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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Left Joked about Hurricane Isaac....

....for interrupting the Republican National Convention. In fact, some actually wished Republicans would drown and were gleeful about the potential problems for their political opponents.

Fast forward to Hurricane Sandy. There were no jokes from the right about Sandy's assault on the liberal blue states in its path, just concern for people's safety.

Just goes to show once again that conservatives are more civilized than the nasty folks on the left.

And if you need a really graphic demonstration of loud liberal lewdness, check out Michael Moore's video below. But have a barf bag on hand just in case. As a senior, I'm embarrassed by these old fools. But then they're probably paid actors. They sound like it actually. As for calling them members of the "greatest generation," my parents are the kind of people who deserve that description, not these potty-mouthed, dirty-minded democrats.

The ad demonstrates once again that liberalism not only kills brain cells, but creates brutes, no matter what they're age! All they can think about is sex. Sheesh! What a bunch of bores!

In August, the left found it amusing to speculate about Divine judgment when Hurricane Isaac seemed to be approaching Tampa, FL as the Republican National Convention began. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yep! you got it when you said foul-mouthed old fools. I am seventy, and I can say that they are foul-mouthed old fools too. Some people will do anything for money. Most likely they were pushing abortion when they were younger, and now the piper is coming to call on these bitter old people. After all, it was always about them -- selfish people-- their wants, their needs, their, their, their.