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Monday, September 22, 2014

Satanic Black Mass "Sellout"

Bishop Coakley leads holy hour in atonement for black mass.
When I read all the headlines about the "sellout" black mass in Oklahoma City, I had visions of hordes of satanists and curiosity seekers joining in the sacrilege. I'm happy to say that the theater they used has an 88-seat capacity and news reports said only 40 or 50 attended. Many more were outside praying and protesting. It would still be a blasphemy if only ONE worshiped the devil, but at least the black mass isn't exactly mainstream. Although, with the collapse of the culture, events like this may become more common putting people in serious danger as one exorcist warned:
What most people don't fully realize is that there is truly a spiritual battle going on for the soul of our country. By legalizing and embracing things like abortion, euthanasia, and gay ‘marriage’ that are so antithetical to authentic Gospel values, we are unleashing the power of evil into our society. Confusion about moral issues is being introduced into the minds and hearts of many. There very literally will be hell to pay for many. (More...)
God, in His faithfulness, always brings good out of evil, and Bishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City who sued to recover the consecrated host and organized the Catholic response to the blasphemy said in a recent interview, that good fruits have come from the confrontation:
It’s kind of galvanized our Catholic community and our ecumenical relations here in Oklahoma. We Catholics are a very small minority of the population, and it’s certainly brought particular attention to our Catholic faith, particularly our faith in the Eucharist and how important that is to us, the mystery of the Real Presence. It’s given us an opportunity to talk about that and to preach and to teach about that. We’ve been conducting holy hours in all of our parishes. So it’s certainly given us an opportunity to have a bit more of a public witness in our community. Our Catholic people have certainly learned the Prayer to St. Michael if they had not learned it previously, because that’s been prayed at all of our Masses over the last couple of months.
So it has been an opportunity to be a little more up front about our Catholic faith. I’ve heard anecdotally about people who have read about our Catholic beliefs, particularly in the Real Presence, who have expressed an interest in learning more about that. The very lawsuit that was filed to regain possession of the illicitly-acquired Host talked about transubstantiation in the legal briefs. So we’ve had opportunities to talk about our faith that we might not otherwise have had. 
So I think ultimately there’s been plenty of good fruit. People have been praying; people have been spending time before the Blessed Sacrament. We trust that God will bring good out of this.
God bless Bishop Coakley for his vigilance and for calling the people of God to respond. Catholics all over the country have been praying and making acts of atonement. And God bless the Church Militant of Oklahoma, including the support of the Diocese of Tulsa, who addressed the attack with prayer and adoration to atone for the blasphemy against God. May their efforts reach the hearts of the slaves of Satan who organized and attended this evil event. Keep them on your prayer list!

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