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Saturday, February 25, 2012

And You Think Your Home is Your Castle?

Has your child ever drawn a picture of a gun? Better watch out. Big Brother is asking the cops to invade your home. This happened in Canada, but things just as goofy have happened here.


This article really hit home. I have some grandkids who are afraid of the dark and worry about monsters in the closet. What I often do is tell them we have a special friend named St. Michael who has a big sword to protect them and that I have one too. Then I take a pretend sword out of my pretend scabbard and run it under the bed to kill and chase away all the monsters. Sometimes I give the frightened child the pretend sword and tell them they have nothing to fear....  But suppose I gave them a pretend gun and told them it had magic bullets that were like monster sensors and when they shot the gun it would kill the monsters. Don't you think that child might draw a gun in a picture and say, "My Gramma has a gun that kills monsters and sometimes she gives it to me." 

This is one more example of a culture out of control that makes parents the bad guys by default. The people in charge have no sense, common or otherwise. And, as far as I can see, it's one more reason to home school and get your kids as far from these psycho-babble folks as possible. These are the same people who have little kindergarten boys arrested for sexual harrassment because they kiss girls on the playground.