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Friday, September 26, 2014

Saddle Up and Don't Forget Your Rosary!

This episode of The Vortex brought back some great memories of a Catholic Media Coalition meeting several years ago where we met on a cattle ranch not far from Albuquerque. It was Springtime and calving season and a few of us rode out on horseback with the owner to check on the moms getting ready to drop their calves. The landscape looked just like the one through which Michael Voris is riding.

In many ways Catholics are in the desert these days. I think every mother and father should make it a priority to build a home that's a little oasis where the waters of grace can flow freely to make their precius little flowers thrive.

We can be fully aware of the cultural dangers and evils that confront us without losing a sense of humor or the joy in living. So take courage, pray with your family and friends, and never become discouraged or despair. Muscles only grow strong by resistance against force. Spiritual muscle is the same way. But be sure to find the oasis in the desert to refresh yourself for the continued journey!

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