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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fr. Tom Pegs It Again! Challenging the HHS Mandate

It isn't enough to exempt the Church from HHS Mandates. As Fr. Tom writes below, that concedes government's "right" to force institutions and individuals to participate in the butchery. Is protecting human life really only a "Catholic" or "religious" question? Was slavery only an issue for people of faith? It's time to defend the civil rights of unborn babies. Stop the genocide of pre-born humans!

From Fr. Tom Collins:

   It will be interesting to see whether the USCCB will be content with an HHS exemption for Catholic institutions from the requirement to provide contraception, abortion and sterilization "services", thus conceding that the HHS has a legitimate "right" to mandate such butchery, just so long as we Catholics do not have to soil our hands by directly participating in it.

In view of the fact that HHS has sought to "rub our noses" in the bloody remains of mutilated babies, the USCCB should demand a full apology for its attempt to violate our basic rights, which are guaranteed by the First Amendment. Likewise, our own bishops in Virginia should demand an apology from both Sen. Warner and Sen. Webb, since they participated in violating our Constitutionally guaranteed rights by giving HHS unbridled legal "power" to redefine the nature of conscience, so as to be permitted to force
us to violate our consciences in direct violation of the First Amendment. Without such clear apologies, the USCCB will be de facto agreeing with the fundamental provisions of Obamacare. This, combined with the ongoing de facto degradation of so much of our catechesis and Church discipline, will perpetuate
the gradual "evolution" of thought among Catholics, to the point where many will also embrace the "compassionate solution" of euthanasia for our infirm and elderly.

Satan's one "virtue" is patience. And so, with the passing of time and with the continuing portrayal of perversion as "sex education" to our youth, Catholics will gradually be "enlightened" (Lucifer means the "bearer of light") to accept the "wisdom" of our government. And, as we live by that "wisdom", we will see it "confirmed" by the unchallenged sacrilegious abuse of the the Eucharistic Christ - in a way that is perceived by most Catholics as a ratification of the "utopian agenda" of the Culture of Death and its unholy trinity of contraception, abortion and euthanasia.

Ironically, while such attacks on innocent human life are increased, the Culture of Death will be increasingly scrupulous about protecting the lives of the guilty from the death penalty.

May God enlighten and strengthen us by the true Light of the World, Jeus Christ, so that we may decisively proclaim the whole truth of His saving Word.

In Christ,
Fr. Tom  

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  1. One of my parish priests made the same point; it's in the homily that is posted on my blog (via link to mp3 file). A "religious exemption" is not our goal, but the overturning of the draconian provision.