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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sons and Daughters of the Church Militant

Will you fight the enemies of the Church or cut and run?


newguy40 said...

Well, he came to a bit of a bad end didnt he?!

Too bad there aren't any easily recognized memes or you tube clips of St Lawrence or St Bartholmew's martyrdom? I suppose you could have used a "Man for All Seasons" clip of St. Thomas More's head getting whacked off or Dick Burton getting sliced at the cathedral?

Sorry, I'm not picking on you. Just trying find some humor in grim times...

I do think the recent "Bible" series had a decent take on St. Stephen's stoning, tho.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree they are grim times and I don't feel picked on at all. :)

But as for a bad end...well, it depends on how you define it. I think sharing the same fate as Edmund Campion and the other English martyrs isn't all bad.

I know, I know...Wallace isn't a saint, but neither is Don Juan of Austria who led the fleet at the Battle of Lepanto. But doesn't it stir the blood to think of their courage and leadership against tyranny?