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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

I Disagree With Dr Edmund Mazza on Two Points re Russia & Mary (& Fatima)

Great Coat of Arms
Russian Empire 1721 - 1917

I disagree with Dr Edmund Mazza on two points given in his five part presentation, Russia & Mary: War & Peace (& Fatima).

1) The first disagreement I have, or first point up for discussion, with Dr Mazza is that at Fatima Our Lady never said anything about Russia converting to the Catholic faith. She actually never said the words "conversion of Russia" at all. She said the "Consecration of Russia" and that if the Consecration were done Russia will be converted

I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and the communion of reparations on first Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. 

In the first four of the five April-May 2023 sessions on Russia &Mary: War & Peace, Dr Mazza stated the Blessed Mother as saying the conversion of Russia. However during the fifth session he said conversion of Russia to the Catholic faith. At that point he admitted that the Blessed Mother never said the words "to the Catholic faith" but that's what she meant. She meant that, he said, because in 1917 the Catholic Church, when speaking of conversion, understood that conversion meant conversion to the Catholic Church. That's Dr Mazza's opinion, as well as the opinion of many others.

The word conversion can mean two things. It can mean conversion to something or it can mean conversion from something, as in conversion to something from something else or conversion from something to something else. Those two are basically the same, for instance conversion to liking ice cream from not liking ice cream vs conversion from not liking ice cream to liking ice cream, except that normally the more important preposition (to or from) comes first, followed by the more important complement (Communism, Orthodoxy, Catholic Church, freedom, etc). 

Did the Blessed Mother mean conversion to the Catholic Church from Orthodoxy? Conversion from Communism to the Catholic Church (which currently is in the throes of Communism itself)? Conversion to freedom from Orthodoxy? Conversion from Communism back to Orthodoxy? The Blessed Mother did not specify the conversion of Russia to anything from something else or from something to something else. She left it at If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted

Catholics would tend to believe the hierarchy more if they hadn't utterly disobeyed Our Lady in not Consecrating Russia immediately as she asked because of the excuse of being too afraid to even mention (what was at that time) Communist Soviet Russia in the Consecration. In addition, perhaps we'd all have more faith in the hierarchy if the Third Secret of Fatima had been revealed in 1960 as requested. Obviously the Third Secret was about Vatican II but the Masonic powers that be didn't want Catholics to know their Mass was to be changed. 

We have the benefit of 106 years of world history since 1917. It's clear that the Russian Orthodox Church isn't even remotely considering conversion to Catholicism mainly because Eastern Orthodoxy considers the Catholic Church heretical. That's because the Western Church added the words "and the Son" (the Filioque) to the text of the Nicene Creed during the Middle Ages. Scripture clearly says that the Holy Spirit "proceeds from the Father" alone (John 15:26) which is the Orthodox stance although it's the Son saying He will send the Holy Spirit (Western stance) "You heretics!" cry the Eastern Church. "Yeah? Well, you're schematics!" cry the Western Church. In 1917 that was not what was happening. Russia wasn't spreading what Catholics consider "the errors of Orthodoxy" around the world. 

In 1917, Russia was being taken over by outsiders stirring up revolution to overthrow hundreds of years of established imperial government. In less than a year from the apparitions at Fatima leftist evil  Communist thugs murdered Tzar Nicholas and his entire family (except Anastasia, but that's another story for another day..."Anna Anderson" was the only person who told the absolute horror of what happened to the family in the Ipatiev House, that is, various heinous continual sexual assaults on each member of the royal family. In addition Anna Anderson's DNA tests were as truthful as Joe Biden's 2020 election as President of the United States...and yes, I know about Franziska, so please don't even start), threw their bodies down a mine shaft, poured sulfuric acid and oil over them and burnt the remains. Today their bodies lie in St Petersburg, Russia, at Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral. The Tsar and Tsarina and their children are considered Russian Orthodox saints. 

Communism was being established in Russia in 1917. Russia was spreading Communism across the world to the point that now the United States currently is enthralled with Marxism. After the defeat of the Tsarist system, the Communist Soviet government destroyed thousands of religious icons, burnt churches, slaughtered priests, murdered Christians. Russian Orthodoxy was bludgeoned to death in Communist Soviet Russia.

The Consecration was not done as asked therefore, as predicted by Our Lady, the errors of Communism spread everywhere. After Russia, the movement went to Mexico (Cristero War - Aug 1926 to Jun 1929) then to Catholic Spain (Spanish Civil War - Jul 1936 - Apr 1939). General Franco won the revolution in Spain which is why the left hated him and has smeared his name ever since. Not to mention the millions upon millions of people murdered by Communism in China, Cambodia, Hungary and other Eastern Bloc countries of the Soviet era.

In 1917, Russia was fighting for her life to remain free from Communism, but lost the fight so for 70 years was persecuted by the errors of Communism until Pope John Paul II's Consecration in 1984.

Did Our Lady of Fatima ask for the conversion of Russia to the Catholic Church? No. In 1946, Sister Lucy indicated that the Conversion of Russia implied the reconciliation and reunion of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church, not that the poor Russian Orthodox would suddenly be attending Novus Ordo masses, clown or homosexual masses, and flying pride flags over their altars. It would be a conversion of heart to reconciliation between the two Churches as well as conversion from Marxist Communism.

2)  Now I come to the second point with which I disagree with Dr Mazza, which is Pope John Paul's March 25, 1984, Consecration.

If not she will spread her errors throughout the world causing wars and persecution of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.

In session five, Dr Mazza did mention John Paul's March, 25, 1984, Consecration. He vaguely expressed that Sister Lucia had said that Heaven had accepted Pope John Paul's Consecration, but made it clear he didn't believe a real Consecration had been accomplished yet or that John Paul's Consecration was effective. He did say that there was an explosion at the Severomosk Naval Base, but that was all. He did not list the twenty historical factual events that happened after Pope John Paul's Consecration which led to the fall of seventy years of Communism in Russia without one drop of blood shed.

Russia was converted from Communism to relative freedom of religion yet Our Lady never said that Russia would be converted to Catholicism. She said simply that it would be converted and a period of peace would be given to the world. Peace, as in there was not a nuclear war in 1984-85 as Lucia had feared. And only relative peace happened, not the period of peace promised since the Consecration was decades late and not done 100% according to Our lady's instructions. Nevertheless, Lucia said that heaven had accepted John Paul's Consecration and the events following the Consecration indicate that that was true. 

If you examine the historical events that took place leading to the final dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) it would be impossible not to see that God’s hand was involved in the dismantling of the Soviet Union. Beginning on May 13, 1984, just two months after the pope made the Consecration in Rome, an explosion took place at the naval base in Russia. The timeline is below.

March 25, 1984 - Pope John Paul II Consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as asked by Our Lady at

May 13, 1984 - One of the largest crowds in Fatima history gathers at the shrine to pray the Rosary for peace.

May 13, 1984 - An explosion at the Soviet Severomorsk Naval Base destroys two-thirds of all the missiles stockpiled for the Soviets’ Northern Fleet. 

December 13, 1984 - An explosion in Siberia destroys Russia’s largest ammunition base.

December 19, 1984 - Soviet Defense Minister Marshal Ustinov suddenly and mysteriously dies. 

December 22, 1984 - Three days later, Dec 22, Marshal Sodolov, the 2nd Minister of Defense dies.

March 10, 1985 - Soviet Chairman Konstantin Chernenko dies.

March 11, 1985 - Soviet Chairman Mikhail Gorbachev is elected.

April 26, 1986 - Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident happens.
May 12, 1988 - Fatima Vigil. An explosion wrecks the only factory that made rocket motors for the Soviets’ deadly SS 24 long-range missiles which carry ten nuclear bombs each.

August 29, 1989 - Sister Lucia affirms that the consecration “has been accomplished” and that “God will keep His word.” 

November 9, 1989 - Fall of the Berlin Wall

Nov-Dec 1989 - Peaceful revolutions in Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania

1990 - East and West Germany are unified.

August 19, 1991 - 74th Anniversary of Our Lady's fourth apparition at Fatima – Communist coup attempts the overthrow of Gorbachev who contributed largely to the dismantling of the Soviet Empire.

August 22, 1991 - Feast of the Queenship of Mary. The attempt of the Communist coup to return to hard Communism is defeated.

October 12 - 13, 1991 - First Russian Pilgrimage to Fatima. Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, Roman Catholic Archbishop from Moscow, leads the first Russian pilgrimage group to Fatima. 

December 1991 - Gorbachev meets the Pope in the Vatican a second time; diplomatic relations were opened between the Vatican and Russia and Latin-rite churches were opened in Russia.

December 8th, 1991 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception. There begins the Commonwealth of Republics, the end of the USSR. Twelve days later Yeltsin of Russia met with the Pope at the Vatican.

December 25, 1991 - Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Communist flag is taken down for the last time over the Kremlin in Moscow. Gorbachev resigns and sends a letter to Pope John Paul II. Fifteen republics are freed from Communism.

December 30, 1991 - Sister Lucia is reported saying that the defeat of Communism was through Mary's intercession.

Those are the twenty historical proofs, true facts, of the fall of the USSR, peacefully with no bloodshed. The fall of Soviet Communism took place without one drop of blood from a war. 

One can argue back and forth about letters that were typed or hand written, an impostor Sister Lucy, who said this, who said that, whether the Vatican was withholding part of the Third Secret of Fatima that the world demanded to know, and so on...and on and on. 

We can argue endlessly, but first we must refute the facts of the above twenty historical events as not having happened by the hand of God as a direct response by Him to Pope John Paul II's Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25, 1984. 

Was John Paul's March 25th 1984 Consecration effective? Obviously, it was.


  1. JPII’s consecration may have effected some changes in the then Soviet Union and freed the people from the tyranny under which they lived, but reading through the documents of consecration, “ the world and those nations in need of consecration “ were mentioned, but not consecration of Russia, per se. Yes, the act of consecration may have been accepted but as we can see from our world today, the errors of atheistic communism spread through the French Revolution to that of Russia are now worldwide and increasing. If we look at the results of the refusal of the French king to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart,100 years to the day after our Lord requested it,the revolution began, leading to the destruction of Catholic France. June 13, 2029 is the end of our 100 years. I hate to think of what might happen if a Pope doesn’t consecrate RUSSIA to the Immaculate heart before that date.

  2. Read Anatoly Golitsyn and consider: the rumors of the death of communism have been greatly exaggerated.

  3. There is no doubt that Russia is profoundly different than they were - their national religion has displaced the godless communist usurper that was eating their soul like spiritual cancer. Yes - all the hallmarks of a conversion.

    Sadly, our nation, Christian based Western civilization more broadly, has experienced its own conversion, just as sudden and dramatic, but TO the godless cancer rather than FROM.

    The conversions are quantifiable, systemic and fundamentally spiritual.

  4. Do you know why Francis and Kirill chose to meet in communist Havana, Cuba for the first time on February 12, 2016?

    Words of Patriarch Kirill: "For two hours we engaged in an open conversation, with full understanding of the responsibility we have to our Churches, our people of faith, the future of Christianity and the future of human civilization. It was a conversation rich in content, which provided us the opportunity to listen to and to understand each other’s positions. And the outcome of the conversation permits me to affirm that currently the TWO Churches can cooperate, by defending Christians throughout the world, and they can work together, with full responsibility, that there be NO WAR, that human life be respected everywhere in the world, that the foundation of personal, familial and social morality be reinforced, and through the Church’s participation in the life of modern human society, that she be purified in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and that of the Holy Spirit.

    Words of the Holy Father implying that Kirill was the host: "Thus I wish to thank Your Holiness, once again, for YOUR WARM WELCOME, as well as those collaborating with us — and I mention but two: His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion and His Eminence Cardinal Koch, who with their colleagues worked towards this moment.

    "I do not wish to leave without expressing my sincere gratitude to Cuba, to the great Cuban people and to their President here with us. I thank you for your concrete willingness to help. If Cuba continues in this way, it will become the capital of unity."

    If Russia is converted, where is the peace Our Lady promised? Indeed why are the Russians threatening the world w/nuclear war? Everyone fighting in Ukraine will be massacred if Russia is victorious. Ukrainians can't even pray for peace. They must pray for Russian victory and yet at Fatima Our Lady expressly directed the children to pray the rosary daily "to obtain peace for the world and the end of the war":

    "Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill at an expanded meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry Council, Moscow, Dec. 21, 2022. In February, Kirill suspended a priest of Ukrainian nationality who prayed for "peace" instead of "Russia's victory."

    "Patriarch Kirill of Moscow last September 25 instituted a liturgical invocation of his own invention: "Behold, the battle is being waged against Holy Rus' to divide its undivided people. Rise up O God, for the help of thy people, and grant us victory by your power." He solemnly added this obligatory and bellicose supplication to the long anthology of his anti-gospel formulas."

    The Russian Orthodox Church’s head, Patriarch Kirill, has given a personal ban to priest Ioann Koval, a cleric at the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle in the Moscow neighborhood of Lublino.

    Koval can no longer conduct services because he substituted the word “peace” for “victory” during prayer, according to independent news outlet Sota, citing a directive from the patriarch himself.

    Koval, in reciting “Prayer for Holy Russia” (“Molitva o Sviatoi Rusi”), instead of the words “Rise, O God, to the aid of Your people and give us Your victory by Your power,” said, “Rise, O God, to the aid of Your people and give us Your peace by Your power.”

  5. Anonymous, yes, I know about the meeting of Kirill and Francis in 2016...and Kirill and Benedict when he was Cardinal Ratzinger...etc. But then came the 2022 Ukraine war where Ukraine Nazis provoked Russia by breaking the Minsk agreement(s) and trying to move NATO to Russia's border and Francis said he was on Ukraine's side. There went any cooperation between the two churches into the ether.

    You said, "if Russia is converted...etc" and I say that you must not read to any level of understanding, more than likely because of ingesting the worldview that the MSM wants you to have. The Anglo-Saxon Collective West's burning desire to conquer and control the world still still exists. The West are still colonizers who think they're superior.

    Russia is not threatening the world with nuclear war. It's the Collective West that is escalating to nuclear war by sending, as Tucker Carlson describes him, the "rat-like" Zelensky nuclear weapons. The US wants nuclear war. Biden wants nuclear war. Germany, Canada, the UK, France, the Baltic nations and that stupid woman, Ursula von der Leyen and the rest of the EU all want war.

    Just two days ago a Ukrainian official said that if the Nazis reach Crimea they will kill every Russian civilian living there. Crimea has 1.6 million people and 3/4 are Russian. So there will be massive killing grounds in Crimea by the West who support the Nazis drooling vile wish to kill innocent Crimean citizens because they're Russians and who have always live in Crimea. Pol Zelensky Pot and his Crimean Killing Fields - new book coming out?

    Try to help your brain out of its CNN box.

  6. Well done, Susan, on your erudite critique of Dr. Mazza’s position on the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I love listening to Dr Mazza and reading his opinions and have been puzzled at his blind spot on this issue. Also his position is dangerous because it encourages a false perception of Russia’s moral standing in the current conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. Russia is on the side of the angels and it is heartening to see Russia stand up to the forces that are attempting to impose global communism.

  7. Russia has adopted a very hostile attitude toward the LGBT and so-called transgender ideology. Do not discount this fact as a major factor in most Western nations hatred of all things Russian and Putin. Wonder what the US would do if Mexico started shelling areas of Texas and tried to enter into a mutual defense treaty with Russia? I believe I know. Bet you don’t see any “pride” flags hanging from the Kremlin.

  8. "Let us pray for the reversion of Russia"
    Umm, no.
    It's an odd vision of Catholicism where the Mother of God is OK with the Orthodox staying outside the Barque of Peter. I don't think the difference between reversion and conversion is lost on Our Lady.
    I've listened to Dr. Mazza in other formats, he is understandably sympathetic to the Russians with regard Ukraine (8 years of shelling the Donbas, biolabs, and NATO expansion etc). He even gives the example of the US response to the perceived threat from Grenada back in the 80's, which was a joke by comparison.

  9. Why did the meeting take place in Commie Cuba?

    If current Russia and the Russian Orthodox have anything to do w/Fatima why don't they heed the message to pray the daily rosary to obtain PEACE and the END OF THE WAR? Why are priests suspended in Russia for praying for PEACE?

    YOUR history begins in 2022, but not for the people that have been living w/Russia for the last hundred years. The Russians have massacred the Ukrainians (Holodomor most famously), the Poles (Katyn Massacre they blamed on the Germans), the Hungarians (1956), the Czechoslovakians (1968), the Crimean Tatars not only in 2014 but the 1940s. Russia has only ever held power over these people by terror--that's why all broke away from them when they had the opportunity and are fighting them to the death now.

    Why are there so many Russians in Crimea? "At the same time, he says, “half a million Russians have moved into Crimea in the last eight years. Some are elderly people from Siberia. What retired Siberian wouldn’t want to move there? Crimea is Ukraine’s Florida — there’s sun and sea, and many others, including Russian security personnel and their families, have moved in.”

    You will face the BVM's Son and you will account for your opinions (every idle word). To me it is like 1984 doublespeak to turn a message of praying for peace and an end of war into one of hatred, destruction, and bloodshed.

  10. LGBT hostility could be a headfake by kgb Putin. Just as the faked "sinosoviet split" that launched communist China as world trade giant. Read Golitsyn.

  11. Anonymous said, "you will account for your opinions (every idle word)."

    And so will you! It's interesting that you consider the "word" of pro-abortion liberal groups (like the Human Rights First group and Wikipedia) authorities to backup your case. They support the genocide of the unborn which has killed many more than even Stalin did!

    That monster, whose draconian policies caused the starvation massacre against the peasants of Ukraine and the murders of the Crimean tatars died in 1953. Those atrocities happened over 80 years ago. American expatriots living in Russia, including the son of a friend and his family, do not paint the same ugly, unchanging picture you present.

  12. Eighty years may be a short time to you, but these 'peasants' are the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and grandparents of the people who are fighting today. Putin was KGB and also appointed head of the FSB which is the internal security agency. His claim to fame is his attack on Chechnya --how is he different from Stalin?

    "Although he was virtually unknown, Putin’s public-approval ratings soared when he launched a well-organized military operation against secessionist rebels in Chechnya."

    You can look up for yourself the terror--not 80 years, but 20 years, not by Stalin but by Putin: bombing of the entire country, individual murder, looting and rape inflicted on entire population.

    The Tatars were targeted in 2014 under Putin and are still being targeted in Russian occupation of Crimea.

    Abortion is legal in Russia. Since they have murdered so many and since Putin is wanting to fight wars to regain Russian empire, he is now wanting to increase the population (raise cannon fodder) and offering $16,000 and a medal for raising 10 children to adulthood.

    Saying that Jesus Christ or BVM have any part in the policies of Putin to raise cannon fodder to make war/occupy by force the nations surrounding Russia is blasphemy. It contradicts the entire message of Jesus Christ and the BVM at Fatima. If you want to base your justification of Putin's actions on Machiavelli/Hobbes/Realpolitik, no-one will argue with you. Just don't base them on Fatima/Christ.

    Re: moving to Russia. Recently heard women who accused Joe Biden of rape has just moved there also. Seems to be quite a trend in some circles. Chacun a son gout. Only caveat I would offer is that unless these people are known double agents given asylum in Russia, if war ever comes between U.S. and Russia, they will be treated as American spies whatever they consider themselves.

  13. Anonymous has a deep-seated hatred pf Putin and Russia blocking his intellect so there's no point in responding.

  14. Unless I recognize a screen name, I default assume the words are generated by an AI bot.

    AI is an existential threat to God-given human existence. It is “The Soul In The Machine”, that evidently has cognitive abilities to learn, adapt and even possibly (likely) be more “human” than humans - a terrifying gateway to unseen spiritual forces *in my opinion*.

    I may be wrong, but I don’t care. I give credence now only to those I trust.

  15. Mr Anonymous NATO

    I notice that nowhere in your long, rambling screeds do you call for an immediate cease fire, prayer, peace talks and a lasting peace.

    God Bless

    Richard W Comerford

  16. The things you mention that happened to Russia surely are God’s work (though conversion to schismatic and heretical “Orthodoxy”and to the godless error of “freedom of religion” would be God’s permissive will rather than his perfect will). But the fact that God has already done great things for Russia is hardly evidence that He will not also do the thing that Our Lady promised: conversion. Russia will be converted, She said.

    Our Lady is the mother of the Church, could she call the adoption of schism “conversion?” It seems impossible to me, and the great things He has already done for Russia makes me more rather than less confident that He will also convert her as Our Lady said.

  17. Please show me where it is that Our Lady said Russians would have to be attending Novus Ordo masses. Where did she say that? Where did she say the Russian ORTHODOX people would have to convert to the Catholic Church?

    You won't be able to because she NEVER said that. Didn't you read the article?

  18. The illogic here is staggering. The blogger has converted from Roman Catholicism to the Russian Orthodox faith ( because she can’t bear to attend Pope John Paul II pedophile priests’ clown masses) and has embraced the view that Russia will “save” the West. Nevertheless Russia has been converted per our Lady’s request at Fatima and what brought this about was the consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart by the same clown mass Pope who presided over the loss of millions of Catholic souls, including whole nations, hundreds of thousands of vocations to the priesthood and religious life, in-numberable secondary and elementary schools, universities, convents, monasteries, parishes, and churches. It doesn’t matter if he issued a false third secret of Fatima or suppressed the real Fatima seer or never said any other mass since it was instituted except the Novus Ordo: Russia has been converted per Our Lady’s request from a communist to a fascist dictatorship. Now, we should all beg Putin to invade (I mean save) us and embrace Orthodoxy in fulfillment of Fatima!

    Where did Our Lady ever indicate that we Roman Catholics should be attending clown masses? JP2 excom'd +Lefebvre for refusing to say the N.O. mass. The leonine prayers were suppressed on 26 SEP 1964 - P6's birthday. These prayers were intended for the freedom and tranquility of the Catholic Church in Russia after the Lateran Treaty, but maybe the N.O. no longer professed the Roman Catholic Faith so the prayers were moot:

    In 1930, Pope Pius XI declared that the Leonine Prayers after Low Mass be offered for the tranquility and freedom of the Catholic Church in Russia, hence they began to be called Prayers for the Conversion of Russia.
    The 26 September 1964 Instruction Inter Oecumenici on implementing the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council decreed: "The Leonine Prayers are suppressed".[10]

    Our Lady asked for the consecration in union w/all the bishops of the world. If what you are saying is true, then our lady would include the orthodox bishops in this demand and how could this be done when they were under communist dictatorship and would be killed if complied publicly and wouldn't comply privately because they reject the pope?

  19. I wonder if you associate the view you are propagating as one held by JP2 and Opus Dei? Alexandre Havand, My Russian Way:

    I read Nikolai Berdyaev (1874-1948): “Western culture is a culture of progress. ... The Russian people, meanwhile, are a people of the end,”14 that is, an eschatological people created and prepared by God to fulfill a very specific mission at the end of history. (p25)

    The Russian idea seems to be confirmed by the prophetic words of the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace, in one of her apparitions in October 1981 in Medjugorje, Bosnia: “The Russian people will be the people who glorify God the most. The West has made civilization progress, but without God— as if they were their own creators.”16 (P26)

    On May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II is shot in broad daylight. His condition is critical. It is the first time that I pray for a pope. Previously, I did not know who he was, nor did I care. The assassination attempt occurs on the anniversary of Mary’s first apparition at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. At Fatima she spoke of Russia and the pope. (p32)

    Fatima shed light on the most dramatic events of the 20th century. It revealed the intimate link of the Mother of God to the Russian people! I join Opus Dei in January 1983 in Fatima, Portugal. I am 20 years old, a third-year law student (p36)

    In 1983, I begin to take an interest in the teaching and activities of Pope John Paul II. John Paul II loves Russia. He has read Chadaaev, Soloviev and Berdyaev… This pope’s vision of Europe is more judicious and universal than that of his predecessors. In 1988, he publishes an important apostolic letter on the occasion of the millennium of the baptism of Russia. Reading this letter, one grasps the extent to which the Polish pope loves and understands Russia. Wojtyla’s “Russian doctrine” can be summarized in three points:

    1. The greatness of Russia, her specific contribution to the spiritual well-being of humanity, is linked to the Byzantine-Slav cultural and religious tradition, whose foundations were laid by Cyril and Methodius in the 9th century. To Latinize Russia would be to render her sterile. This would condemn the universal Church to a morbid provincialism and impede the achievement of Christian unity.

    2. The Church, by tradition, comprises two great cultural forms—Eastern and Western—that complement each other like two lungs in the same organism. Western culture is more logical and rational; Eastern culture is more mystical and intuitive. “The world has always been divided into two parts—the East and the West,” writes Piotr Chadaaev, whom John Paul II studied in detail. “In the East, the human spirit is formed by concentrating on itself, by being enclosed in itself. In the West, it is developed by leaving itself, by surging forth from all sides, overcoming all exterior obstacles.”29 Western culture is more masculine, Eastern culture more feminine. This natural complementarity should engender love, not confrontation. Cultural and religious nationalism, the rejection of all complementarity is a form of spiritual homosexuality.

  20. (My Russian Way cont'd)
    3. The separation of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches is a great sin, but Divine Providence has permitted this separation so as to extract from it a superior good: to allow the Church of Christ to discover within herself all the human and divine richness of the Incarnation and the Redemption. “More generally, we can affirm that for human knowledge and human action a certain dialectic is present,” writes John Paul II. “Did not the Holy Spirit, in His divine ‘condescendence,’ take this into consideration? It is necessary for humanity to achieve unity through plurality, to learn to come together in the one Church, even while presenting a plurality of ways of thinking and acting, of cultures and civilizations. Wouldn’t such a way of looking at things be, in a certain sense, more consonant with the wisdom of God, with His goodness and providence? Nevertheless, this cannot be a justification for the divisions that continue to deepen! The time must come for the love that unites us to be manifested!”30

    Vladimir Soloviev31 is the first to pose the question of unity in these terms. His philosophy, both theoretical and practical, is based on the concept of all-unity (vseedinstvo), which can be summarized as follows: maximum unity in maximum multiplicity. For him, the general has meaning only to the extent it accommodates the particular, and the particular only has meaning to the extent it accommodates the general. For Soloviev, unity can only be the unity of the totality. A unity which does not respect multiplicity, as well as a diversity which refuses to create within it a place for unity, is nothing but an abstraction and a lie.32

    The Church of the 19th century is not ready for such a message—and Soloviev knows it. He writes for the men and women of the 21st century, for those who survived the cataclysms of the 20th century, which he foresees. The Polish pope is the great intellectual and cultural heir of this Russian philosopher. In 2000, on the occasion of the centennial of Soloviev’s death, he writes: “In remembering this Russian personality of extraordinary profundity, who clearly perceived the drama of the division of Christians, and of the urgent need for unity, I would invite the world to pray that the Christians of the East and the West return as quickly as possible to full communion.”33 (P49-51)

    I have often pondered these words of Nikolai Berdyaev: The salvation of France is one of Russia’s great, universal tasks.”36

    France should be consecrated to the Heart of Jesus and Russia to the Heart of Mary. That is God’s plan. France and Russia are the objects of divine favor and their destinies are inseparable. As inseparable as the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I God, France, Russia—these formed the substance and the framework of my deepest and most intimate thoughts. These are what have filled my heart for a long, long time. (p56)

    On May 12, the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, I set foot for the first time in the capital of the former Russian EMPIRE. (p60)

    “On April 18, 2006, Bishop Javier Echevarria, who is the second successor to Saint Josemaria Escriva as the head of Opus Dei, sets foot on Russian soil for the first time. His visit begins on the Tuesday after Western Easter Sunday and ends the following Sunday, which happens to be Orthodox Easter and which is also the Catholic feast of Divine Mercy. He visits Moscow and St. Petersburg. He prays intensely in Catholic and Orthodox churches. A small group accompanies him. He tells my friend Mikhail Fateev, a journalist from St. Petersburg: “After the resurrection of the Church in your country, responsibility for the resurrection of the Church in Europe and the whole world will rest with the Church in Russia. P74

    The West is sinking into the quicksand of a crass and viscous ideological obscurantism. What, meanwhile, will become of Russia? Will she be able to resist? And if she resists, will she be in any condition to save the West? (P87)

  21. My Russian Way ends very curiously:

    It is August 2, 2012. This morning, I am going to the immigration service. The Federal Security Service (FSB)— the successor organization to the Soviet KGB—has denied me a residency permit on the basis of Article 7.1 of the law governing the stay of foreigners in Russia, which the FSB interprets to mean that my activities constitute a threat to the security of the Russian Federation. They probably found the lecture, which I gave at the U.S. Army War College the previous October, suspicious. But giving a course on virtuous leadership to senior American army officers hardly means I am a spy for the CIA.
    On October 19, 2012, I cross the threshold of FSB headquarters in the center of Moscow. The “organs” have scheduled a meeting for 10 a.m. I am prepared to tell them my life story. My future in Russia depends on the secret police—and the will of Almighty God, the Eternal Father. I sense that my life is about to take a new turn. I feel this is not the end of my Russian way but merely the end of the beginning. I feel I am entering into one of the most rewarding periods of my life—even if, objectively, all is fraught with uncertainty. But that is a story for another time. For now, enough is enough. [this is the end.] (p89)

    There is a 'conclusion' where he goes on about his different names which concludes: "At home, I have always been called “Tato.” Tato is my real name: It is the name God uses when He calls me. It is my essence." (p91)

    "Early on, Fyodor asks his young son to call him tato, the Ukrainian for “father.” Although they live in Ukraine, none of Gleb’s friends call their fathers that, but even at this early age Gleb has an inkling of his father’s feelings about his Ukrainian identity and so tato it is. The dynamic can work in the opposite direction, establishing a poignant distance between father and son
    tato is dad, not father. That would be bat’ko"

    The man, of course, is not a priest.

  22. You might say one source doesn't prove anything. So here is another Fatima water muddier (where a message of repent from sin; pray and do penance has been turned on its head) at one peter five who claims the errors of tzarist russia and VCII were "effeminacy, naivete, and pacifism (though fighting WWI)" and that "founder of the pacifist movement in the 1950s was Joseph Stalin, whom we discovered from Sutton was installed by New York bankers" [no wonder JFK was murdered he was seeking peace also]

    You can see her here w/Schneider

    I'm with the University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P),

    During the third day, the freshmen attended the Opus Dei talk and learned the role it plays in the university. They also met the UA&P Drumline and Firestarters who taught them the University Cheer.

    Her blurb at 1p5: "She discovered Traditional Catholicism in 2020, attending masses at the SSPX with her husband and four children—Isabella, Alessandra, Caterina, and Gianluca. Her patron is St. Catherine of Siena, maintains a devotion to St. Josemaria Escriva (founder of Opus Dei), and prays for Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to be proclaimed a great saint."

    Sure +Lefebvre (not to mention BVM and God Almighty) would be content if the Roman Catholic Church would just return to the practice and profession of the Roman Catholic Faith.

  23. Anonymous...??? What makes you state that I've converted to Russian Orthodoxy? But then maybe you can thoroughly explain to everyone what Catholics are to believe today. Hmmmm? Some say Opus Dei is bad, others say it's good, the SSPX is in schism, the SSPX isn't in schism, Pope John Paul II was a heretic, Pope John Paul II was a saint, Bergoglio is a sainted pope, Bergoglio is evil, Bergoglio is the pope, Bergoglio isn't the pope, Fatima was real, Fatima was a hoax (the Orthodox view), the St Gallen Mafia elected Bergoglio, the St Gallen Mafia never existed, suddenly homosexuality is the light and life of the Church, homosexuality is evil and always has been, cardinals-bishops-priests say one thing, other cardinals-bishops-priests say the opposite...and so on ad infinium. So guess what? I'll believe whatever I want and you're welcome to do the same. So now guess what again? I'm going to have a peaceful evening with nothing Catholic or Orthodox to it. I'm going to drink a Bud Light, go shop at Target then return home to watch a Netflix serial killer movie.

    1. Susan -

      Bishop Williamson observed the entire Catholic Church is schizophrenic, due to the deviations within the Papacy, Cardinals and Vatican. It will remain schizophrenic, by nature, until our Apostles are healed and return to the RC Faith. I fundamentally agree. This diagnosis puts all the noise, controversy and opinions into perspective.

      I’ve chosen sides and my path. Done with it.

  24. Sounds like you've had it with the comments here, Susan. Me too. I'm shutting it down. Have a Yuengling. Bud Lite was trash beer even before the Mulvaney horror show.