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Monday, April 20, 2015

And We Should Give to Catholic Relief Services...Why?

Vice President of Catholic Relief Services is legally "married" to same-sex partner.

Pray for the Lord to increase your faith, because with this kind of scandal, many (those who put their trust in men in Roman collars) will abandon the Church.

The failure of our shepherds is why faithful Catholics have an obligation to speak out. Clerics who fail to exercise their authority to watch over Holy Mother Church and the flock are derelict in their duty and they will answer for it.

Think of it -- Christians are losing their secular livelihood for refusing to cooperate in the evil of sodomite relationships masquerading as marriage. Meanwhile, Church leaders, who know the truth, exercise so little oversight that they provide high level jobs in the Church to those who actively scandalize and lead many into the sin of calling what is intrinsically evil a moral good.

Go figure!

And while you're figuring, boycott CRS and every other Church special collection. You cannot trust the bishops to exercise moral oversight of your money to be sure it is going to advance good rather than buying condoms and promoting birth control and sex ed in the third world. It's shameful, but don't let it shake your faith.


Anonymous said...

“Nothing new here.”

“Across the pond” Julian Filochowksi, the former director of the British equivalent of CRS, CAFOOD (for Catholic Aid for Oversease Development), has been in a long-term liaison with an ex-Carmelite priest.

In 2001 a Mass in honor of the 25th anniversary of their “relationship” was offered by the Ushaw Seminary rector with two CAFOD-related bishops attending. One of the bishops, who was originally to offer the Mass but backed out at the last moment because of unfavorable publicity about the event, said “I want to make it perfectly clear at the outset that what is being celebrated at this Mass is, as the invitation card indicated, ’25 years of friendship and commitment to justice.’ It is simply that.”

The director retired in 2003 with a big bash attended by members of the British hierarchy including the then Archbishop-Primate of Westminster, Cardinal Murphy O’Connor, who said, “Grateful thanks and appreciation of the Catholic community in England and Wales … deep respect and gratitude not just in the parishes and dioceses of England and Wales but worldwide”.

The ex-director in 2006 legally entered into a “civil partnership” with his partner with a “reflection” (Honorably Catholic and Honorably Gay) by a noted moral theologian at the Pontifical St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth, Ireland, and later published in The Furrow, a prestigious Irish theological journal.

CAFOOD has other un-Catholic staff members and engages in un-Catholic activites similar to those of CRS. See for more details.

Thomas Lewis said...

What does Catholic Relief Services RELIEVE? HIV? It isn't much good for anything else now is it. Well GEE I guess only Gays will be donating!

Ray D said...

In one sense this revelation in not new. When the scandals first broke over a decade ago, they were brewing for decades, hidden from us because the perps knew it was an offense against God and Church teaching. Nowadays, they are emboldened by the advance of Modernism in the Church and without. There is ample evidence that the vast majority of the laity do not know or do not care. How can folks say they are Catholic if they do not practice being Catholic? How can evangelization work against the onslaught of apostasy?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Good questions. "The world woke up and groaned to find itself" modernist. I guess we need reformers. A new Athanasius would be helpful, even better a new St. Nicholas to give the heretics a good slapping. But a well formed laity who know the faith and have the zeal to fight for it wouldn't hurt either. When I consider the large, faithful home schooling families in my parish, it gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, A Catholic Church tribunal in Scotland has sentenced a priest, Father Matthew Despard, to three months of penance, after finding him guilty of damaging the reputations of others with a book in which he complained of a “powerful gay Mafia” in the Scottish Church. Yes, this is true. Very sad days for our Church. We pray that it will be cleaned up soon but I am afraid we may have entered the time when St Paul said, '1 Timothy 4:1 - Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils' and Jesus said 'I say unto you, that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?'

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I've read his book and he has certainly been through the agony in the garden. May God have mercy on these wicked bishops who coddle their scandalous priests and persecute their faithful ones.

rubyroad said...

Isn't the pope sitting on a large "gay lobby" document?