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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Baltimore Police Release video of Brutal Attack on Pro-Lifers


The two elderly men who were brutally attacked in this diabolical way continue to go to the Planned Parenthood and offer help to moms in crisis. You can read about the incident at LifeSiteNews. One of the deathscorts at the facility held the man's drink while he assaulted the men and, as the video shows, did nothing to help stop it. Hey, if it's okay to kill babies, it's okay to attack their peaceful defenders. Help the Baltimore police by spreading this video.

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  1. This is another example of how Baltimore has continued its spiral to become the Mogadishu of America (though Minneapolis-St. Paul currently holds that distinction, in my opinion). What happened to this once-beautiful city? Growing up in Baltimore County was, frankly, like living in the Faith and Freedom readers we used in grade school. We were blessed. It really was the "Land of Pleasant Living," as National Bo used to tell us in their ads. Now, the progressively worsening leadership in Baltimore has allowed the chickens to come home to roost -- laying all the bad eggs. The city leaders haven't a clue what good government looks like. On the 4th Sunday of Advent, 2019, for example, we were attending Mass at St. Alphonsus in east Baltimore. We later found out that just a few hours before, 7 people had been executed less than a block from the steps of the church. The civic leaders and police obviously were outside their depth in how to deal with violence on the magnitude of what had happened, and what we regularly see in the Monument City. Well, at least I have my happy memories. . .