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Saturday, June 17, 2023

Dodgers Pride Event a Colossal Flop!

So how'd that Pride night work out for you, Dodgers?


  1. It would be quite ironic if the pope declared an indulgence for opposing them.

  2. In reality, this pictured event was at 6:20pm. The game started at 7:10pm. (game attendance was more than 40,000)
    The sparse crowd at the award presentation shows how little interest these clowns generated among their advocates. Heck! Only 2 of the group of degenerates showed up to accept the award.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, Anonymous. These days you have to take even photos with a grain of salt. I often wonder whether pictures have been photo shopped. And with the ever evolving A1 and voice recognition, etc., we won't be able to believe that interviews are real.

  4. Anon, is right Mary Ann.

    Plus, a *lot* of Dodger fans are notorious for not showing up until the 3rd inning.
    However, I am glad so many missed this "award" thingy they were handing out to these idiots.