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Friday, September 23, 2022

I'm sick of saying "I told you so". Here's Tucker saying what I said 4 months ago...Told ya!!

..and to Anthony Blinken: Shut the  _ _ _ _ (choose your own word) up, you globalist idiot.

And, "Hey t-shirt man! What Tucker says of the ignorant Adam Kinzinger, applies to you too, i.e., Anyone saying things that stupid in public should immediately resign and be silent until wisdom comes."


  1. If Tucker says it it must be true!

  2. Putin is getting the Trump treatment by these liars.
    The American people are frankly too dumb to figure out what is going on.
    I never thought I'd end up praying for Putin and Russia in the same breath as I pray for America. These crazy jackasses are going to get us all killed. First they're going to make us all go broke, live in chaos, be tormented, make us sick and infertile, then get us all killed.

  3. @ Anonymous

    That's all you've got? The host has a solid "I told you so" Tucker is but one among very many justifying. What have you got? Killing Russians good, killing Ukrainian neo-Nazis bad? And this: Sodomy promotion, child sex trafficking, top of the list level of corruption is a democracy we must defend with billions we do not have, as our people suffer? Maidan coup d'etat good, democratic referendum' results (confirmed by international observers as legitimate) evil?

  4. Anonymous, I've done my homework. Have you? Since you probably haven't, you believe Don Lemon, Biden and the globalists. Having studied like a good girl, I'm able to recognize the truth that Tucker says.

  5. If Tucker says it, take it to the bank ... it is true.

    I've been watching him since the 1980's in his very young, eccentric, bow tie days on Crossfire, where he first learned to think and respond in real time, on live tv, to opposing views freely expressed, freely engaged.

    This is an older and wiser Tucker. Ain't nobody else like him in media. Serious man and mind for serious times of crisis amidst an ocean of pablum. He never misses, ever.