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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Libs of TikTok creator: "This is just creepy"

"Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik blasts pornographic books in education, including an incident involving a Maine sixth grader who took a sexually explicit book home to his father." - Fox News

In this video Chaya Raicik says, "This is just creepy." An 11-year-old boy wanted to check a book out from the school library to show his father because the book had two men lying on a bed together. The school librarian asked the boy if he wanted more books on that subject and if he wanted the graphic novel version.

The librarian wore a mask but the boy said he could tell she was so excited that he was checking out the book. When she asked the boy if he wanted more he replied no...he was just taking it home to show his father. The boy said at that point the librarian's face turned completely red and she got nervous.

Chaya says, "It just makes you wonder. Why do these far left activists in our schools want kids to read porn so badly? It's so creepy."

Well, Chaya, the answer is that the librarian's demons were surfacing. They - the demons - got excited just thinking they were going to corrupt the boy's innocence because that's what evil does. That's their job...their assignment from Lucifer.

Actually the description of evil is "corruption of innocence". That's why far left activists are in schools. So many innocent young children available to them. To ruin. To corrupt. These people are evil and we must never hesitate to confront them every chance we get. They'll always back down since the devil is really a sniveling coward.


  1. Thank you for this - I've just posted it on our blog, linking to Les Femmes

    Shocking to think that children are being corrupted in this way. Evil, through and through.

  2. This is so vile and it reminds me of something I recently learned. Would like Catholic parents input. At what age do you have the birds and the bees talk with your children? A protestant family I know well just sat their 6 yo boy and 8 yo girl down for the talk. First they asked the kids if they had ever heard the word "sex". Kids said no. Then they used Christian book/video to explain. Also told the kids not to share with other kids at school this info. I'm torn. At first I thought absolutely not, especially the 6 yo, too young. But then thinking about it more, I thought maybe since they're sending the kids to public school, it might be a good idea. Would appreciate input from Catholic parents. Thanks.

  3. This is true, there are a great deal more of these freaks. Parents of very young children should be especially vigilant. I would be hesitant to want a male teacher for very young children, although I do know some excellent ones, and if your child's teacher has one side of her head shaved, rainbow gear, hair, piercings, well, they are throwing their ideas in your face and you can expect the worst. Look at the way they dress! Yes, judge, you fools. People tell you what they are about by the way they put themselves together, by and large. Not always, but often. Visit the classroom. Look at what is on the walls, what is on teacher's desk? What does he/she care about. Her talking points are right there for you to see. She will put them up on her walls in most cases.
    Every taxpayer has a right to know curriculum, do you ask for it? Do you make it your business to know who is talking to your child and about what? What about "assemblies". Who is lecturing your child. What are they talking about? Can you sit in? Can you exempt your child? What about health class, they aren't talking about periods anymore. The idea is to break the modesty of your child by having them talk about the most graphic topic possible. I knew one young lady who turned red at the slightest thing, she was asked to do an oral presentation on sexually transmitted diseases, and listen while her male peers did the same. She went to the teacher, told her she was uncomfortable with it, and was able to do it for her teacher alone. Does your child know how to say, I'm not comfortable with that?
    Somebody just had an 11 year old go to a Board of Ed meeting and read the pornography they had gotten in their library to the board. Powerful. It's not so easy shutting down a child. More should do it.
    Librarians (media experts) are notoriously liberal when it comes to anything. Radically so. Not the librarians of old with horned rimmed glasses, oh no, these have a mission. Do you know what is on the shelf at your child's library/media center?

    Few parents realize that the current practice of constant "Spirit Days" are for the spirit alright, but which one. Spirit days are to get your child accustomed to "weird" visuals, like a boy in grade three wearing a pink tutu down the hall with his class, yes, this just happened a week ago. It is to get girls to wear a tie to "bow tie day", and for boys to be as vain as girls and dye their hair yellow or blue or pink. With all the post-Covid deficits and trauma ongoing, these schools just can't leave kids alone to concentrate on math or reading, in which they are all pretty much deficient. No no, they keep em peppered with "spirit days". Suddenly the same schools who talk about low scores don't mind giving kids a totally distracting element in school, wearing stupid gear and doing idiotic things to themselves.
    Bottom line, not even to get them cross dressing, it's about getting them to do the thing that is most important to the cause, thinking alike, and being controlled by others, doing as their peers are doing and not stepping outside the line. Parents just think it's "fun". It's not fun, it's subversive. Wake up.

  4. Debbie, to answer your question, I think these children are too young. It would be better to sit them down and talk about trust and secrets. Children need to know that just because someone is an adult he/she may lie to them. Without scaring them, the parents need to make sure the children know they should tell them about anything that makes them feel funny. If an adult tells them anything that disagrees with what the parents are telling them, they need to come immediately and talk to Mom and Dad. If a teacher tells them something is a "secret" and it's not a surprise gift, they need to tell Mom and Dad right away. This is not a one time talk. Parents need to get to know the teachers to evaluate whether they can be trusted. I pulled my daughter out of a religion class at a Catholic school because the teacher was young and imprudent. She was telling the children about her husband's drug problem and things about their relationship that were private and intimate. I talked to the principal and homeschooled my daughter for religion. Things are crazy these days. But the answer is not to violate the latency period.

  5. Government schools are horrible, have been for decades. Oh, some kids do well, the politically connected ones, the athletes, cheerleaders. The rest are foils to be tracked into employment sectors, and these "teachers" (change agents), and "Guidance counselors" care nothing for the children. I learned this the hard way. Researched school reform, read John Taylor Gatto and Samuel Blumenfeld and learned the schools are functioning exactly as designed. Sadly most parents really don't care, can't wait til summer's over and they can get their "free daycare" and put their "ADHD" little boys on drugs....on a lefty change agent's advice! My experience is that parents do not really care much about academics, but they love the sports programs. The change agents (Read "Havelock's "The Change Agent's Guide to innovation in the Schools") have moved beyond undermining parents, conversion to socialism from Christianity. They are now homosexual and pedophile groomers. I would never put a child in these "schools".

  6. Thanks Mary Ann. I agree with you. My thoughts are to start out the birds and the bees talk to do it though animals. My 4 yo granddaughter and I will watch YouTube videos of chicken/ducks hatching, and goats, kittens etc playing. Since we don't live on a farm, maybe let her watch a video of a baby lamb being born (when she's old enough).

  7. Debbie, children that age are not developmentally ready to handle sex talks. It's information they just don't need, like talking about taxes or retirement accounts. Children have a short window of innocence, and they should have those years free as much as possible from the concerns of grownups. Free to be a child, and to think the world is a wonderful place full of wonderful things. What a crime to rob children of this tiny window, the time that sets them up for the rest of life. To tell a child sexual information too early is to corrupt them. We always heard, don't start talking about things until your child has questions, and then give them short answers based on basic facts. Resist telling them more than they ask for. A child of six or eight is too young. When they should be thinking about fairies or being a super hero, why would we want them to start contemplating sexual relations. Plenty of time for that.
    Children should be taught God gave them a wonderful body, someday they will be a man (or a woman), and they should respect their bodies and the bodies of others.

  8. Thanks Kathleen. I agree. Seeing as these young parents are Protestants, I made myself try to give them the benefit of doubt, only because I'm aware of my hyper critical thoughts on all things Protestant. As I mentioned in my original comment, I thought that maybe they were correct in teaching them it now because the kids are in public school. At least that's their excuse; better they learn from the parents than from schoolmates.

  9. Teach children: love, respect, Marriage, babies, responsibility.

  10. Anonymous,

    Precisely. Public education/government indoctrination is a Communist concept and one of the ten platform points of the Communist Manifesto. Cultural Marxists like Gramsci (and even John Dewey, the father of American government education) openly speak of using the government-owned education as a vehicle for Socialism (which is to be the new humanistic religion that would overwhelm Christianity) and the resulting "social transformation" (into nothing that is good). The purpose of public education is to crank out workers. This is why the kids of the elites are all in private schools. This is also how Communism conquers nations. People often discount the fact that NOTHING - not CIA agents, not workers, not university professors - can avoid education, especially in their formative years. If you take control of education, you take control over all these people and the very future of that nation. This was also noted by Adolf Hitler.