding Governor DeSantis's use of the word "virtue-signaling", I would have used "hypocrisy". Thanks for a great column.

  2. Thanks, French Vanilla, please share. We need to wake up the folks who only watch CNN and MSNBC.

  3. I have a similar temporary solution to the homeless problem. On Friday evening round up several dozen and bus them to the nicest neighborhood in any given city. They will all be back at their original "home" by Monday, but the weekends would be interesting.

  4. Well, the loving leftists on Martha's Vineyard have already deported the illegals to Cape Cod.

    Maybe they'll build a wall next.