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Monday, February 13, 2012

Army Silences Archbishop on Contraception Mandate

Army chaplains were recently instructed to disobey their Archbishop's instruction to read a letter from the pulpit that addressed the Obama contraceptive mandate. This outrageous violation of free speech rights doesn't bode well for the future. It's just the latest outrage coming out of Obamacare. This is what happens when Congress gives unlimited power to the executive branch to define the parameters of "health care."

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  1. Broglio's silencer is Army Chief of Chaplains MajG Donald Rutherford, a Catholic priest from Albany NY who was ordained by Bishop Hubbard and hopes to return to Hubbard's world when his four-year stint as Chief of all Army chaplains is over. I don't know who "appoints" the chief of army chaplains, but Rutherford was appointed in July 2011 just before DADT went away and had this to say on the policy: "You don't have to agree with (homosexual soldiers), you will respect them and help them." His office is in the Pentagon. Need I say more?