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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

War on Women: First it was the war on babies in the womb...

....Then it was a war on fatherhood....Now it's a war on women. What is a woman anyway? And why does the culture hate us so much? The answer is simple. Women are the heart of the family and the family is the bedrock of a society. When the family is strong, a culture thrives; when the family is weak, government becomes the autocratic daddy. Destroying the family is a fundamental issue of Communism. Put women to work. Convince them that true dignity comes with a male boss, no kids, and a paycheck instead of a husband and babies. When women abandon the family and become the playthings of predatory men who want to rock and roll without responsibility, tyrants take over. Chaos reigns. Isn't that what we're seeing today? 

The culture is in chaos. Law and order against criminals has given way to persecution of the innocent. Your home is invaded by an FBI team of 25 with guns drawn if you're a pro-lifer for pushing a deathscort outside an abortion business who was verbally assaulting your 12-year-old son and approaching him physically.
Mark Houck gets an FBI mob in riot gear who terrorize his children. Protecting your children is now a crime. But hey! Help yourself to whatever you want in the WaWa in Philly. No problemo! No FBI agents at your door.

The takeover of women's sports by biological men is another disaster from the war on women. Soon there will be no women's sports as fake women who can't make it in men's competition take over the awards and scholarships for which real women spent years of training to access. It's a rare woman who can overcome the disadvantage of competing against transgender imposters.

Yup! It's a war alright and the enemy has already scooped many of our children into its evil ranks. It's time to fight back, folks. And the fight begins in the family. Protect your children from evil ideologies. Show your teens Matt Walsh's documentary, What is a Woman. Innoculate them against satanic gender ideology. You can watch Walsh's full video at: 

And if you want to check out a group fighting for the family I recommend the Family Research Council.

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