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Friday, February 24, 2012

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in Cahoots?

Okay all you Ron Paul supporters out there. What gives? Is Ron Paul really teaming up with faux conservative Mitt Romney?

Ron Paul - Mitt Romney Alliance?


  1. Hmmm...I heard of that last week. It seems plausible because the reality is that only Dr. Ron Paul and Governor Mitt Romney have actual delegate counts. What the news sites show in the way of delegate counts is utterly false. The real delegate counts show that the Romney camp have a concern that Dr. Paul might be a thorn in their side...and so, they might be trying to broker with him before it gets nasty at the convention.

    The truth of the matter is that the Romney camp rigged this year's system with the GOP officials so that he would have an easier sweep of the delegates--even if he lost states. Well, Dr. Ron Paul got news of this and is now beating Governor Romney at his game and alerted his supporters across the country to pay attention and to not leave the voting areas after the announcement of the caucus or primary winners because that's when they pick delegates. If you don't have people who sign up to be delegates then, it's game over--even if you won the state primary.

    It's slightly complicated, but Rachel Maddow interviewed Doug Wead about all of this nonsense in the wake of the phony Maine results. Sorry I cannot include it here, but if you do a youtube search or go to, you'll find all of it cataloged there.

    In Christo Rege,


  2. No.

    Pax et V - Antigon

  3. Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are in cahoots to destroy the other GOP candidates. Mark Levin talked about it at length in his show CLICK TO HEAR it's about 50 minutes but pretty gripping if you want to hear how bad news it can be when a RINO teams up with an extreme Libertarian to kill off the conservatives.