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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Ukraine Bombs Flood Shelter for Evacuated Civilians

First Ukraine destroys the dam. Then Ukraine bombs the shelter where evacuated civilians are staying Then Ukraine lies about it.

Reprinted with permission from RT

Ukraine hits flood shelter with UK-supplied missiles – Kherson official

At least one person was killed, according to the acting governor of Russia’s Kherson region

Ukraine hits flood shelter with UK-supplied missiles – Kherson official

Ukrainian forces have attacked several temporary shelters for people evacuated in the wake of the breach of the Kakhovka dam, the acting governor of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, said on Saturday morning, sharing pictures of the devastated facility.

The strike on the shelter on the left bank of the Dnieper River was carried out around 5am local time, allegedly using British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles, Saldo said in a statement. There was at least one casualty, a woman, according to preliminary information.

The Black Sea village of Zhelezny Port also came under “fierce shelling” overnight, with a local hotel hosting the evacuees “destroyed,” according to the official. 

The acting governor shared several pictures of the heavily damaged facility, as well as a video of a villa engulfed in flames.

“The targeted strikes are being carried out with British missiles, delivered to the Kiev regime to unleash ‘peace’ on civilian infrastructure,” Saldo wrote.

Earlier on Friday, one person was killed and another injured after several rockets hit a children's summer camp in the same area. According to Saldo, first responders discovered the debris of Storm Shadows at the scene.

The Russian-held Kakhovka dam in Kherson Region was destroyed early on Tuesday morning. Several people were killed, while thousands more were exposed to flooding.

Kherson authorities declared a state of emergency across the entire territory controlled by Russia. Saldo said that a total of between 22,000 and 40,000 people were located in the disaster area.

Moscow and Kiev have traded accusations over who is to blame for the incident, which triggered mass evacuation efforts on both sides of the Dnieper River. Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov accused Ukraine of “deliberate sabotage” in a bid to deprive Crimea of drinking water and deflect attention away from Kiev’s botched counteroffensive in Donbass.


  1. And the carousel of lies doesn't stop, doesn't stop...

    We all know that the Muscovites - who already fled the area and aren't even rescuing civilians - are the ones bombing stuff. Why wouldn't they? They've already blew up the dam (to stymie the enemy advance), as per the operational statement of the 205th brigade quoted by a Muscovite soldier.

  2. Pray the Rosary for Peace

    The anti-Christian NATO establishment has been boasting of an Ukraine counter offensive for months. Said offensive was supposed to retake the Donbas and the Crimea and then drive into Russia and break up the Russian Federation into four separate countries - under NATO supervision of course. In support of the aforementioned offensive NATO has poured billions of tax payer dollars and enormous amounts of military equipment and munitions into Ukraine. Indeed this has been going on overtly since at least 2007 and covertly since at least 1946. However the great Ukraine counter offensive has fizzled out leaving yet more young Ukraine men dead. The Ukraine is dying because of NATO and NAZI intransigence.

    The recent actions regarding dams and refugees are just bloody distractions from this latest NATO failure.The anti-Christian, Western military-industrial complex wants endless war - along with the destruction of Russia which is reverting to Christianity. War is good for business and makes the elites enormously wealthy. They also forget that Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

    Only our Lady can undue this knot. Please pray the rosary for peace.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

    1. "Only our Lady can undue this knot" Christ can't?

  3. The Biden admin, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD, all were involved too, as all the senators who keep voting to send military aid to Ukraine, and Mike Pence who supports sending more to them.

  4. Mr Nazi Sviatoslav:

    You are warmongering again. Even White House officials admit that the much ballyhooed Ukraine offensive with all its NATO tanks has not gone anywhere. Just more dead Ukraine boys.

    Stop being a coat holder. Stop fighting to the last Ukraine. Be a man. Join the Ukraine Foreign Legion. Replace a Ukraine boy in the front lines. And fight.

    Do it quickly before this thing goes nuclear.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  5. Nazi Pervert Zelensky was a “comedian” before he was a “politician” - the scare quotes are there because who and what he is is so far from what he appears in public. Anyway, in his “comedic” years he produced a video we are all remember where he appeared as a mostly naked tranny-pervert dancer with a line of other freak dancers. “Ha ha” - they say - “what a jokester”. “No” - I say - “this is what he is and what he brings, spiritual death”.

    There is another video, which I won’t link to, most are not aware of, another “ha ha, such a comedian” video. In it he walks into an assembly of presumed politicians waiting for the great leader to appear and address them with the words of Juno from on high …… he appears ….. he takes out an Uzi from beneath his jacket, calmly chambers the first round and … sprays the room until they’re all dead, laughing, laughing, increased laughing as he expends all his rounds. That’s the video. What a funny joke, right?

    This is the man and the cause we are selling our national soul for. We will find out soon enough that the child trafficking scourge is the largest single industry on the planet and its primary nexus is Ukraine. The devil is in the man and his Nazi nation. Anyone who supports him and them is either ignorant or a participant.

    Know your enemy - his name is Zelensky.

  6. Our Lady always takes us straight to Christ. "Do whatever He tells you," she said to the waiters at the wedding feast of Cana. Jesus uses her because she is a humble instrument to defeat the rebellious pride of the devil. Why should he dirty His hands when He has Mary and a legion of warrior angels. He didn't thrust Satan into hell. He had St. Michael the archangel do it because he was a humble angel from one of the lowest choirs. Satan was from the highest, the Seraphim. It's all about humiliating the evil one in his arrogant pride.