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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Smoke of Confusion Fills the Sanctuary!

I haven't written anything about the recent wedding ceremony at the Vatican that included co-habiting couples. I've been too mystified to comment. But I read the article linked below today and can't disagree. I also didn't realize that the cohabiting couples did not apply, but were "handpicked" to participate. Huh?

Did anyone ask them to separate for a time before their marriage? Did they go to Confession after living in mortal sin for who knows how long? Wouldn't it have made sense for the Vatican to make that clear? (Yes, we asked these couples to make a good Confession and live apart for a month before the wedding. That was the condition for being married by the pope.)

The confusion coming out of Rome since Pope Francis' election is surely troubling. Some days I just have to say to Jesus, "Where can we go, Lord? You have the words of eternal life," even when your representative on earth is blowing the smoke of confusion in our eyes.

Anyway, check out the article:

Pre-Synodal Reconnaissance

I also was shaking my head over this portion of a post by Mundabor on the same subject:
One of the women married on Sunday recognised half of this truth. She thought she would never be married by the Pope, because she isn't a good Catholic. Yes, of course she isn't; and yes, of course she doesn't deserve it. But the woman then proceeds to blind herself from the other eye, stating, in a perfect non sequitur, that it is so wonderful that the Pope marries her anyway. “I thought I was bad, but the Pope marries bad people; therefore it is not the Pope who encourages being bad, but it is I who am good and the Pope who is oh so wonderful”. 
This kind of illogical thinking will be, starting from today, the thinking of many. It will be very easy for them to choose the broad and inviting path of sin, when the Pope himself shows the way. 
Nor can the very stupid argument be made – yes, I have read that too – that as we are all sinners there's nothing to be so excited about. That we are all sinners is exactly the problem, and a Pope is certainly not there to encourage us on this path. Actually, I though his job was exactly the contrary: to help us lead lives as deprived of sin as we can manage, with fear of the Lord and love for his commandments. How stupid of me. 
It is truly a sad day when clerics at the highest levels make so much harder the job of parents and grandparents who are trying to lead our children and grandchildren to Christ, encouraging them to embrace the hard teachings and go through the "narrow gate." It seems like the gate opens now on an eight-lane super-highway.

St. Joseph, head of the Holy Family and protector of Holy Mother Church, pray for us.