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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brain Death or How to Kill Living Patients to Procure Unpaired Organs

Brain death is a medical sham that allows the transplant industry to harvest unpaired essential organs from patients who aren't really dead. Read about it here. If any medical professional asks to do the "apnea test" on your loved one whose been brain damaged in an accident, ask what benefit there is to the patient. The apnea test is performed by turning off the ventilator for up to ten minutes to see if the patient will breathe on his own. It's the prelude to declaring the patient "brain dead" at which point the medical team turns the ventilator back on to keep the organs fresh for harvesting. There is absolutely NO MEDICAL BENEFIT to the patient from the apnea test. Rather it represents another assault on the patient guaranteeing his condition is irreversible. Then they put the pressure on the family to donate the organs.

God help us!


  1. The fact that serial killer Jack "The Dripper" Kevorkian was a big proponent of harvesting organs should have been a red flag. Another red flag was the fact that Dr. Christian Barnard was an unmitigated ghoul, as Malcolm Muggeridge pointed out years ago -- a fact that is overlooked and obscured in a world that views Barnard as a medical hero. Yet it turns out that he deliberately paralyzed Denise Darvall's heart with potassium in order to render her technically "dead" for purposes of removing said heart.

    It was after learning that organ donors are given morphine and anesthesia before harvesting that I revoked my organ donor status. But the time is going to come when our organs will be taken with or without our consent.

  2. In 1977, author Robin Cook wrote a fiction novel about the abuse of 'induced coma' during a surgical procedure so that organs could be harvested.

    This novel was made into a movie in 1978 which I saw when I was 16-17. Scared the crap out of me....but the paranoid delusions and plain bullshit that is being proselytized on this website isn't even pure evil.

    It's regurgitated Hollywood scare-mongering vomit.

    Denise Darvall's FATHER gave permission for her heart and right kidney to be harvested. A 10 year old BANTU boy received her right kidney at a time apartheid bigotry caused more deaths than Dr Kevorkian ever helped to assist.

    Good to know you revoked your organ donor status, Ms Moore - your organs are toxic.

  3. Whether someone gives permission or not doesn't change the fact that living patients are being deliberately killed for organ donation. Calling it "paranoid delusion and plain bullshit" or "regurgitated Hollywood scare-mongering vomit" doesn't change the facts. Organ trafficking is an increasing global problem. And no one really knows how many patients' lives are deliberately shortened in order to harvest their organs.