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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Video that Exposes Planned Parenthood

The video below reveals Planned Parenthood in ways they sure didn't intend. First, note that the "superhero" is black. Why? Because PP has always targeted minorities and they want to appeal to them first of all. Margaret Sanger was hot to eliminate as many "human weeds" as possible and she considered poor minorities, Catholic immigrants, and other "undesirables" as fodder for her birth control machine. "More from the fit; less from the unfit," was her eugenic motto. She even wanted to enlist black pastors to sell abortion to the population she most wanted to reduce. PP targets minority neighborhoods. Hello! This organization was founded by a WASP elitist.

Note also in the video that the "superhero" aims a gun, shoots at and kills the sidewalk counselors (portrayed as zombies) outside the abortuary. Fact is, PP folks are the violent ones, not pro-lifers. They are the ones ripping babies limb from limb and demanding the right to stab near-term babies in the head and suck out their brains. The pro-life movement is the most peaceful civil rights group in history.

Next, see how the abstinence speaker is portrayed and don't miss the misinformation about STDs. Chlamydia, the most common STD, is transmitted by skin contact, and condoms don't protect against it. Many young women who believe the PP mantra of "safe is sexy" are likely to end up sterile as a result of chlamydia infection. It causes pelvic inflammatory disease, damage to the cervix, increased likelihood of life-threatening ectopic pregnancies, etc. Here's what Berkeley Wellness says about it and Berkeley is hardly a bastion of pro-life conservatism. There are 3 million new cases of chlamydia every year. That's a lot of damage to a lot of women! And what does this "superhero" tell the kids to call her? Dionysus, the name of the God of drunkenness and revelry.

The scene with the Senator is particularly interesting. It's PP who hate freedom of speech and the rule of law. The only way they could get abortion on demand was through activist judges ignoring the law and making it up. Note how the senator is dipped in the cauldron by the superhero/witch and comes out presumably as a pig with an apple in his mouth, but he sure resembles a baby. PP are the real life enemies of the poor depicted in Jonathan Swift's satire about eating Irish babies and that scene illustrates it.  

Note the Starbucks ad. The rainbow is there for good reason. They are big advocates of buggery as well as PP abortion supporters.

Last of all. Take a look at the demon horns that appear every time the "super-hero" Dionysus is seen from the back. Was that an accident or is Satan so bold he wants to take credit for his diabolic activity?

Check out PP's hate-filled video. Are these the kinds of people any parent should want teaching their children about the meaning of human sexuality?  I blogged earlier today about what makes the happiest wives. PP's strategy is sure to frustrate happiness for both women and men.  In their philosophy women are nothing but recyclable sex objects and babies are trash for the landfill. As for "men" -  they are enabled as sexual predators who use women for pleasure and cast them off. PP's cultural message is misogyny. They hate women and their fertility. We need to expose them for what they are.