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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get Ready for Health Care Rationing and Death by Neglect

Obamacare's death panel is real. It's called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) and it will be making decisions about what kind of care is appropriate for patients, especially the elderly. To gain some insight into the reality of what's coming take a look at Ezekiel Emanuel, who recently wrote in Atlantic Magazine that he "hopes to die at 75." Emanuel kept back one important fact from his story -- he was a primary developer of Obamacare and its rationing panel. Emanuel believes that after 75 many tests and procedures shouldn't be done --- that people should "voluntarily" refuse. That's what he plans to do he claims. (Easy to say that before you're in the situation.)

But is his article just a prelude, softening people up to accept a policy of mandatory refusal made by a committee of IPAB members? "Sorry, you're hip replacement, rotator cuff repair, knee replacement, open heart surgery, etc., etc.! Take an aspirin."

The Atlantic article reminded me of another story pushing the agenda of death,
the episode from Maude aired back in late 1972 only a few  months before Roe v. Wade. Maude gets pregnant and struggles over the decision to have an abortion. And, oh my goodness, what a laugh track! And talk about a heavy-handed promotion of death for the unborn and a polemic on birth control all masked i the language of compassion (for Maude not the baby)! Norman Lear was behind it and his People for the American Way (Liberals are so good at masking their motives in moral sounding titles.) were promoting abortion big-time even offering cash for programs that pushed abortion. Today they continue their pro-abortion crusade doing everything they can to ban pro-life nominees to our courts and advance liberal judicial activists to the bench. That's why we are getting all these moral evils, not by referendum, but through the courts. Five justices gave us abortion on demand for all nine months of pregnancy. Same sex marriage is being imposed the same way state by state. It's tyranny by oligarchy!

 I was at the CBS studio in D.C. protesting with about 50 other pro-lifers the night the second Maude episode was aired. Fewer than ten pro-aborts counter-protested and guess who got all the media coverage? I don't think the Washington Post reporter even came across the street to talk to us.

Some things never change. The media still shills for the culture of death. And get ready for history to repeat itself. Pro-lifers predicted euthanasia decades ago. Yes, abortion will lead to a further degradation of the sanctity of life ethic and euthanasia will follow like night follows day. (It's already well underway with legalization of assisted suicide, movies and TV shows promoting euthanasia, stealth euthanasia in hospitals and nursing homes, etc.) If we can murder millions of unborn children with a lifetime of potential before them, how much easier to kill the "useless eaters" gobbling up scarce health resources with little or no potential at all.

Maude softened people up with the depiction of an anguished struggle over abortion. Today not only is abortion often not a struggle, but the cavalier infanticide of newborns left in toilets and trash dumps is more and more common. Abandonment of the elderly should be no problem for the death peddlers. They are living "lives not worth living" after all. Give Granny or Gramps enough drugs to make them drooling, near comatose "vegetables" and then starve and dehydrate them to death. Who cares?

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