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Friday, February 17, 2012

Contraceptive Mandate Builds Solidarity Movement

I'm often critical of the U.S. bishops, but here's a piece of astounding news. Every single one of the U.S. bishops has publicly condemned the contraceptive mandate according to Tom Peters. Every one. Lots of institutions have condemned it as well. Some are suing like EWTN. And then there are the non-Catholics. Glenn Beck has launched a movement called "We're all Catholics Now!" Solidarity isn't just for Poland any more.

This illustrates how God brings good out of bad situations. It is absolutely amazing that even the "bad" bishops are on the bandwagon over this. Maybe some will actually recognize that liberalism is tyrannical by its very nature. At any rate, let us pray that Obama's act of mendacious bigotry against people of conscience will spell the downfall of his empire. He's a man who like the Roman despots of old believes he can do anything he wants including sending Christians to the coliseum. It may still come, but at least there are signs we'll go down fighting and not like lemmings.

Viva Cristo Rey!


  1. Pope Benedict had his talk with the bishops right before all this went down. I can only think he scared them silly. He watched Germany fall during WWII, he's seeing it happen here too and I imagine he told the bishops, "They're coming for you first."

    Glad they listened.

  2. Yes, viva Cristo Rey!

  3. I just can't get past thinking that the only motivation behind this unification is money - a hefty monetary fine for not doing as they're told.

    Where is the unification in defense of the Holy Eucharist? Where are all the bishops, in unity, when it comes to excommunicating obstinate, public sinners (notably politicians) who continue to receive sacrilegiously? Where are they in retracting the "Catholic" name of institutions which don't adhere to Church teachings? There's no monetary punishment for not doing so. In fact, there's a human "they won't like me" element for doing so.

    So, when it comes to doing the right thing, setting the right example, purely for the love of God and the Church, most bishops can't be bothered. It's so obvious that love of money supersedes love of God for the vast majority of these bishops.

    Unified, solidarity movement of the bishops? Not impressed....

    Your cynical friend,

  4. We received a letter from our bishop explaining their position. It was framed almost solely in terms of how much money having to provide alternate insurance carriers would cost. I used this opportunity to write to the bishop to explain why I don't really care what he, an unmarried man living on the largess of people's donations, thinks about my family size.