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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thinking About Lent

Lent begins in less than two weeks. will I spend those six weeks? It seems to me that one of the best things I can do is turn off and tune in. I hope to turn off the TV for six weeks, reduce computer time, and tune in to what really matters -- getting to know Jesus, His Mother, and His friends better.

Sad to say, as old as I am, I have never been a good faster. But I hope to, once again, try to keep the old Lenten fast of two small meals a day that don't equal the main meal. I confess that, even when I fast well, I treat Sunday like "little Easter" and take a day off. But I guess a lazy Lenten fast is better than no fast at all.

Now it also seems to me that the shortest way to Jesus is through Mary and I have an entire shelf of Marian books. I hope to begin working my way slowly through several, along with being completely faithful to the daily rosary. My husband is a great help as we two "gather together" to pray.

As for almsgiving. I not only want to give financially but the gift of time. When I bring Communion to the nursing home every week, I hope to really focus on those dear lonely souls who wait eagerly for visitors. May I never be in a hurry to leave and get on with "important" things.

I expect to be beating my breast often as Lent progresses, asking the Lord to help me to be more faithful in my attempts to draw closer to Him. It is always a challenging journey. But I'll make a deal with you. Let's pray for each other. Every day I'll say at least one Memorare and Hail Mary specifically for all those who read and visit my blog that you will have a holy Lent. Please pray for me too.

God bless you all this Lent. May it be the best six weeks of your life so far!


  1. Every Sunday IS a "Little Easter" and I was taught that we shouldn't do penance on that greatest of feasts. Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent.

  2. I have just given you the Liebster Award at my blog. Liebster is German for dearest, beloved, or favorite. The rules are in the post.