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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and Mary's Peace Plan

Read Pat Buchanan's article here.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we can't afford to continue being the world's policeman. Besides, we're not doing a very good job. As a matter of fact, we have a record of taking a bad situation and making it worse, often much worse. What happened in Iraq after we pitched out Hussein? The Christians have almost disappeared. The neo-cons said we were bringing western democracy to Iraq, but where is the evidence they want democracy? The country continues to be rocked by violence and chances are we have left them to duke it out in a civil war.

So what did we get for our billions? A more stable Middle East? Hardly. A more democratic Iraq? Not likely. But there are some results. Civilians killed: over 100,000; Military deaths: several thousand; Wounded and disabled vets? Several hundred thousand; Cost of the war? Over $800 billion and that's only a fraction of the true costs when you consider medical and disability expenses that will be ongoing for years.

So let me ask again -- how did the Iraq war benefit the taxpayers of the U.S.? Does anyone actually believe that Iraq represented a threat to the U.S.?................. Anyone?.............Anyone?............I'm waiting...........(sigh).

But have we learned anything? Watch for the big push to go after Iran next. The Neo-Cons never rest in their imperialistic goal to create a secular World Democracy. They're delusional!

Pray the rosary for peace as the Blessed Virgin asked at Fatima.  And consecrate yourself and your family to her Immaculate Heart. That is our only hope for a real and lasting peace.


  1. You have said it well. Thank you for taking the time to put together this posting.

    It was a long process, but I finally came around to realize there is a lot of disinformation out there largely generated to keep us at bay.

    Sure the middle-east is chaotic, but looking at the history of that chaos, we find the west trying to implant so-called democracies. Even in some instances, using covert operations to topple governments.

    It goes without saying that we should not support governments that oppress the people, but we should realize that every country is sovereign, and when they reach out for help or are solicited for help, there is a give and take. That is to say, the offer is made like this, "If you want our help, what will you give us for it?" And, "Are you sure you do not want our help, we could make things worse for you if you don't want it." How it is that good Christians are up in arms when the West uses these tactics to spread homosexuality and abortion, but no concerns are raised when we use the same tactic to topple countries.

    Pat Buchanan knows how the road to hell is paved with good intentions involving our military complex--both of the left and of the right. It is quite amazing that the parties that fight over abortion and homosexuality, come together to vote for wars and covert operations.

    Our Christians continue to suffer under such regime changes which are contributed to by the West. I care about these Christians, but the West cares about creating an atmosphere that is unhealthy for them.

    I put forward this amateurish theory. The more we intervene in the Muslim world, the more we give the radicals a reason to keep banding together to call for a global jihad.

    It is so far out to see that our spreading democracy is a failed program?

    The neo-cons like Bill Kristol and other CFR/trilateral agents are continually selling wars to the American people. We have gotten to a point now, where we cannot even call a war by it's name. We call it by some euphemism or another, just so that we can sell it. If you ask me, that is what people do when they are trying to sell you something you shouldn't buy. After all, Planned Parenthood uses such words as "cells" and "tissue" to describe babies, and people in congress love the idea of calling themselves "pro-choice", when they mean they are for abortion.


  2. I also meant to add that Iraq and US were friends. Both had mutual use of each other. Iraq probably refused to go along with certain promises it made to the US, and it was then that the US decided to invade Iraq. 9/11 just gave them the perfect opportunity to carry out their plan, which was basically a continuation of all the bombings from the gulf war.

    At the time, I marched against the war on Iraq as a liberal in 03. Then in 06 after I was clobbered by the Holy Ghost, I started watching FoxNews and other conservative news channels. It was then I started defending the war efforts, but I couldn't quite defend Rumsfeld and Dick Chaney and Bill Kristol. The very people defending these wars were part of an elite crowd from the 1960s who were members of the Council on Foreign Relations (one world government operatives working int he open under the guise of a foreign policy think tank). If you ever want to know who is a globalist, look at the member list of the CFRs. It is quite interesting that David Rocerfeller was at one time chairman and Dick Chaney as his successor. In such gatherings, you will see Republican and Democrats alike--which makes sense, because to get America giving over her sovereignty, you need both parties. Our government is run by these folks who draw up plans and have insiders in Washington implement them.

    Hilary Clinton explains :

    Dick Chaney:

    Our only recourse is prayer. The rosary. Our Lady said, "Russia will spread her errors". Now, we see that Marxism is widespread and our government props up public education where our poor kids are given tools to fight Christian ideas.