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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Tucker's Back and Talking about the Attack on the Nova Kakhovka Dam

Glad to see Tucker on Twitter. I'll be watching every show. You can't trust the mainstream media. Don't bother trying.


  1. About time it happened. Muscovites were literally threatening to blow the dam if AFU advances; looks like they've kept their promise. Zelensky's been saying all the way in October that international observers would need to haul tail and get in there to make sure that Muscovy won't blow it up; nobody reacted in time and so, here we are. Girkin and Prigozhin are both saying that the flood is to try and plug up the advances of Ukrainian armor on the Khersonian front; unfortunately for the Muscovites, this just means that they'll get hammered elsewhere.

    The whole debacle reeks of the Muscovites destroying the DniproHes with explosives in 1941 while Soviet citizens were fleeing the Nazi advance. Tens of thousands of civilians and Soviet servicemen died due to the "wisdom" of the Communist party that decided that blowing up the hydro-electric station's dam would make a natural barrier to the Nazi advance. The official Soviet media of the time said that this would surely impede the Nazi advance (and they accused the Nazis of blowing up the dam, too), but actual history reveals that all they did was kill their own citizens, as the Nazis weren't too inconvenienced by the tactic. The dams, by the way, could only be blown up from the inside, not with missiles. Soviets used to build these dams and hydro-electric stations in preparation for missile strikes - after the 50's, pretty much every dam was reinforced in order to withstand nuclear (!) attack. Since the territory is controlled by the Muscovites, there's no way that Ukrainians snuck in tons of explosives or managed to crack that dam with a mere missile strike.

  2. Strange comment, Sviatoslav. You blame Russia and say, "About time it happened." I guess your chortling like Lindsey Graham over any Russians who die. Some lives are more equal than others.

  3. Mary,

    I don't chortle at the loss of life; but I, as someone who knows history, yet again made a prediction that came true. I knew that it would come precisely to this. Muscovites seem to be set to repeat every blunder of WW2 and following Soviet wars, so the 1941 civilian-killing episode with the Dnipro dam was pretty much par the course, especially since they admitted that it would come to this all the way in October.

    And of course you don't even acknowledge the Ukrainian "untermenschen"; their lives surely must be worth less than that of the invading Muscovites. Slight spoiler - it's the Ukrainian civil population that suffers the most. Your precious Muscovites, to the surprise of no one at all, didn't warn them at all before making that mess and so, Ukrainian forces and charities try to rescue anyone they can. Muscovites, instead, are legging it like a common hooligan after some vandalism.

  4. I deplore the war which was unnecessary and would likely not have happened if not for the empire builders in the U.S. many of whom are war profiteers. I deplore the loss of life on both sides. And I am not convinced that the Ukraine with help from the U.S. couldn't manage the latest act of terrorism as they did with the pipeline.

  5. "US empire builders" - try Muscovite empire builders, all the way from Ivan Kalyta. 500 years of that outweigh the 250-year-old USA (which didn't know where Ukraine was on the map until Clinton's presidency). The war was going to happen no matter what US did, because for Muscovite historiography and imperial origin (borne of lies) to stand, the real inheritors of Rus' - Ukrainians - have to be dead and gone.

    "As they did with the pipeline" - yes, right, we would blow up our own dam (we literally don't have the means, but the pro-Muscovite types are good at fiction), solely to impede our very own offensive and make our civilians suffer.

  6. Right...and the Soviets would blow up their own pipeline. The truth will eventually come out. It generally does even if it's decades later. We're seeing that with our own 2020 election, the FBI's collusion with social media, revelations about COVID and the FDA liars, etc.

    1. At least the Muscovites could have a plausible motive for the pipeline; and wasn't the UK and the US accused of that first? Ukraine didn't even enter the equation until so much later on that front when Texeira's leaks (which are never actually shown) surfaced.

      "The truth will eventually come out" - it came out a while ago. People really do need to pay more attention to the Muscovite shenanigans with the power plant in question.


  7. Mr Sviatoslav
    Re: The Hundred Year War

    You are following the NATO line that the Russians are subhumans. You are warmongering.

    In 1920 the reborn Polish Army stopped the westward advance of the victorious Red Army at the "Miracle of the Vistula" causing consternation to the Reds in Ukraine. Although the Reds controlled the cities and large towns of the Ukraine they did not control the countryside wherein a brutal and bloody insurgency waged. The Reds decided not to "divide and conquer" but to add and conquer. The Reds added portions of Russian, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova and Romania to Ukraine making Ukrainians a minority in their own country. The Reds then recruited men from the aforementioned portions to man their enormous civil service and security forces. The new Ukrainians suppressed the old Ukrainians which is the root of the current conflict.

    In 1926 the Ukraine National Movement (OUN) held an internal Congregates under Christian leadership. However in 1929 the OUN held its external Congress in Vienna where National Socialists (NAZIS), to include Stephan Banderra, seized control of the OUN and its military arm the Ukraine Insurgent Army (UPA). In 1941 when Germany invaded the Soviet Union the OUN in large part went over to the Germans supplying large numbers of young men to the Waffen SS. During the war the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) established contact with the OUN and provided funding and weapons cashes throughout the Ukraine. After the war the CIA, successor to the OSS, continued this support. According to open source reports some 80-NATO agents parachuted into Ukraine were killed or captured by the Reds.

    In 1956 the Hungarian revolution enabled to hard pressed UPA units to escape to the West. Banderra was assassinated in West Germany in 1959 by Red Army GRU agents. NATO continued its covert support to surviving OUN/UPA elements until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Post collapse NATO support became overt and in 2007 it established the International Center for Peace Keeping where it trained NAZIS for the Ukraine Ministry of Interior. These NATO NAZIS immediately started to persecute reverting Christians, both ethnic Ukraine and Russian. In 2014 NATO overthrew the anti-war Ukraine government and installed an anti-Christian and pro-war regime. Also in 2014 the pro-war regime unleashed the NAZI Ministry of Interior Troops on reverting Russians (and Ukrainians) in the DONBAS kicking off an 8-year war. In 2022 Russian invaded with teh expressed war goals of aiding Christians and destroying NAZISM in Ukraine.

    This conflict boils down to the anti-Christian NATO using Pagan NAZIS to destroy reverting Christians in the Ukraine, and to break up the reverting Russian Federation. This thing could go nuclear. Only Our Lady can bring peace. We must pray the Rosary begging her intercession.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  8. What does anyone think the United States would do if the Russians set up biolabs in Mexico and tried to enlist Mexico in a mutual defense treaty? I submit the United States would immediately invade Mexico. What’s the difference? By the way, what has Russia done inimical to the United States since the fall of the Soviet Union? Do not discount the action of Russia in combating homosexuality and transgenderism as a part of the reason for the United States support of Zelenski and his Nazis.

  9. Richard,

    "You're following NATO line" - I know that they're cannibals and Europe once knew it too. NATO doesn't, unless you're talking about Poland, Finland and the Balts. You have the "Westerner that doesn't live anywhere near Muscovy" syndrome, Richard; it's easily curable by living in or near Muscovy. Just ask the former Croatian and Czech panslavists. I dare you to Google "Russian Cruelty" by Maxim Gorky, Richard, so that you can see how your precious "народ-богоносец" behaves in reality.

    Stepan Bandera was a Christian (and Ukraine is actually the first Christian nation, predating Armenia). He was as "Nazi" about as you are Muscovite - he lost two of his brothers to the Nazis and was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen for the entire WW2 for... Proclaiming an independent Ukraine - which wasn't in the plans of Nazi leadership. SS Galizien and other Ukrainian formations nominally allied to the Nazis were only interested in fighting the Soviets - it was one of their main stipulations, that they wouldn't be sent fighting the Westerners. Soviet prosecutors (!) found that they've committed no crimes.

    "CIA agent". Why do Americans forget that FDR - in whose era this was going on - was Marxism's biggest fan? You mean to tell me that the same folks who've cut off Chiang Kai-Shek (so say "thank you" to them for that Marxist Chinese regime) from American aid would support Ukrainian nationalists in a country they didn't know about at all? And how could a country, the "intelligence apparatus" of which was infiltrated to the brim by true-blue Muscovite Communists - as said by McCarthy and KGB defectors - manage to support a faction it did not know about, in a country with an infinitely superior intelligence apparatus? It's known - including from internal Soviet archives - that the Banderivtsi fought only until the 60's.

    "Trained NAZIS" - in Muscovite parlance, "Nazis" are also Americans (such as you in your pretty little bourgeois house), Poles, etc. - in short, everyone Muscovy would like to see subjugated and gone.

    "Persecute reverting Christians" - it took a war to arrest the former Soviet policeman, a minor-beater and a condemner of no less than three Ukrainian dissident poets to death - Viktor Medvedchuk. And if you think that catching the likes of Muscovite PC (FSB-in-robes) Archimandryte of Chernivtsi (Mykyta) naked in a bed with a minor boy is "persecution", than you got another thing coming.

    "Anti-war" - Yanukovich fled on his own like a rat and it was a surprise to literally everyone. "NATO" - try the people of Ukraine. I know, it's unthinkable - just because you won't revolt against the government that openly beats you in the streets (so much for your guns - a sheep with a gun is still a sheep) because you lack the courage, doesn't mean everyone is. Then, to protect the sphere of Muscovite influence, Girkin/Strelkov and his FSB buddies did the whole "referendum" thing in both Donbas and Crimea (the natives didn't want to get reduced to third-world outhouse, but Muscovity army didn't ask them) - Sergey Glaziev (one of Putin's advisors) openly admitted it.

    "Express goals of aiding Christians and destroying Nazis" - I guess the 7 million Ukrainians (the very spear of the Soviet Army) apparently didn't count for Putin.

  10. Anonymous,

    "If Russians set up biolabs in Mexico" - what's with you and biolabs? Don't worry, I know you (and the rest who parrot that) never actually worked in one. Watch less Hollywood movies. "What has Muscovy done inimical to the United States" - ah, right. Perhaps, the Muscovy-funded-and-trained Islamic pets didn't decapitate and blow up enough Westerners; perhaps, the instabilities in Africa doesn't drain enough Western resources. Perhaps, cooperation with another self-proclaimed (and actual) mortal enemy of the USA - China - doesn't merit anything, right? Oh, don't worry, it's just the cannibals' "grateful repayment" of the lend-lease and you feeding them with Bush wings/legs in the 90's.

    If by "actions against homosexuality and transgenderism", you mean promote their biggest practitioners, than I suggest you don't Google what Vyacheslav Volodin, Alexandr Khinshtein and Leonid Slutsky are renowned for.

  11. Sviatoslav, I'll just respond to one thing. George Soros was a jew and, nevertheless collaborated with the Nazis. So did many Jews who served as ghetto and concentration camp "police." Why should we believe Bandera didn't?

  12. Mary,

    Because of history, which recorded all of his life. Stepan Bandera literally worked with the Jews (such as Lev Rebet) and against the Nazis. Were he a Nazi criminal, Soviet and Allied prosecutors would've found about it.

  13. Mr Sviatoslav
    Re: The Hundred Year War -3

    "what's with you and biolabs?"

    The US Government disagrees with you. "On January 7, 1992 "Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland stated before a Senate hearing that “biological research facilities” have been operating in Ukraine, in response to a question from Senator Marco Rubio (Republican of Florida) about the presence of chemical or biological weapons in the country."

    Victoria Nuland has been one of the principal warmongers in the USG and the architect behind fighting in Ukraine, Syria, Sudan and Yemen.

    Both she and you should volunteer for the Ukraine Foreign Legion and fight the Wagner Group.

    Kindly reflect.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  14. Mr Sviatoslav
    Re: The Hundred Year War -4

    Jewish historians hold Banderra responsible for the massacre of Jews at the hands of OUM/UPA men both in Ukraine and Poland.

    Allied and Soviet intelligence services pursued Banderra for war crimes in West Germany. Banderra was forced to change his location daily and was reduced to wearing disguises. A GRU agent finally caught up with Baderra in 1959 and killed him by Spraying Banderra with cyanide poison.

    If you are so eager for war and blood I remind you that the Ukraine Foreign Legion is accepting volunteers and I am sure that there are Russian paratroopers who would be happy to fight you.

    This thing could go nuclear. Only Our Lady can bring peace. Pray the rosary.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  15. Anonymous,

    "Jewish historians" - which "Jewish historians"?

    "Pursued for war crimes" - wrong. Nuremberg didn't find ANYTHING on Bandera and the SS Galizien. That included Soviet prosecutors. Bandera was killed just like the other dissidents. For being against the Soviet Union.

    "If you're so eager for war" - quit quaking back there, it's unseemly. The nukes won't get you (the cannibals likely don't even maintain them, going by their army's sorry state), just like they didn't during USSR's existence. And please don't threaten me with the VDV. If you've actually lived here, you'd know that all these drunks are good for are drunken brawls between each other. If their skill at breaking bricks and bottles with their heads translated to actual warfare, maybe they wouldn't have lost 52% of the territory they've controlled from the start. Alas, the descendants of the cannibals from St. Andrew's and St. Matthew's adventure in Mernya won't be beating the descendants of the Scythians, who were described by prophet Jeremiah as an implacable force with which God would punish Babylon and Assyria. History and the Bible do not lie, after all.

  16. Mr Sviatoslav
    Re: The Hundred Year War -5

    You are being disingenuous. Banderra was not a defendant at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. So of course "Nuremberg didn't find ANYTHING on Bandera".

    "History and the Bible do not lie, after all" but NAZI NATO pro-war propagandists do. The Russian Federation has the biggest nuclear arsenal in the war. Just as important Russia possesses superb delivery systems. They cannot be stopped. You NAZIS are courting nuclear war in order to promote your anti-Christian ideology.

    Again. If you are so eager for war and blood I remind you that the Ukraine Foreign Legion is accepting volunteers and I am sure that there are Russian paratroopers who would be happy to fight you.

    Let me remind all. This thing could go nuclear. Only Our Lady can bring peace. Pray the rosary.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  17. Last two episodes of Foyles War were about "White Russians" who fought with the Nazis against Russia and who under the terms of Yalta were turned over to Stalin to kill. Brits did this according to the episode because 20 thousand brit soldiers were being held hostage by the Russians/Stalin.

    "The agreements of the Yalta and Tehran Conferences, signed by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, determined the fates of the Cossacks who did not fight for the Soviets, because many were POWs of the Nazis. Stalin obtained Allied agreement to the repatriation of every so-called "Soviet" citizen held prisoner because the Allied leaders feared that the Soviets either might delay or refuse repatriation of the Allied POWs whom the Red Army had liberated from Nazi POW camps.[11]

    "It was in the context of the wish to remain on good terms with Stalin that, according to Edward Peterson, the US chose to hand over several hundred thousand German prisoners to the Soviet Union in May 1945 as a "gesture of friendship".[12]

    "Although the agreement for the deportation of all "Soviet" citizens did not include White Russian emigres who had fled during the Bolshevik Revolution before the establishment of the USSR, all Cossack prisoners of war were later demanded. After Yalta, Churchill questioned Stalin, asking, "Did the Cossacks and other minorities fight against us?" Stalin replied, "They fought with ferocity, not to say savagery, for the Germans".[11]"

    "The first to commit suicide, by hanging, was the Cossack editor Evgenij Tarruski. The second was General Silkin, who shot himself...The Cossacks refused to board the trucks. British soldiers [armed] with pistols and clubs began using their clubs, aiming at the heads of the prisoners. They first dragged the men out of the crowd, and threw them into the trucks. The men jumped out. They beat them again, and threw them onto the floor of the trucks. Again, they jumped out. The British then hit them with rifle butts until they lay unconscious, and threw them, like sacks of potatoes, in the trucks.[20]"

    "Although repatriations mainly occurred in Europe, 154 Cossacks were repatriated to the Soviets from Fort Dix, New Jersey, in the United States; three committed suicide in the US and seven were injured.[25][26] Epstein states that the prisoners put up considerable resistance:

    "First, they refused to leave their barracks when ordered to do so. The military police then used tear gas, and, half-dazed, the prisoners were driven under heavy guard to the harbor where they were forced to board a Soviet vessel. Here the two hundred immediately started to fight. They fought with their bare hands. They started – with considerable success – to destroy the ship's engines. ... A sergeant ... mixed barbiturates into their coffee. Soon, all of the prisoners fell into a deep, coma-like sleep. It was in this condition that the prisoners were brought to another Soviet boat for a speedy return to Stalin's hangmen.[19],Union%20after%20World%20War%20II.

    This is who you call "Nazis." God knows what they call us. They know what happened after U.S./'allied' war aid not only to Central Europe and China in WWII, but to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Afghanistan.