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Friday, June 9, 2023

Really? The Russians Blew Up the Dam to Flood Their Own Territory? Get Real, People! Cui Bono?

Kakhovka Dam breached with catastrophic flooding of Russian-held territory.

I'm anti-war in general. History is filled with wars that could have been avoided, in fact, most of them. Even the American Revolution looks a little different if you go at it from the Tory point of view and cut a little slack for King George who wasn't nearly as evil as the winners of history often depict him. (Read the novel Oliver Wiswell and think about it.)  On the other hand, I'm happy to have been born in the "land of the free and the home of the brave," even if we aren't very free these days and are sorely lacking in brave men and women. Look how the country responded to COVID. Brave? Stop laughing.

Which leads me to an article I read this morning about the latest terrorist act in the Russia/Ukraine war. Tucker Carlson talked about it in his second Twitter show and we are all expected to believe (once again) that Putin is so crazy he committed a catastrophic terrorist act against himself. That's what one of those commenting on the Tucker piece (who says he's a Ukrainian and knows everything about the region and the war) wants everyone to believe. I don't. It's too preposterous. But the Dems propaganda department, aka mainstream media immediately reported (with no evidence) that Russia blew up the dam. Really? What's your evidence? Ukraine said so and we all know that Zelensky the doping actor is as pure as the new driven snow. Right! But check out this article and see what you think.

Those ‘Dam’ Russians… Now They’re Flooding Themselves for Propaganda!

The damage from the dam’s collapse is catastrophic. The impact of displacement and destroyed livelihoods, businesses and industries will affect millions of Russian citizens. Kherson is one of the four former Ukrainian territories that voted to join the Russian Federation in referenda last year following Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine to neutralize what was then ongoing aggression from the Kiev regime towards ethnic Russians....A second consequence from the dam’s collapse is the threat to cut off supply of drinking water to Russia’s Crimea Peninsula where some 3 million people live. It is obvious who gains and who loses from the blowing up of the Kakhovka hydro facility. The NATO-backed Kiev regime has inflicted massive damage to Russian infrastructure in the Kherson region and beyond....It’s not the Russians who are perverse and barbaric. It’s the Western regimes and their Nazi terrorist front in Ukraine.

 Russian propaganda right? Of course! Putin is a maniac. Not just a maniac, but the most evil maniac in history. He kills for sport and even blew up his own pipeline. Are you nodding your head like a bobblehead doll? And please, don't start deflecting by saying I'm a Russian stooge. Recognizing blather doesn't mean I approve of Putin invading Ukraine. I just hate lying and the media nonsense coming out about this looks like one more lie from our masters to justify whatever the next U.S. war escalation is. Nukes? Boots on the ground? More impoverishment of our people to protect the borders of Ukraine?

Let's all stop being led around by the nose by the Biden/NATO alliance. These folks lie to us repeatedly and expect everyone to roll over and expose their bellies like little beta pups. That's how tyranny takes over. A growl and bared teeth are the proper response to the evil oligarchs! Maybe the American Revolution approach was right after all. The January 6th massacre of Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland could be our Lexington and Concord.



    And this is to punctuate what I've already told everyone in the previous post.

  2. I have read the recent posts from both sides of the combat. It sounds very complicated and I believe it is. And of course this war is all at the hands of humans, who are prone to error and misunderstanding. However, I had one guide that I followed from the beginning. If Biden and friends are willing to continue throwing billions of dollars at the Zelensky people, I am certain that they are the worse 'bad guys' in this war. I look at our own southern border and I know Biden (and handlers) don't care at all about the influx of characters and diseases crossing our border. There is no money or support to slow and screen the people arriving. But there is endless money available for Zelensky and company: 'as much as it takes'. And I espouse the solution Trump offers: stop the killing. It is not our business to demand a win by one side or the other. We have a lot of problems in this country to fix.

  3. It was, as Tucker Carlson describes him, the "rat-like" Zelensky and Ukrainian Nazis that blew up the dam. It is the USA who is behind the Ukraine war. The belligerent bully Biden and his handlers (globalists Hillary, Obama, Klaus, von der Leyen, Davos, WEF etc) want a regime change in Russia in order to break her up into different countries, steal her gas, oil, metals and other commodities for their own and rule the world as a Globalist Empire.

  4. Mr Sviatoslav
    Re: Darn dam

    And the Russians also blew up their own pipeline.

    And the dam coincidentally blew up when the warmongers' much vaunted counter offensives sputtered to a halt.

    And your links are pro-war propaganda sites.

    There is still time for you to volunteer to join the Ukraine Foreign Legion and fight Russian paratroopers.

    Kindly reflect.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  5. Anonymous,

    "War-mongers" - ah, yes, when you resist illegal occupation and the Muscovite jackboot (which you would've wanted for us to lick, methinks), we're "warmongers". Islamic logic, I see.

    "Coincidentally" - posts on my links (which you didn't read) show that the warning about the stuff Muscovites will do was issued in... October, 2022. I'm under the impression that the dam was actually blown up during June, 2023. And of course we have a very hefty historical precedent.

    "Pro-war propaganda sites" - in short, you have no actual arguments to the contrary. And I already know that you didn't even read what's been posted in my links. The true-believer types are all the same - what's more, they don't even consider stuff like the actual construction of Soviet dams (which makes cracking the dam from the outside impossible evne with a nuclear strike). After all, who needs those diplomas and knowledge? Better believe in the fairy tales of benevolent Muscovite cannibals, malevolent Christian Ukrainians and, of course, that the homosexual criminal gopnik in the Kremlin is this world's Astvat-Ereta that can do no wrong.

    "Fight Muscovite paratroopers" - I've probably fought more in my life than you did, but, alas, no martial heroism for me since the last 2 years. My back's shot to hell - if I slip some of that body armor on, it'll probably break my back in half. A shame, of course, but what can one do? It's not like God'll be making me baro khvareno anytime soon.

    To Susan:

    "Break Muscovy up" - if that wasn't done in the 90's, it won't be done now. I'm afraid that nobody quite cares about that little cannibal hellhole - what was the saying? Don't prod the pile of dung and it won't smell. Unfortunately, the cannibals don't share that Western "live and let live" mentality. The Muscovite cannibals see Western prosperity as something that should be either redistributed to the "master race" (Muscovites) or just destroyed (for daring to live better than Muscovites). I know, horrifying - but that's caveman mentality for you. Spite and all that... "Steal gas and metal" - they've been "stealing" it since USSR was trading it for Western food and industrial help. Now, the petrodollars from the sales of resources finance Muscovite oligarchs and those Iranian drones with an Islamic name (that are dropped on actual Christians).

  6. Mr Sviatoslav
    Re: Darn dam

    You are another NATO NAZI warmonger. You promote war, not peace. with the world's most powerful nuclear power. You endanger humanity with your NAZI fanaticism.

    And in the process you are also destroying Ukraine. Before the current round of fighting Ukraine was following the NATO policy of reducing its population via birth control, abortion and sodomy. It has also now suffered horrendous casualties among its young and not so young me.

    Despite your purported back injury there is still time for you to volunteer to join the Ukraine Foreign Legion and fight Russian paratroopers. Be a man. You can fight the Russian paras without body armor.

    This thing could go nuclear. Peace is the only way out of this mess. Only are Lady can save us from the NAZI warmongers. Pray the Rosary

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  7. I've had enough of this. Closing comments.