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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monsanto and Genetically Modified Food

Monsanto is in bed with the Food and Drug Administration which is good for Monsanto but not so good for consumers who believe the FDA is really interested in protecting their health. President Obama's 2009 appointment of Michael Taylor, a former executive for Monsanto, illustrates just how corrupt the system is where the fox shuffles back and forth between his den and the henhouse.

As for the genetically modified foods being produced by the corporate giant, more and more studies are showing that they contribute to chronic illness, organ damage, and cancer. As they say, "You can't fool Mother Nature." But check it out for yourself.  3 Approved GMOs Connected to Organ Damage
There is also some speculation that genetically modified crops with built-in pesticides may be impacting the collapse of bee and butterfly colonies. That should certainly be studied because it harbors ill for the future of food production. 

Think I'll put in a big garden this year.


  1. I cannot believe I used to rail against people who ate organic or locally grown food without GMOs. I thought they were weird and all hippies.

    It is a reality today, that our foods are not safe specifically because of the marriage between the FDA and groups like Monsanto.

    Monsanto seeks to patent all seeds if you imagine that. We will all be lining up in the market when they sue and tax the existence out of non GMO farmers.

    They are already suing farmers for theft when their own Monsanto trucks drive by farmland that is not theirs because the wind happened to blow seeds into the soil.

    These seeds are not just dangerous to the soil, because they contain weed and rodent killing agents which will rob the soil of nutrients and make it barren save for the Monsanto plant life, but they will also cause untold damage to the human body. As you said, organ failure, but also cancer and other neurological diseases.

    We are largely blind to all of this, because we think they are doing a 'good'.

    When you control the food source, you can control everything else.

    It sounds like Soylent Green again (yes, I know it was Heston's worst movie).


  2. Oh..and adding to that, non-GMO foods will be only available to the elites and their friends for the most part, kinda like how if you want an organ transplant you have to be a celebrity.

    I don't know if you heard the story over the weekend that says scientists have now grown a burger in a laboratory. Somehow, I think it will make it's way to the grocery stores and will eventually be super cheap...but I doubt that Kathleen Sibelius will be chowing down on a laboratory created burger anytime soon.

  3. A lot of food that we eat today contains genetically modified ingredients and usually without our knowledge.
    I would like to share a documentary "Of Maize and Men/Milho" Using corn as the main "character", this film tells us about the way technology influences, influenced and will influence the manner and the ways in which we live in societies, past, present and future.

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