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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Blasting Wokeness Through Song: I'm Just Sayin'

Evil is often spread through music. The Arian heresy, for example, was advanced through heretical hymns. Well...the truth can be spread through music as well.

God Bless Austin Moody and the Song Writers Wynn Varble and Mike Loudermilk for this powerful push back against the insanity rolling over us like a tsunami. 

Some people are waking up like the Quebec youngsters I wrote about the other day. We need to expose the insanity and push back! If you see companies promoting pride month (or libraries, etc.) say something. Tell them your offended by celebrating sodomy and a group that targets kids. Challenge those who are enabling the abuse of children by cutting off healthy sex organs. It's time to break the silence! 

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