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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Great History Resource for Your Kids - and it's FREE!

Learn more here.

I haven't watched this yet and, obviously, it's from a Protestant perspective so it probably stresses the English settlement and may ignore the importance of the Catholic Spanish, but that can always be supplemented. I'm going to order it to have on hand for visiting grandkids. You only pay shipping and handling and there are lots of extras. Check it out! They have numerous videos on our American heritage and the political process. Let's face it, kids are being shortchanged in the public schools. Make sure they learn the truth about our Godly American past. We were founded as a Christian nation. Whether we still are is questionable, but the first step in building the future is remembering the past. Our children should be proud of their roots. Many of our families immigrated here for freedom of faith and freedom of opportunity. Let's help our children remember where they came from.

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Old Bob said...

My older brother -- who lost his faith -- sourly commented once that the Catholic French and Spanish saw the Indians as human beings to be converted (and married to) while the Calvinist English saw them as savages to be exterminated.
Perhaps oversimplified, but true.