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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

From the "Ya Just Gotta Laugh" Series: Liberals Get to Live their Lunacy!

Turn that baby up to 78 you energy hog! And if you don't Big Brother will do it for you!

California is probably the most insane state in the nation. So it's hard not to laugh when they get hoisted on their own petard. The state has been suffering from a brutal heat wave. No fun! So what is their government telling them? Blackouts are likely, but you can help prevent them. How, you ask? Stop charging your electric car. Don't use large appliances. Turn your thermostat above 78 degrees. This is coming just a few weeks after California passed a bill mandating electric cars after 2035. This is what liberalism looks like, folks -- insanity on steroids. 

And speaking of controlling your thermostat, the liberal, blue state of Colorado is red hot as well. But they don't trust residents to voluntarily raise their thermostats. Xcel utility which provides "smart thermostats" used them to prevent their dumb residents from changing the temps in their homes during the recent heat wave. This only affected 22,000 Colorado households, but was the government involved? Is this a pilot program? Smart thermostats are being installed all over the country. Will controlled home temperature be part of the Green New Deal? Hey! Too hot, too bad! 

I have friends in California and family in Colorado. So I don't rejoice over government overreach and persecution in either state. But I have to confess, it's pretty amusing to see liberal governments display their total incompetence! We have the energy resources to be independent, but liberals would rather embrace insane policies based on bogus science than act in a rational manner. They would rather destroy our economy and way of life than do what provides for the common good. Get ready to return to the Middle Ages.

But let's face it. Joe Biden is the perfect head for a demented political party. While he told everyone in his recent raving speech the economy is booming, we all know it's in the tank. But there will be plenty of liberals who will continue to go along with the insanity and attack their neighbors as fascists and Nazis because they hate Donald Trump. But really, where do they think the energy comes from to charge their electric cars? Hello! It mostly comes from burning coal. How exactly does that reduce the carbon footprint?

Sorry folks, wind and solar can't do it. You are using just as much or more energy with your all electric "green" car. 

Get real!

In the meantime ya just gotta shake your head and laugh.

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  1. Does anyone believe for a minute that Newsome's mansion is set above 78?