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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Fr. Tom Collins Weighs in on the Deadly Gene Therapy that's Killing Children and Adults

Pfizer's own data showed pregnant women in their gene therapy trial suffered a 44% percent
miscarriage rate vs. the norm of 10 - 15%. Pfizer dismissed their own data. Babies are expendable 

With the abundance of data indicating that the COVID jabs induce miscarriages and SIDS, 
the promotion of these jabs by the powers-that-be in the Vatican (not to be confused with the non-politicized Apostolic See) has many Catholics believing that the Vatican has endorsed the injection of infants with these highly toxic serums. Thus it seems to be giving legitimacy to this method of “delayed action” infanticide as a tolerable secondary-effect of these allegedly “safe and effective” injections.
It is analogous to asserting that playing Russian roulette is morally permissible, since the
intent is not to directly attempt suicide, but merely to engage in an exciting recreational
activity. Thus reports of deaths due to the playing of this game are to be treated as being
merely “anecdotal” or “fake news”.

Then again, the Synod on Synodality is promoting the impression that maintaining an ongoing dialogue with perverted leftists is more important than becoming more faithful to the whole truth of God entrusted to the Church’s magisterium. Thus the toleration of child abuse and infanticide for the sake of capitulating to the leftist COVID narrative is treated as morally licit.

Thus it seems that the demonic narrative, which, for over a century, supported the scandal of
clergy sex abuse of children (i.e., “Take the injection without question or objection”) has not
been fully exorcized from the sanctuary of the Church by the Dallas Charter, but merely has
received a new home in the ecclesiastical promotion of the experimental gene-altering and
toxic COVID “vaccines” for children as well as for adults.

God save us!

Fr. Tom


Kathleen1031 said...

Yet just the other day a priest I am quite familiar with, a priest I would consider most faithful, who offers the Traditional Latin Mass and uses Latin in his prayers of blessing of objects, etc., referred to that pox on the Chair of Peter as the "Holy Father" and said the consecration of Russia to Our Lady probably fulfilled Our Lady's request.
Catholics are on their own today, in terms of the world, save Abp. Vigano. But this is the ultimate test, isn't it likely, because God asked if he would find faith on earth when He returned. It is hard to have faith on earth when mankind collapses into apostasy and deviltry around you. But God is in His heaven, and all things move according to His plan and no other.

Aqua said...

I have to note, that the SSPX has taken the wrong position on this topic. Back when my career was hanging in the balance and I was discussing with my Priest objections of conscience, I was told in no uncertain terms in a very lengthy conversation that while I was not required to take the vaccine as a matter of faith and morals, I was certainly *not correct* in saying that as a matter of faith and morals I should *not* take the jab *when providing for the livelihood of my family was at stake*. IOW - I *should* take the vaccine in order to do my duty as sole provider for my family.

"What of the 'abortifacient material' used in the development and production, I asked? What of the (then likely but still unproven) therapy's invasion of my DNA, through mysterious, untested mRNA nano-tech? Neither were persuasive to my (then) SSPX Priest. Abortifacient materials were not at the level of direct participation in grave evil. mRNA nano-tech was unproven and not as certain as the benefits of immunity which were certain (in his humble opinion).

He gave me links to form letters *other* Priests were providing in *other* locations, but he would not personally so provide them to me. Between my employer and myself, I could not count on direct protection from my Priest from the imminent persecution: "take the jab or lose the job" - quote, unquote.

Fortunately, I was in a position to retire and survive. As you may know, I have a large special needs family and I was in no position to retire comfortably quite yet. Survive in faith, yes. Certainty by the numbers, no. But ... as far as I was concerned, in the summer of 2021, taking the jab was certain death and/or incapacitation. Not to mention the fact, I don't do anything by compulsion, except as a matter of faith and morals in which I willingly suppress my will and kneel before "authority rightly ordered". IOW, Imwill put that shot in my arm when I am good and ready to out it in my arm ... not because my supervisor tells me to and my Priest has been convinced by the science (not his lane), and is demonstrably wrong on faith and morals (pinch of incense to idols applies here), not to mention my personal safety and *ABILITY TO PROVIDE FOR AND PROTECT MY FAMILY*.

The SSPX position on this was a grace disappointment for me. The Prophecies all point in the same direction - Holy Mother Church will be in total eclipse and practically invisible at the end of days ... the visible church and its "pope" will be the False Church of Antichrist; Holy Mother Church will be in the modern equivalent of the catacombs. I am relying on the fidelity of the holy remnants of the Apostolic Line and my ability to see and remain with it in these times to come.

So, add this experience to my growing trepidation that all is not well. We shall see. I will take care of my family and trust those responsible for the FSSPX will take care of theirs.