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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are a Rub and a Tickle Worth an Eternity in Hell?

And are sins of silence and omission by shepherds worth an eternity in hell? Beg the shepherds to blow the warning trumpet to save souls from damnation. Hell is no joke and in our culture of sex many will go there unless they repent. Mary said at Fatima that most souls go to hell for sins of the flesh and the Mother of God is no liar!

Today is the feast of Pope St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian, bishop of Carthage. These two martyrs had the challenge of discerning how to deal with those Christians who apostasized in the face of Roman persecution. Some wanted the apostates excommunicated. Others wanted them welcomed back with open arms. These two saints took the middle road. Emphasizing the mercy of Christ, they required a period of penance before the apostates could be reconciled to the Church.

Yes, Christ is merciful or how could any of us hope to be saved? But he will not reconcile with the unrepentant. We cannot at one and the same time embrace the works of the devil and embrace Christ. So we must repent and be saved. Christ has his arms outstretched on the cross waiting to welcome us home. But if we are racing headlong down the road to hell, He will not force us to stop and return.

I pray someone loves me enough if I am choosing serious sin (Shepherds, are you listening?) to put a roadblock in my path to trip me up and make me think and repent!

Jesus, please have mercy on me.

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