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Monday, February 20, 2012

How Many Vacations Have You Taken in the Last Three Years?

Can you match the Obamas' count of sixteen? (See here.) And do you spend 1.5 million at a pop like their Christmas vacation to Hawaii? Keep in mind that the vacation count doesn't include trips to Camp David or even the Obamas' date night in New York. It does include Michelle's African safari, ski trip to Aspen, and the trip to Martha's Vineyard among many others.

Bush spent more time away from the White House, but not taking fancy vacations all over the country and the world. He went to his ranch in Texas which was considered the western white house. He often worked from there. Frankly, I'm no Bush fan, but at least the Bushes had a sense of decorum. He wouldn't play golf because he didn't want to present a picture of a playing president while soldiers were dying in the Middle East.

But the Obamas seem completely tone deaf when it comes to image. They seem to think they can tell everyone else to tighten the belt and pony up more taxes, while "Michelle Antoinette," as one caller to Sean Hannity called her, goes off on another extravagant vacation. Even the democrats are expressing concern. When many Americans are out of work and can't afford a vacation at all, the American taxpayers are footing the bill for the jet-setters in the White House. Isn't it a little obscene? Let the Obamas pay their "fair share" by reimbursing the taxpayers for their fancy lifestyle.