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Monday, June 5, 2023

You Can Watch "What is a Woman?" for free on Twitter!

This documentary is a must see! Watch it! Share it! Pray for all those psychologically disturbed and confused individuals who never learned about the birds and bees! And when you see the "pride" stuff at a store, ask the manager why we should be proud about those who engage in sickening practices like anal sex. Really, folks, that's what we're talking about. I could describe worse, but I won't. 


  1. I am not familiar w/M Walsh. Saw this adv by T Massie yesterday evening. The guy really turned me off (like a limp pasta noodle) in the first few minutes. W/the "princess"/ "ballerina" party headband for the daughter animatedly giggling w/her friends (that'll teach her to be an "adult human being" and a mother too). Son only needs a b-b gun and he's happy (really?). Segued into hormones--that's what makes man/woman: hormones. He started fishing. Skipped to him talking to a woman w/a book on his lap w/graphic of male/female coupling (figured i'm s'posed to get mad at the NEA/teachers, not him blab, blab, blabbing). Went to the end and his wife hands him a jar to open while answering his question (what is a woman): "An adult human being." And what is the punch line to that? If a woman is "an adult human being", so is a man (haha in this age of peter pan / princess syndrome.). I wondered if I was missing something, but was not going to watch 1:35 hours to find out. Maybe someone can tell me.

  2. Since you didn't watch the movie, your "review" is pretty shallow. The portion I like the best was when Walsh went to Africa and talked to the leaders of a tribe about the subject. He also illustrated the shallowness and agenda of those pushing transgenderism on children and mutilating their bodies in the process. I'm the mother of five: three girls and two boys and I can tell you that even my very active sports-minded daughter liked girly things. The girls did want princess stuff, chiffon tutus, fancy headbands, etc. The boys did like building rube goldberg contraptions. One daughter liked creating her own paper dolls and even made pizza boxes and little pizzas to go inside. They all liked to play games and still get out on the front lawn to play tag football on holidays with their children. I thought the opening of the movie captured the difference between most girls and most boys very well. Do you have any sons and daughters?

  3. This 27 minute interview was fascinating:

    Matt Walsh interviews a U of Penn swimmer who wished to remain anonymous in his documentary, but now wishes to go public after having been inspired by the courage of her teammate, Riley Gaines.

    She is a professed Catholic. She is very articulate. She is passionate while reasoned, and reasonable. She has been thinking deep thoughts for the past year since being caught in the center of this controversy. And she shared them in this short podcast. Enjoy!

    One little note I found very interesting, relatable to us Catholics, occurs at ~ the 10 minute mark. There she talks about the conflict she feels in that it is so important to be a good teammate, to support your team in good times and hard times, strong and weak … yet what are you supposed to do when your teammate is carrying injustice with them? Is it being a good teammate to support the wreckage of the women’s’ swimming careers for the sake of a man swimming as a woman … just because he’s a teammate? Her supporting example was excellent: “what about champion bicyclists - are they supposed to support Lance Armstrong even though he’s a known ‘doper’? It’s not fair. It’s not right.

    And as she’s making this point, I couldn’t help thinking about the Catholic Church and the obedience we owe to authority. And it recalled to my mind my conviction that obedience is due to proper, legitimate, lawful authority. I not only *need not* obey … I *MUST not* obey improper, illegitimate, unlawful authority. And it is up to me to form my conscience (as this swimmer did, in her own way, over a year of reflection prior to going public) so that I can discern *before God* “proper, legitimate, lawful authority” and its contra.

  4. I feel like I've fallen into a time hole and went back a year. Because I saw that part with him asking the African tribe "What is a woman?" a long time ago. Maybe that part came out before the whole; I didn't watch the whole because I know what a woman is. Of course the reason he asked a primitive tribe is because the Left claims primitive tribes are all gay and fluid, and yet the primitives laughed so hard at the idea that anyone wouldn't know what a woman is.

  5. The value to me is seeing the enemy: true foot soldiers of the devil. The result of the inculcation of “personal freedom” for each and every last person.

    And now approaching full blown anarchy.

  6. Pope Francis and Rousseau would be proud of him for going to the Amazon to ask the Pachamama worshipers what a woman is--because, of course, the uncivilized pagans have so much to teach us about how Jesus Christ, the sacraments, and the Bible are un-necessary. I wonder if Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ (since y'all say you're Christian) (or Eve) was ever mentioned by him or anyone in this twitter film. Christians changed marriage into matrimony, a sacrament. A woman's body was engineered by God to bear children. She was created to help men serve God. Wonder if that ever came up (or any teaching from the Bible/New Testament about what a woman is at all). I know a boy needs a lot more than a b-b gun to make him happy (at least according to St. Augustine there is nothing outside of God that will ever make anyone truly happy) and that wanting to be an idol (wear a princess/ballerina tiara) doesn't make a girl (or Eve or Caesar)"complex" and isn't going to get anyone the halo/crown that Christians are supposedly striving for. If the story of MW's marriage is that all a man needs is to shoot off his bbgun to be happy and the price he pays is to worship/idolize his wife (let her wear the "tiara" (pants)) while she spouts nonsense (manipulates him by pleasuring him and feeds his ego by giving him jars to open) then he's just another member of this evil, hell-bound generation. His wife wants to have a lot of babies, but if your wife wants none, that's okay: because shooting off your bbgun/mouth comes first. Nothing will come of this, but to make you all feel good: this expresses my view. I agree with this. But you don't see that if the definition of a woman is no different than that of a man: "adult human being." Then YOU agree w/transgenderism. You already agree w/mutilating one's body (it doesn't horrify you to take hormones so as not to have children or removal of sex organs to make oneself sterile (hyster/vas/ectomy)): whatever is your greed/pleasure (princess stuff/bb guns (not dolls/playing house etc.) career woman, wife and mother). You agree w/ERA and drafting women. Children are a (luxury) choice, like pets. The trajectory is for sex organs to become like appendix/tonsils--women hate childbearing (and so do men--it "ruins" women's bodies for one thing). Let the state / private corporations take over producing human beings and let the "adult human beings" consume and pleasure themselves.

  7. Well Anonymous, You obviously don't know much about faithful believing Catholics. But you're absolutely first rate at "shooting off your bbgun/mouth."

    The Catholic Church and believing Catholics are the ones who held the ground on contraception when all the other so-called Christian religions caved. Same with abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia-murder.

    We're the ones emphasizing and encouraging openness to life. If you're the same Anonymous as the first comment which I suspect is true, you also misquote Matt Walsh's wife. She doesn't say a woman is "an adult human being." She says a woman is "an adult human female." Your straw man is burning. Get a fire extinguisher!

  8. To other anonymous, "Children are a (luxury) choice, like pets" is because unless you are a black or illegal hispanic you have to pay for them, whereas if you're a black or illegal hispanic (that the Catholic charities helped across the border btw) then Whitey has pay for them as well as their own.

  9. If she says an "adult human female," doesn't that beg the question? However, what she says is "an adult human female who needs help opening this"(jar). So I guess only adult human females who need help opening jars are women. Glad you clarified that.

  10. "The Catholic Church and believing Catholics are the ones who held the ground on contraception when all the other so-called Christian religions caved. Same with abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia-murder."

    Catholics did not hold the line on contraception. You brag of having five children, but even my protestant grandmother had six children. How many children did your mother have? How many children did your siblings have? How many children do you and their children have?

    "Catholics do not need the support of civil law to be faithful to their own religious convictions and they do not seek to impose by law their moral views on others of society.” He found it unreasonable to “forbid in civil law a practice that can be considered a matter of private morality.” What’s more, he observed, laws needed a “reasonable correspondence” to community standards to be effective and enforceable."

    "Thus in the early 1960s, Planned Parenthood was coordinating plans with the Boston archdiocese to ease the way toward legal acceptance of contraception. When Dukakis introduced the repeal bid in 1965, the Catholic journalists at the Pilot received a memo instructing them not to comment on the legislation, “lest we stir up trouble with the Planned Parenthood people who have also pledged their ‘cooperation by silence.’”

    W/out support of civil law, majority of Catholics are going to hell on contraception, abortion, and euthanasia; same w/sodomy and transgenderism.

  11. My mom had ten children and several miscarriages. My husband's mom had eleven (nine surviving). Neither of them had cancer and chemo as young moms shutting off their fertility.

    However, the number of children a couple has says nothing about their openness to life. Many couples have no children or only one or two because they have fertility problems. My husband's brother and his wife were never able to conceive again after their first and only child despite medical intervention. Their daugher, on the other hand, is expecting number six. G.K. Chesterton and his wife were heartbroken at never having children. They delighted in having parties for their nieces and nephews.

    Your rash judgment, lack of charity, and holier than thou attitude is appalling. There are certainly bad Catholics and you mention a few. Unfortunately, a number of them wear Roman collars and pectoral crosses. Throw in Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine and all the Knights of Columbus in the Boston legislature who voted for same-sex marriage. Liars and hypocrites abound in every faith. I wonder what God sees when He looks at you?

    For the record, I'm not posting any more of your smug comments. Go haunt someone else's blog.

  12. Jesus did not say let the little pets come to me.

  13. I'm done posting your comments, Anonymous. I don't owe you a family history. Your arrogance is only matched by your lack of charity. You're done here. I didn't even read most of your last comment before dumping it in the spam folder.