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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Joy of Justice for the Righteous!

As a pro-life activist who's been arrested at least a dozen times over the years for trying to protect little ones in the womb, I've been shaking my head over the disparity in the treatment pro-lifers get vs. gangs like the occupiers. When the 2008 Face the Truth tour got the gestapo treatment in Bel Air, MD I wasn't surprised. But at least they were in a group and could support each other as witnesses to the abuse. But the case below involved a single pro-lifer giving out bookmark-type "flyers" at a Catholic parish fair. He ended up being converged upon by nine officers who accused him of "resisting arrest" for walking away from them when they asked for his ID (which he had no legal obligation to provide). The officers illegally held him, they beat him up, and broke into and searched his truck for "bombs" while he was in jail. Later one of the officers told him they were looking for bombs because pro-lifers "do that sort of thing." (Hmmm....does that sound like profiling?)

Nothing surprises me any more. I was called out to my car when I was working at a crisis pregnancy center because I parked in front of the abortion mill next door and had a windshield sunscreen with a pro-life message. The abortion mill complained and the officer was "concerned" because I had a bag of fertilizer in my car. Suppressing pro-life speech is a cottage industry and sadly sometimes those who are supposed to protect the rights of all take sides.

But what a joy it is to see justice is done. I laughed when I saw the article. Read what the judge said and then go to the link about the arrest. And pray for courageous souls like Pete D'Attilio who are willing to put themselves on the line for the little ones. May all the angels and saints surround him with protection. And God bless the just judge! And may he sue the badges off those officers.

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