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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Root Evil is Contraception

Many people want to paint contraception as a positive good, but the evidence indicates otherwise. I can't count the number of people over the years who argued with me that they are against abortion, but....their contraceptive failed. So it isn't their fault and they needed an abortion. Contraception is the root of the poisonous plant. And the evil it has done in terms of the death of the least ones in the womb, the devastating impact on women's health and fertility, the degradation of men's attitudes toward women making them nothing but recyclable sex toys, etc. is massive.

Pray for a spiritual revival. It appears that the heavy hand of government coercion will continue to do all it can to annihilate the good and crush opposition. Many of us may end up in jail or in the new catacombs. And while the persecution goes on, we need, more and more, to touch hearts and bring about conversion.

The Blessed Mother said at Fatima that most people go to hell for sins of the flesh. Sadly, most people don't believe in hell and their idea of God is similar to the Pillsbury Doughboy. (Whatever happened to that stern judge that used to be the bogeyman?) The truth is that God loves us unconditionally but will never violate our free will even when it is taking straight down the primrose path to the cliff and the deadly abyss. "Penance, penance, penance" as the Blessed Mother begged and "Pray for poor sinners" as Jacinta said. I think this Lent I will especially pray for those caught up in the deadly lie of contraception.


  1. Satan's biggest lie is that he doesn't exist; next in line is that contraception is a good thing.

  2. Sorry for the spam! I just realized I posted my original comment on the wrong post! So, I'm fixing it. (As well as the typo.) Since my comments have to wait for your approval anyways, just disapprove of those other two :)


    Hi there! I was just clicking through the "next blog" button cause I'm a bored college student and I'd rather troll the internet than do the other stereotypical things that college kids "do."

    I normally don't do this. Ever. But this post caught me off guard. I don't mean this to be rude (in fact, I originally wrote something rude and then deleted it because I didn't wanna be *that* person).

    As I said, this post caught me off guard. A lot. ...Contraception is the root of all evil? Rather, it is the "root of the poisonous plant" that is abortion? I agree with you in that condoms make it easier for men to treat women like "reusable sex toys," but, let's face it, they did that before condoms too.

    I will wholeheartedly defend your right to believe in whatever you want and say whatever you want, but this just seems silly. The truth of the matter is that abortion rates have been in a steady decline since the introduction of contraceptives. Do a quick google search -- I promise the facts are there. (Or just take a look at this: I did the work for you!)

    Condoms and other forms of contraception, when actually used, astronomically reduce the risk of pregnancy, thus reducing the need for abortion. Yes, there are people whose condoms break and who then get an abortion, but imagine how many more abortions there would be without them!

    Again, believe what you will. You shared your opinion -- I, too, was compelled to share mine.


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Karakowski.

    You'll have to provide some proof that contraception reduces abortion. Any claims coming out of the Guttmacher Institute are suspect since its the "research" arm of Planned Parenthood.

    Even many pro-abortion sources have said just the opposite. And it's obvious that "emergency contraception" doesn't reduce abortion because it causes it. Although the pro-abortion movement will claim it reduces pregnancy because they are redefining pregnancy to begin at implantation, a non-scientific verbal manipulation that is simply a lie.

    Here's a report from a study in Spain that shows increased contraception caused a rise in abortions. That is typical if you really examine the literature over the past 40 years. When women seeking abortions are interviewed something like 65% were using contraception when they got pregnant.

    Here's a scholarly article that addresses much of the fallout from contraception although it doesn't directly address the relationship between contraception and abortion.

    I hope you'll take a look at the issue more deeply. Men are actually beating and killing their girlfriends for refusing abortions. In a number of cases, men have been prosecuted for putting abortifacient drugs in their girlfriends' drinks. I remember one that happened here in Virginia in Hampton Roads where the boyfriend got five years in jail. Men use other methods of forced abortion as well. Here's a well-footnoted report on that problem which is often the result of failed contraception. When the women refuse abortion, they face the wrath of the guys who only wanted the party, not the responsibility.

  4. Haha The fact of the matter is that no matter how many articles we two pull out, yours will be from inherently "pro-life" sources and mine will be from something like Planned Parenthood. There's no getting around the fact that both sides skew the polls or the results of "research" so the results seem to be in their favor.

    So, instead of a pointless back and forth exchange of literature, I would just like to point out one thing. You say that around 65% of women who seek abortions were also using contraception and that that is therefore a link to contraception "causing" abortion. While that seems like a positive correlation, the statement would really have to be made the other way around. Let's say 100 woman have an abortion. If 65% of women who use contraceptives have also gotten an abortion, then I would stop and think. But that simply is not the case.

    I know plenty of girls who have protected sex and have never gotten an abortion, nor have they had to rely on the "morning after pill." Imagine, though, if their sex was unprotected. There's no way so many women would graduate college having never resorted to an abortion if contraceptives were unavailable. Because the number of women in the country who use contraction is already so high, it's only natural that a majority of abortions are by people who already use contraceptives.

    Men who beat and kill their girlfriends for refusing abortions were probably already beating them before the women refused to abort. I have no proof of this, of course, just a personal opinion than men who beat women will beat women no matter the situation. Sure, the abortion refusal could cause maybe a rougher beating than usual, but the relationship was probably unstable to begin with.

  5. It's simply a ludicrous claim that contraception has reduced abortions. It fails the smell test to start. Contraception clearly increases casual sex and before abortion was legal there was a lot lot less of it. So clearly abortion has increased a lot and so has contraception. Since contraception is just prevention of conception the very fact that it is done implies an unwillingness to accept conception so abortion becomes the final defense in fending off a birth.

    Intellectually there is no justification whatsoever for the idea that abortion and contraception are not related in lockstep. One backstops the other. Citing a Planned Parenthood source for statistics is particularly funny. When has Planned Parenthood told the truth about anything?

  6. Karakowski, are the "plenty of girls you know" your presentation of a scientific study? The abortionist Malcolm Potts said in 1973, “As people turn to contraception, there will be a rise, not a fall, in the abortion rate." Potts was a past medical director of International Planned Parenthood. And he was absolutely right about the impact of contraception.

  7. I just don't think you are going to sell many people on the evils of contraception. Preventing pregnancy is not the same as purposefully ending one. I have never had my preferred method fail, but if I did, I would accept the consequences, as would my partner. To say that people who use birth control would be more likely to get an abortion if it failed is pretty silly. I wish people would spend more time working for causes that promote good for the children already living on the edge - those in poverty, in underserved areas, in bad schools, in broken homes. Seems like you care so much for the unborn, but not a whole heck of a lot for those kids already here. Just my opinion.

  8. "Seems like you care so much for the unborn, but not a whole heck of a lot for those kids already here. Just my opinion."

    Exactly how would you know that, Anonymous? What is your "opinion" based on? You haven't got the foggiest notion about my life or what charitable works I do.

    But I'm not ashamed of defending those who are the "least ones" in response to Christ's call.

  9. I think one of the main problems I find with the arguments being presented for your side of this case,Ray and Mary Ann, is that you guys seem to claim that casual sex is a recent phenomenon. But the truth is that people have been having casual sex for centuries.

    Sure, contraception makes this easier to get away with, but I'm pretty sure casual sex AND abortions were both invented long before the condom.

  10. Actually, Karakowski, you're right. And contraception isn't new at all. The ancient Romans used alligator dung as an early spermicide and linen sheaths as early condoms. People also used herbal formulas to perform abortion. What is new, I think, is the amount of casual sex. Certainly in my mother's generation it was not nearly as common. For one reason there were more institutions that protected women. When I was in college we had to sign in and out of the dorms and had curfews. Boys weren't allowed in our dorm rooms.

    The permissiveness of the culture and the approval of casual sex, the bad example of celebrities, etc. has contributed to its explosion.

    When everybody is approving of something you get a lot more of it.