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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More Bad News from the Vatican

Exile for Cardinal Raymond Burke

What to make of this? Sandro Magister is one of the most respected reporters on Vatican doings.

The more I see coming out of Rome, the more I shake my head.

Lord, your people are starving for lack of authentic teaching. Please help us!


TLM said...

Lord Have MERCY On Us!! Just in time to oust him out of the Synod as well? We will see. He was co author of a book that promoted and identified true Catholic teaching on Marriage. It's due to hit the stands a short time before the opening of the Synod. I did read an article (supposedly) from a reliable source that Francis is furious about the book. He has ordered not to promote it. This just keeps getting worse.

Unknown said...

After giving him the benefit of the doubt for quite awhile, I believe that orthodox/traditional Catholics are beginning to connect the dots of Pope Francis and it's not a hopeful picture!